Granda Artwork for the IESE Business School in New York. 

IESE Business School of the University of Navarra in New York furnished their oratory with elements designed and crafted by Granda. These include the tabernacle, candlesticks, sanctuary lamp, and a small crucifix.

The tabernacle is a wall mounted model inset slightly above a marble ad orientem altar. The door features a traditional enameled depiction of Agnus Dei. The candlesticks are inspired by the Romanesque design. The crucifix is crafted in wood with a resin in an ivory finish. An altar cloth with the Regina Angelorum aspiration is part of the Rosales collection of altar linens. All elements are examples of distinct artistic styles. Nonetheless, they complement each other well with matched finishes and classic form, creating together a harmonious and elegant aesthetic.

IESE oratory is available to faculty and students for private prayer and Holy Mass. 

A Custom Tabernacle for St. James in Belvidere, IL. 

A mission church as far back as 1838, St. James in Belvidere was formally dedicated in 1889. Over a hundred years later the parish continues to expand and last year Larson Darby Architecture firm has contacted Granda with an invitation to craft a tabernacle for the newly renovated sanctuary. The tabernacle was designed by Larson Darby’s Mr. Joseph Winkelmann.  

The shape of the tabernacle echoes pointed arches found in the nave and the sanctuary of the church building.  Polished brass finish is enriched with silver-plated details, engraved geometrical motifs, and an engraved text ‘This is my Beloved Son, Listen to Him’ – a line originating from the Transfiguration Scene reported by the Synoptic Gospels.

The tabernacle door shows a chalice with an I H S medallion against a subtle background of clouds. The entire piece is 34.5” tall.


Chasubles for the Franciscan Friars. 



Franciscan Friars of the Eternal World Television Network kindly sent photos of Granda chasubles they recently commissioned.  We are delighted to include these photos in the June edition of our e-newsletter.

The two chasubles are made in rayon damask fabric and are hand embroidered. The red chasuble features the Alpha and Omega medallion on the obverse and a burning oil lamp image inspired by the Wise and Foolish Virgins Parable on the reverse. The embroidery on the central panel features organic leafy design alluding to the Garden of Eden as well as Scriptural references to the prophecies concerning Virgin Mary. 

The green chasuble is a simpler design with the image of the Good Shepherd as the dominant theme. The Good Shepherd embroidery is based on one of the most ancient examples of Christian iconography found in the Roman catacombs. The pastoral staffs embroidered along the central panel refer to the shepherding character of priestly ministry.




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