A tabernacle for St. John the Baptist Church in Pushkin, Russia. 

The building and structure of St. John the Baptist Church in Pushkin, Russia remained intact since 1825; however, the interior and the artwork sustained great damages, especially after the II World War.

The interior of the church was plundered and emptied of furnishings and all liturgical elements.  For several decades, the building was either closed or used for military and storage needs of the Communist regime.  In the late 1990’s the parish was re-opened to serve again as a Catholic church. Granda was privileged to craft a new tabernacle for St. John the Baptist Church - a commission that crowned a massive renovation effort spanning several years.
The tempietto style tabernacle was selected to complement the Neoclassical exterior of the church and a new reredos. The brass body of the tabernacle is entirely gold-plated and domed. The design is enriched with marble columns as well as enameled door with an image of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary after a famous painted masterpiece by Esteban Murillo. The four figures on the corners of the roof are the Four Evangelists proclaiming the Good News to the world.  The tabernacle was installed and blessed this past June.

* second image is of the original painting of the Annunciation by Esteban Murrillo executed between 1660 and 1665.  Currently on display in Museo del Prado, Madrid, Spain.


Granda monstrance in Kent, UK.  

We are pleased to announce a completion of a monstrance and thabor for Corpus Christi Church in Tonbridge, Kent in the United Kingdom. 

Both the monstrance and the thabor are part of Granda’s catalogue collection. The monstrance is sterling silver and gold-plated. The thabor is brass and gold-plated.

This particular monstrance model is designed according to a sunburst pattern characteristic of Baroque liturgical metalwork. It also features enameled blue, green and taupe motifs arranged in two concentric circles that direct additional focus to the luna. The entire piece with the thabor is 27” high.

Detailed photos of the monstrance are shown in the polished silver finish.  The original crafted for Corpus Christi Church is gold-plated. 


Hand Embroidered Marian Chasuble for the Franciscan Friars. 

Our July newsletter features the second installment about special chasubles commissioned recently by the Franciscan Friars of the Eternal Word Television Network. 

The Marian chasuble shown on the photographs is part of Granda’s catalogue collection.  The body of the vestment is full gothic size and made from white damask fabric. The overall theme of the embroidery and applique on the dark blue central panel is the Queenship of Mary. The front of chasuble features the Marian anagram A(ve) M(aria) and the obverse side shows an embroidered crown.  Blooming lilies, symbolic of Our Lady’s purity, decorate the lower sections of the panels on the front and on the back.



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