A New Oratory in Darien.

In a collaborative project with the architectural firm Jaeger-Nicola from Chicago, Granda has crafted a new marble altar, ambo, marble reredos for a painting, tabernacle, two sanctuary lamps, candlesticks, and a Via Crucis for an oratory in Darien, IL.    


The new oratory is a voluminous space designed with a barrel ceiling and generous wood detailing that includes Solomonic columns. An ornate golden dome of the tabernacle echoes the apse and arched contouring that frames the transition space between the nave and the sanctuary. All marble elements are crafted in Amarillo Sunny.  Both the altar and the ambo are enriched with blue mosaic and gold-plated emblems.


The oratory is located in  the Darien Center which sponsors programs emphasizing character development, leadership, and service for men of all ages. The spiritual dimension of Center's activities is entrusted to the Catholic Prelature of Opus Dei.



A Special Reproduction of XVI c. Carving of the Last Supper.


The Granda workshop has been entrusted with a making of a very special replica in time for the Holy Week in Alicante, Spain. 
Parish of Our Lady of Almudena has commissioned a Last Supper relief that is an exact copy of the prized original permanently enshrined in  its church’s sanctuary.  The replica will be used in solemn processions while the original relief remains safeguarded from damages and the elements by remaining in its usual location.
The precious original Last Supper dates from the XVI century and is a well-preserved example of carvings typical of the Andalusian School, one of the principal artistic movements in Spain to favor the influence of the Italian Renaissance aesthetic.  Style of the original Last Supper relief is an intermediary between late Medieval and the Renaissance sculpture and is a work of an anonymous artist.

The making of the replica has been described as a painstaking and delicate job soothed by an opportunity to spend time with the original and  an opportunity for studying its nuances in great detail.  The crowning reward of a long and patient effort for Granda's sculptor & painter team has been a completion of a marvelous mirror copy.







Artwork for the Holy Week.


One of the most characteristic devotional artifacts of the Spanish religious art are the elaborate processional pasos or movable floats used during the Holy Week ceremonies.   


Richly ornamented and carved in wood, pasos are usually adorned with dark velvet, flowers, and lanterns.  A centerpiece is either a life-size figure of Jesus depicted in one of the scenes of the Passion or a statue of the Virgin Mary. The pasos  which center on Jesus are usually gilded.  The ones which focus on Mary are usually ornamented in silver and depict Our Lady as Dolorosa or Mother of Sorrows.


Granda was recently entrusted with a commission for a set of Holy Week processional pasos and we are pleased to share photos in this edition of our e-newsletter. 


Los Rosales, Granda's vestment and linens workshop, also offers traditional hand embroidered estandartes or banners carried or displayed during solemn ceremonies or liturgies.



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