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August 11, 2019

September 11, 2019

Mark your calendar!


Rockies and Rapids tickets were just donated! 

What can you contribute?


to see how you can help.

Thank You Medical Teams!

Dr. Roy Bergstrom and his family have been friends of the ministry for many years. Dr. Bergstrom is an OB/GYN, but he is happy to practice general medicine when he is here, caring for any patient who walks in the door. A big thanks to the Bergstroms for their long-time commitment to our clinic and to Missions Ministries as a whole.

Gerald Nazareno, an ER doc from the San Francisco area, ran a clinic with his wife and three children. As an ER doc, Dr. Nazareno is not surprised by anything and always seems to know exactly what to do. This family's laid back, caring nature makes them a joy to work with!

Bethel Orphanage Needs You!
     Several times a month groups of Missions Ministries volunteers go to Bethel Orphanage to play with, make crafts, and love on the 90-120 kids that live there.  Spending precious moments sitting and coloring or running and sweating playing soccer have an impact that we will never truly see.   But did you know that Missions Ministries also provides food, pays the electric bill, and helps with staff needs?   Right now we need your help!  Only 1/2 of the needed financial support is coming in each month? 
We need
more a month to continue to meet Bethel's needs.  To make a donation click on the link:

Changes Effective January 1, 2020


-House donation increases to $10,300.

 All homes will get a metal roof included.


-Hospitality increases:

 Adults  $225

 Youth (13-17) $165

 Children 12 and under $140

Want to help Missions Ministries while you shop on Amazon?

If you have any questions feel free to call 303-771-3789 or email
for God's protection for staff and volunteers as they travel and construct new homes.
for all of our staff that God would renew their strength, both physically and mentally after a long summer.

for the pastors that a spirit of revival will enter their hearts and spread throughout the colonias.
for all of the groups that will come in 2019, for blessing, safety, and a heart filled with love.

for financial partners to come alongside Missions Ministries to help support the growing ministry.

Staff Spotlight!
Maria de los Angeles Zavala has worked for Missions Ministries as a translator for four years. Her husband is Juan Pablo and they have three children: Juan Pablo Jr., Lesley, and Miguel. They have three dogs, and her favorite colors are purple and maroon. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family. "My favorite part of my job is meeting new people, seeing what they do for others, and being among friends."

Donations for special baby formula.  Can be a cash donation or order and bring with your team.
Please note
Special Baby Formula
Ketonex-1 Amino Acid Modified Infant Formula with Iron

Thank you to those who have joined the partnership team!
Missions Ministries is present year round.
Would you consider becoming a financial partner? 
Monthly donations or one time gifts from $10 to $1000 help to continue the ongoing work in Juarez.


Clinic in June
Adriana (nurse)
179 patients
Dr. Roy Bergstrom - 46
(Centennial Covenant Church)
Dr. Gerald Nazareno- 59
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