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My first job was a part-time position tutoring in my school’s Writing and Learning Center. For $10/hr, I helped my fellow students with their schoolwork. I especially liked editing—working with a writer one-on-one to help them clarify their message so they better understood what they were trying to say. Everyone came in with different needs, goals, and abilities; I had to meet them where they were so we could figure out where they wanted to go, and then help them get there.

What if financial support could be a similar experience?

We all have different needs, goals, and abilities when it comes to what we want to accomplish in our lifetimes, and it’s great to have personalized support along the way. Young people especially deserve adequate financial support, for they are crossing the threshold of financial independence: getting their first job, paying their first rent. This moment in life can be exciting, but it can easily feel overwhelming when one is unsure how to navigate a financial world where confusing language, financial barriers and systemic inequality keep many people from receiving the support they seek.

The stress and uncertainty that surrounds money doesn’t have to be part of young people’s experiences. Let’s invest in each other and explore how to make the financial journey a supportive and delightful adventure.

I invite you to apply to the Spring 2022 National Project: Financing Futures.

Ross + The DFA National Team
Spring 2022 National Project

Announcing the Spring 2022 National Project: Financing Futures! In partnership with Discover Financial Services®, we are asking the question: How can we support young adults in becoming more financially empowered and equipped as they develop, explore, and share their future goals?

Applications are due Monday, January 31.
DFA National is Hiring!

Help facilitate DFA's unique model of design training to support and coach 25-30 DFAers through the design process in a sponsored National Project. We’re looking for people from a wide range of backgrounds and skillsets who share our vision for a more just world. Like the Network, our team thrives when it is interdisciplinary and multigenerational. If you believe in design for good, please take the time to browse through our openings and apply.
DFA's model equips students with design thinking and innovation to tackle social challenges on campus and beyond.

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