New Tabernacle for a church in the United Kingdom.

Archbishop Peter Smith joined the community of Corpus Christi Parish in Tonbridge to bless its new tabernacle on the 6th December of last year. .  

Baroque style inspired gold-plated tabernacle is installed on a pedestal in the center of the sanctuary's east wall.  The door features six relief scenes from the Passion of Jesus.  Design incorporates Solomonic columns which are decorative elements originally developed in the Byzantine architecture.  The tabernacle as a miniature Domus Dei assimilating stylistic elements of both Western and Eastern traditions is a telling figure of the artistic and spiritual heritage of the Church. The luminous gold finish of which Baroque was so fond as reminiscent of God’s glory make this model an attractive and precious abode for the Eucharist.

The tabernacle was commissioned by Fr. Peter Murphy who was able to complete the purchase after a generous gift from a donor. 

Small Ciboria Collection.

One of the hallmarks of Granda’s fine metalwork collection are ciboria.  Ciborium derived etymologically from the Greek word kibōrion meaning container is a covered vessel usually crafted in metal with an interior gilt cup.   

A sister vessel to a chalice that holds the Precious Blood, a ciborium houses the Precious Body.

Granda’s small ciboria, generally intended for chapels and oratories, range in height between 6” and 7" with host capacity of 40 to 70 host.  These small ciboria which are meant to be a special token of attention to the Eucharistic Presence are crafted in sterling silver.  They are carefully decorated in different media: relief ornament, precious stones, engraving, and enamel.  In this edition of the newsletter, we share several photos of Granda’s most often sought after small size ciborium models.




Sacred Art at the Service of the Liturgy Conference. 

On Monday January 18 dozens of priests gathered in Granda’s headquarters in Alcala to attend a conference focused on the topic of sacred art. 

The Conference keynote address was delivered by the D. Jesús García Burillo, Bishop of Avila whose talk was entitles 'Sacred Art at the Service of the Liturgy.'  Other notable speakers were the Director of the Secretariat of the Cultural Heritage who spoke about the 'Christian Sense of Art' and the Episcopal Vicar for Culture and Evangelization whose talk was titled 'Lord, I Love the Beauty of Thy House.'
The Conference ended with a guided tour of Granda’s workshop and a reception for the participants.






Consultants in the United States
West Coast & South East: Mr. Manuel Suarez
East Coast & Eastern Midwest: Ms. Kinga Lipinska
Southwest & Texas: Ms. Pilar Pardo
Western Midwest: Mr. Patrick Murray

Telephone: 312 944 9905

Consultant in Australia
Ms. Mary Roth
Telephone: +61 02 9427 4299

Consultant in UK & Ireland
Ms. Mercedes Cervera
Telephone: + 44 79 3218 2324

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