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In this newsletter you can read everything about the bimonthly major release of the GPI of Monday September 5, 2022. You will find an overview of all innovations and smaller optimizations that have been made for the candidates and company administrators.
Collaboration with industries
This release is all about the preparations for the GPI 5.0, which is scheduled for November 23, 2022. We are working together with the branches, such as: Transport & Logistics Netherlands, Cumela|Stigas and Bouwend Nederland, that are involved with the GPI. The Guarantee Committee has asked the sectors for input on practical topics and a contribution has also been made to the elaboration of some practical topics.
New: choose a subsector for relevant practical topics
We are constantly working to increase the ease of use and relevance of the GPI. As of this release, we will ask you in various places on the GPI website in which 'subsector' of construction you work. We do this for two reasons:
  1. In this way we see how the different subsectors are represented. We can then adjust the content of the GPI to this later.
  2. Each subsector is linked to practical subjects that you are offered in the GPI. This ensures that you are automatically offered a preferred learning route with topics that are important to your area of work, so more customization. The practical subjects are linked in the GPI 5.0. The Guarantee Committee that composes the GPI has opted for ten subsectors, one of which is a 'free choice'.
In the above manner, you select the subsector in which you work the most. Under the question mark (tooltip) you will find an explanation about the different subsectors. Below you can see which subsectors these are. 
Increase user-friendliness through smart 'charging'
The GPI has a large and broad group of users. We want GPI tracking to be as smooth as possible for everyone. Even if you have a less fast or stable internet connection. In this release, another step has been taken with a smart solution.

Playing the videos and questions is now a lot faster. As a user, you don't see any of this, but you do notice it. That's because from now on, when you start a GPI, we don't immediately 'load' the entire instruction. This is always done in small chunks of three relevant videos and questions. Only after these three items are followed will they be replaced by three new items. We assume that this will further increase the ease of use.
Security Optimizations
We regularly check the GPI website for security. Are all (personal) data stored securely, can we not be hacked? Because developments in this area never stand still, we ensure that the data with us is safe and that the website security is always up-to-date. These optimizations are often also included in a release.
Second major GPI Evaluation
Three years ago, research was conducted into the effect and perception of the GPI (by researcher Arie van As). This has resulted in conclusions and recommendations that have largely been adopted. This autumn, another large-scale study will be conducted into the effect and perception of the GPI with the aim of further improving the GPI. An online survey is being held among the 1,100 Subscribers of the GCVB. There are also interviews with approximately 100 operational employees at the project location and with clients. We expect the results at the end of this year/early next year.
Case study GPI 'The power of repetition' – Rijkswaterstaat
This year we interviewed various stakeholders about their experiences with the GPI and construction safety in general. These 'testimonials' give a good picture of how the GPI is experienced. Two practical translations were already published before the summer holidays. One from BAM (Dutch version) and one from Strukton Civiel (Dutch version).

In this new, third case study, an interview with Jelmer Bruggeman, safety adviser at Rijkswaterstaat. 
Read the whole case study of Rijkswaterstaat (Dutch version)
Looking for practical stories: let us hear from you!
Would you also like to be interviewed about your experiences with the GPI? Please contact us at We mainly look for constructive practical experiences. 
Mail to
Don't gamble with your safety 
We developed the promotional campaign ‘Gok niet met je veiligheid! Doe de GPI’. There are various means of communication that you can use. You will find the resources with instructions on this information page.
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