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The Journey Newsletter (February 2022)
The OHDSI community is off and running in 2022. We had a terrific presentation on "Extracting OHDSI Concepts from Clinical Narratives for COVID" from our colleagues within the N3C, and we discussed 2022 goal-setting, both at the global level, as well as within individual workgroups. Several studies relating to OHDSI or OMOP were published. Check it all out in the latest edition of The Journey! #JoinTheJourney
February Update Podcast
Patrick Ryan and Craig Sachson discuss goal-setting for both the global community and individual workgroups for 2022, the N3C-led presentation on Extracting OHDSI Concepts from Clinical Narratives for COVID, and the upcoming concept of "Phenotype Phebruary," which will kick off during the Feb. 1 OHDSI Community Call.
Community Updates
Where Have We Been
• Hongfang Liu and Christopher Chute led a presentation on "Extracting OHDSI Concepts from Clinical Narratives for COVID" during the Jan. 25 OHDSI Community Call. The full session, which included Q&A from the 240+ attendees, is available below, along with the slides from the presentation.
Patrick Ryan opened the year with a discussion about "Where Can OHDSI Go In 2022," which focused on goals at both the community and workgroup levels. One of the potential focal points he discussed was engineering open science systems that build trust into the real-world evidence generation and dissemination process. The entire video presentation is available below.

Where Are We Now
• Today starts "Phenotype Phebruary," which will be a multi-platform community initiative to highlight the importance of, and develop at least 28 new, phenotypes. A detailed preview of the discussion will take place during the Feb. 1 community call; if you miss it live, please catch the recording at our Community Calls page, and then join our community in both our MSTeams environment and the OHDSI forums in this work.
• Several workgroups will detail their 2022 objectives and key results during the Tuesday community calls this month, while workgroup leads will connect in a leadership summit during the month to discuss best practices and drive greater collaboration and efficiency. You can learn more about each at our new workgroups page and request to join any of the workgroups or chapters.

Where Are We Going
• The first in-person OHDSI event since the start of the pandemic will take place June 24-26 during the OHDSI European Symposium. This will take place on the Steam Ship Rotterdam in the Netherlands, with the main symposium set for Friday, June 24, and two days of workshops and tutorials to follow. For more information or to register, please visit the symposium homepage.
• The #OHDSISocialShowcase continues this month, as we highlight all of the global research shared during the 2021 Global Symposium. Each weekday, one presentation will be highlighted on both our Twitter and LinkedIn feeds. Please share with your networks to spread the word about our global efforts!

How Can You Join
The OHDSI research community strives to promote better health decisions and care through globally standardized health data, continuously developing large-scale analytics and a spirit of collaboration though open science. We are proud to have more than 2,700 collaborators across six continents, as well as health records for about 810 million unique patients from around the world.

We are always looking for new collaborators, so if this sounds exciting to you, please read about how you can Join The Journey!
Presentation: Extracting OHDSI Concepts from Clinical Narratives for COVID

During our Jan. 18 community call, Dr. Hongfang Liu (Mayo Clinic) and Dr. Christopher Chute (Johns Hopkins University) led a session on Extracting OHDSI Concepts from Clinical Narratives for COVID. Following the presentation (approximately 33 minutes), there is a Q&A session. You can access both the presentation and the slides below.

Video Presentation
Where Are We Going In 2022,
And How Can We Get There Together
Patrick Ryan led the first OHDSI Community Call of 2022 with a presentation about what OHDSI can accomplish together this year. While the community listed and voted upon several objectives, Patrick discussed his hope to develop a system to generate evidence that characterizes disease and treatment utilization, estimates the effects of medical interventions, and predicts outcomes of patients within a network of observational health databases.

Other aspects of the discussion included a look at OHDSI workgroups and how they can continue moving forward, 2021 achievements, and more.
Video Presentation
The OHDSI community call is held every Tuesday at 11 am ET in our Microsoft Teams environment. These meetings will include research presentations, community updates, discussions, brainstorms, and plenty more. The meetings are open to everybody, and the link is available on our Community Calls page.
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Jan. 11 - Welcome to OHDSI in 2022 (Patrick Ryan)
Jan. 18 - Meet the Workgroups (session held in Gathertown)
Jan. 25 - Extracting OHDSI Concepts from Clinical Narratives for COVID (Hongfang Liu, Christopher Chute)
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