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In this month's email you will find the latest LONGVIDA RD White Paper on "Healthy Brain Aging" and two (2) Twenty Five Percent (25%) Off Specials

Considered the "King" of anti-inflammatories, curcumin is a rising superstar in the world of integrative medicine. But, its powerful anti-inflammatory properties are only a small part of its amazing story.  This downloadable white paper is the most robust and informative thus far and details many of the clinical data demonstrating the various applications and benefits of Optimized SLCP Curcumim with enhanced absorption and bioavailability (up to 65 times).  The benefits of attaining "FREE" curcumin in the blood are both physiological and holistic.  The paper details inflammation protection, amyloid plaques, plasma triglycerides, catalase and cognitive oxidation, cell adhesion, and anti-Tau activities, among others.  

Longvida_Optima Brain

Summer Specials:

Optima Curcumin:  Save 25% on Optima C-PC - Deal of the Day expires July 31st. 

Are you currently taking or considering a curcumin supplement to help guard against inflammation, oxidative stress, and free radical damage.  Curcumin is considered the "KING" of anti-inflammatories, and our Optima C-PC contains the most bioavailable and readily absorbed form of Optimized Curcumin available – Up to 65 times more bioavailable! And, it delivers "FREE" curcumin into the blood and target tissues; a critical difference when measuring clinical efficacy. 

Additionally, our formulation is packed with over 1100mg of membrane building and brain boosting phosphatidylcholine (PC) per teaspoon.  One bottle of Optima C-PC contains 90 servings and each serving contains 555 mg of Longvida Curcumin and 1111 mg of 40% Essential PC Lipids. This product can be taken with or without PhosChol.  When taken with Phoschol the combination of anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and concentrated membrane building properties is synergistic. 

View our Optima C-PC Deal of the Day

Micro D-3:  Save 25% at checkout when you use Coupon Code: microd

Micro D-3 utilizes our new and advanced M.E.D.S Technology to deliver up to 10 times more vitamin D-3 than standard liquids.  And, unlike other liposomal or emulsified vitamin d products, our MICRO D-3 is 100% natural.  Our new Micron Emulsion Delivery System (M.E.D.S) allows us to achieve greater results naturally.  More than any other Vitamin D-3 product, Micro D-3 allows you to increase your vitamin D-3 levels more safely, efficiently, and cost effectively.  We think we are safe in saying that Micro D-3 is the simply the best vitamin D-3 product available. 


We understand how valuable your time is and we make every effort to send only the most pertinent scientific and product information possible.  We hope you found the information provided herein informative and beneficial. 

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Longvida Optima Healthy Brain Aging
Optima C-PC with Optimized Longvida RD® Curcumin is the most advanced, bioavailable curcumin available.

Up to 65 X more bioavailable
Optima C-PC Optimized Curcumin
Save 25% on the Optima C-PC.
Offer Expires July 15th. 
Up To 65 Times More Bioavailable with Longvida RD® and SLCP Technology™
Micro D-3

Introducing Advanced
Micro D3

New Micro D-3 leverages the power of patent pending M.E.D.S Technology to deliver up to 10X more than other vitamin D's.  Superior Bioavailability at an Unbeatable Price.

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