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Focused time and effort is an expression of your creativy.

Today's note is of a more philosophical bent,  I hope you enjoy it. It is from an essay written by Stephen Hicks, Ph.D.

1. Art Theory - Philosophy of Art
Post-Modern Art Essay by Stephen Hicks
  • Art begins in the mind of a creative individual.
  • Art has an awesome power to exalt the senses, the intellects, and the passions of those who experience it.
  • Art is by nature about the significant, because it is an expression of the artist's being, it expresses what the artist thinks and feels to be significant.
  • Art is the communication of what the artist values as important because when he creates he is saying this is of more value than something else.
  • As a result ---> The artist makes a judgment on value by focused time and effort.
"The artist, like every thinking and passionate human being, has the power to decide whether to accept the assumptions of the recent past and work within them, or whether to strike out on his own, questioning those assumptions and actively seeking alternatives to them.  Every artist, in his work, expresses the deepest choices he has made.That power of expression is what compels some of us to be artists in the best sense, and it is what attracts those of us who are not artists to their creations. The strategic choice of what you express and how, accordingly, is everything." ~ Stephen Hicks
I am a great fan of Stephen Hicks' work, in fact, for several years I had a weekly reminder on my iPhone that stated "Find my own philosophical place in the art world"  I gleaned it from a youtube video where he participated in a panel discussion at the 2014 TRAC conference. His part starts at around 43:10.  Listen to the entire video, his addition to the discussion is in my opinion the best part of the panel.

Every Monday, that reminder would pop up around 10:30am to remind me that I needed to go my own way, to develop my craft and to embody the beliefs I have in sharing my particular sense of beauty with the world.  After three years, I took that reminder down and replaced it with:

Pursue euthymia - The tranquility of knowing what you are after and not being distracted (Seneca)

If you are an artist who creates, it is important to have a strong belief in your work and why you create it.  I hope today's letter supports you in your work as an artist.  

Find your place in the art world. Then go out there and create it without allowing distraction to get in the way!
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