Naïve Style inspired Art for a chapel at Notre Dame University.

A unique set of liturgical elements has been installed in one of the chapels at Notre Dame University.  

The tabernacle, the crucifix and the Via Crucis all incorporate patterns and imagery characteristic of Naïve Art of the Latin America, particularly of Mexico.  A juxtaposition of high craft metalwork and enamel with the simplistic imagery make it a truly singular project for Granda.
Naïve Style is produced by the unusual use of formal elements of painting, most notably the technique of perspective.  Flattening of surface and lack of realistic proportions effect a simple yet direct and poignant portrayal of scenes, in this case captured in the Pieta and the Crucifix. 
The suffering Jesus is portrayed alive yet in a somewhat stylized manner.  The resultant tension of this image lingers unresolved amidst colorful patterns decorating the beams of the cross. The Pieta is captured as a more tender and serene image of Our Lady enshrining the anguished body of Jesus.  Use of schematized lines and simplified forms result in an emotionally commanding depiction.  The Via Crucis is a bronze set framed by a vivid pattern design derived from nature, particularly flowers. 
All elements are modified versions of artwork from Granda’s catalogue collection.


Statue of St. Olav for Trondheim.

Granda is completing a statue of St. Olav commissioned for Norway’s Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim. 
The proposed image is a composite of two extant models from the Granda collection.  Its iconography includes a set of regalia traditionally employed in image-making to identify Christian rulers: a crown, a scepter, and a globus cruciger.
Nidaros Cathedral is one of the principal churches of Norway.  Constructed between 1070 and 1300, the famous edifice was built over the burial site of St. Olav Haraldsson who was a Viking chieftain, king, national hero, and a proclaimed saint.






Granda and the Jubilee Year of Mercy.

Granda is offering a special limited edition collection of altar linens, vestments, and religious artwork to commemorate the Jubilee Year of Mercy.   

This new collection features the emblem or the image of the Divine Mercy and includes purple confessional stoles, preaching stoles in white, chalice palls as well as custom artwork such as reliefs, statues, and hand-embroidered copes, chasubles, and processional banners. 

Please contact our consultants to inquire about prices and custom design option.





Consultants in the United States
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