Papal Masses in Philadelphia.

We are pleased to share images of the vestments created for the Papal Masses in Philadelphia.  

Both the white and green chasuble were made in silk damask. Deacons wore matching dalmatics while the con-celebrating bishops wore a simplified version of the principal chasuble. 

The Papal chasubles travelled back to Rome with the Holy Father. The green chasuble was used for the Mass opening the Synod of the Family this month.

St. Vincent's Tabernacle.


Granda has crafted a unique tabernacle for a new chapel in the St. Vincent Hospital in Worcester, MA.  The concept for the Ghent altarpiece enamel details was suggested by Msgr. Peter Beaulieu, the chaplain of the hospital.  
The overall design was carried out by Mr. Rolf Rohn of Rohn Architects.  Granda has prepared shop drawings and crafted the tabernacle over a period of 4 months. 

The entire body of the tabernacle is composed of three sections.  The middle section with the Agnus Dei is the door to the interior box.  Angels kneeling in adoration are at the bottom section.  The open palm of a hand in the sky – traditional in iconography to depict God the Father - as well as a hovering dove symbolizing the Holy Spirit, are at the uppermost section.  These two sections are decorative and do not open.  The arrangement and depictions follow the Ghent Altarpiece.

The chapel is located in the oncology wing of the St. Vincent Hospital.





Art and Theology Symposium at the University of Navarra. 

On the 14, 15, and 16th of October, the city of Pamplona and Navarra University welcomed scholars, priests, and interested faithful from Spain, Portugal, and Italy. 

The participants attended the XXXIV Symposium of the Faculty of Theology in the University of Navarra with a special focus on the relationship between theology and art.

President of the Pontifical Institute on the Liturgy Jordi Agustí Pique, OSB delivered the keynote address.  Granda was privileged to present an exhibit of liturgical art during the event.

The three days of the Symposium focused on the mystery of God, of Christ, and of the Church, respectively – all considered in light of the artistic legacy of the Church.





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