Dark and Elegant: A New Chapel Sanctuary for Our Lady of Good Counsel Church in Verona. 

Granda has recently installed a new altarpiece, altar, tabernacle, and communion rail in the daily Mass chapel in Our Lady of Good Counsel Church in Verona, NY.  

New elements are carved in wood, varnished and enriched with gilded details including an engraved, gilded background screen behind the Crucifix. Lateral wall pedestals are ready to receive two life size statues of Our Lady and St. Joseph.

The stained glass window in the apse is an integral part and a continuation of the altarpiece. It features a traditional image of Our Lady of Good Counsel, patroness of the parish.

Granda was also commissioned to provide gold-plated candlesticks and a tabernacle with the image of the Good Shepherd. The altar is crafted in cedar wood and the mensa is crafted from a single slab of cream marble. The gold-plated Lamb of God relief is a decorative focus of this element.

Marble Baptistery for Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Miami. 

Granda designed, crafted and installed a new baptistery including a beautiful marble floor in the parish of Our Lady of Lourdes in Miami. The symbolic leitmotif of the new baptistery is a shell, a Christian symbol traditionally associated with the sacrament of Baptism.

A larger polychrome relief of the Baptism of Jesus is installed on the wall to the left of the baptismal fount. The Baptistery is framed by the metal and marble railing featuring a two-leaf gate. Granda used two kinds of marble to enrich the Baptistery: cream and red matching the existing combination of marbles used throughout the nave and sanctuary of the church.

The silver Paschal candlestick is part of Granda’s catalogue collection.


Granda Tabernacle for the Pauline Chapel in Santa Maria Maggiore.

Santa Maria Maggiore is a Papal Basilica and the most important Marian church in Rome. One of its chapels houses an ancient and very precious icon of Our Lady invoked by the faithful as Salus Populi Romani, Salvation of the Roman People. Pious tradition relates that Pope Gregory the Great carried this very icon through the streets of Rome during a plague to beg Our Lady’s intervention. Shortly after, the plague halted.

The  chapel was commissioned by Paul V of the Borghese family and built by Flaminio Ponzio in the early 17th century. In accord with the Baroque manner, the chapel is lavish and quite dramatic. With its vividly painted vaults, gilded ceiling, a dome, numerous statues, and a whole array of gorgeous marbles used on the walls and the altarpiece, it is easily the most visually intense space of the entire Basilica.

Granda was recently commissioned to craft a new tabernacle for the altar of the Virgin in the Pauline chapel. The tabernacle is one of our permanent collection catalogue pieces, crafted from gold-plated metal and green marble. The tabernacle door appropriately features a relief of the coronation of Our Lady.

Salus Populi Romani, ora pro nobis!


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