September 21, 2022

Hi <<First Name>>,

Ten Things I’m Thinking About

1. When it comes to seeking to hear from God and getting nothing but silence on the other end, what then? We’ll talk about this weekend as our Vox Dei series continues. If you’ve missed any of the other messages, you can watch or listen anytime.

2. It’s estimated that over 4 billion people watched the funeral of the Queen. Have you read the actual transcript of what was said? It’s abundant with Scripture along with numerous references to the gospel of Jesus Christ – His teachings, death, burial, resurrection, and return.

3. I couldn’t help but think of Isaiah 55 and the promise that the word of the Lord will not return to Him empty. While I’m sure some of the 4 billion weren’t listening, I have no doubt there were others watching alone – mired in addiction, or grief, or emptiness, or just passing the time – who were quietly snuck-up on by the Word and references to Jesus.

4. Through the reading of Scripture and proclamation of Jesus at the funeral of a Queen, I do believe someone’s return to the King of Kings began.

5. And now a word about the man we know as Brother Eddy. This past Sunday, it was announced that he’ll be formally retiring from full-time ministry as a part of our church staff at the end of this year. For 34 years, he’s served at The Branch. First as the lead minister until the end of 2000, and then in his current role for the last 22 years.

6. 65 years. That’s how long Eddy Ketchersid has been in full-time ministry for churches. Faithfully proclaiming Jesus in a consistently gracious and humble way, with great integrity. He may be retiring, but he won’t stop loving, serving, and putting a good word in for Jesus wherever he is. And you’ll probably still find him in a good suit on occasion.

7. I had never heard of Turkey, Texas until I met Brother Eddy.

8. His knack for knowing and remembering people’s names has always been stunning. Calling someone by name – who you’ve just recently met – is an underrated act of love. It’s one of the many ways Eddy has loved so many so well.

9. And how can we not bless his wife Verlen when blessing Brother Eddy? They’re a power team in the best of ways.

10. Eddy and Verlen both would want you to remember that any fruit in their lives is because of Jesus – and what He’s done for them, He can do for you. That’s big. Because Eddy and Verlen are basically a spiritual orchard.

See you Thursday night, Sunday, or online!

Grace and peace,