Hi <<First Name>>,
“what we give attention to grows. what we pay attention to grows.”
      - adrienne maree brown, writer, doula, activist, and Black feminist.

In case you missed it, I wanted to re-share a note my colleague, Glory Dang sent out last week. Glory made space to reflect upon, name, and share personal places of growth and restoration:

"This holiday season, I’m reflecting on my own path of growth and change. In particular, I'm thinking about the people who have supported me along the way. I am grateful for my grandmother, a 94-year-old single mother and Chinese refugee, who raised me and instilled in me a foundational value for compassion. I am grateful for my parents who immigrated to the States and gave me the opportunity to participate in higher education. And I am grateful for my DFA peers at RISD|Brown for openly sharing their passion for creative problem-solving." 

In Glory's spirit, I encourage you to take a moment before scrolling and name a space of gratitude for yourself! 

Alden + The DFA National Team
Have any moments of gratitude you'd like to share with a DFAer?
Share them with us and we'll help you pass along the message!

This Giving Season, Design for America invites you to reflect on the people, places, and organizations who help make you who you are.

  • Who expands your potential and helps make your future bigger?
  • Who reminds you to dream bigger and be more daring?
  • Whose belief in you ripples through your life?

Celebrate the people who’ve helped build and boost you and whose influence echoes through your past, present, and future. It’s these relationships—the ones that fuel and inspire us, make us laugh, provide honest perspectives—that weave a fabric of possibility.

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