Grand helps celebrate 5th centenary of St. Teresa's birth. 

Year 2015 marks the 5th centenary of the birth of the great Carmelite reformer and mystic St. Teresa of Jesus. Granda was commissioned to design and fabricate 140 chasubles for the Holy Mass celebrated to mark this special occasion. .

The Mass was prayed by His Excellency D. Antonio Canizares, Archbishop of Valencia, in the Avila Cathedral and attended by 1,400 pilgrims and local faithful. Granda chasubles were made in white damask and featured an Christological monogram embroidered in natural gold fiber thread.   

Photo Credits: V Centenario Santa Teresa Diócesis Ávila 

Restoration of gilt masterpieces for St. Francis Basilica in Santa Fe. 

Placide Poussielgue-Rusand was a master silversmith and designer of liturgical metalwork active in Paris in the XIX c. 

In his lifetime he was recognized as a leading craftsman in Europe and was privileged with a special title of ‘Manufacturer to the Pope.’ His artwork is part of treasuries in some of France’s most famous churches : Cathedral of Notre Dame, Amiens Cathedral, and Sacre Cœur.

Granda was commissioned to restore a chalice, a ciborium, and a cruet set with tray crafted by Placide Poussielgue-Rusand between 1850 and 1860.  These pieces are currently owned by St. Francis Basilica in Santa Fe, NM.  We are grateful to the Basilica for permission to publish photos of these outstanding examples of fine craftsmanship.


New tabernacle for Catholic Youth Expeditions. 



Granda was privileged to craft a new tabernacle for the Catholic Youth Expeditions chapel in Wisconsin. The model is a gold-plated chest style tabernacle featuring figures of the Holy Apostles on the front and sides.

This tabernacle has a two leaf door, engraved interior walls, and a medallion on the interior back wall with an inscription Adoro Te Devote.  Below are a few words from Fr. Quinn Mann who selected this tabernacle:

"The first time I saw this tabernacle was in the chapel of the Catholic Studies House on the Campus of Saint Thomas in the Twin Cities. It was captivating. I took a picture for safe keeping with prayer that someday we could have one for our own chapel. Fast forward a few years and a patron of our apostolate approached me about the outdated tabernacle that we currently were using. He proposed to help us purchase a new one and immediately I suggested Granda and my impressions of this tabernacle. A few months later, we were opening up the shipment and trying to figure out where one would put the key to open it! Now, the youth who come on our retreats see our Lord in a beautiful tabernacle. I am grateful to our donors for their generosity and to Granda for their craftsmanship. Our truest treasure is our youth and they are the true recipients of this gift."




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