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One Year!

It is hard to believe that a year ago I was sitting at the Team Center with a group as we looked at text messages from family and friends in confusion.   How could it be that all schools were closed in Colorado? Oklahoma? Arizona?  Toilet paper!  Seriously, there is no toilet paper?  One by one different team members chuckled, shared the latest unimaginable information, and we sat there in disbelief.

And yet it did happen! One after another crazy, unthinkable change throughout 2020 and still continuing today.

God has been faithful!  Teams, churches, and individuals have stepped up to continue the work God is doing in the colonias.  And now, beginning this month teams are returning.  Our staff is excited, planning, preparing, and praying that even in the midst of the changes we all have seen, God will be honored.   Will some things be different, sure, but if our hearts are in the right place, we come to serve others, God will be pleased.

John 15:2 (NIV) "He cuts off every branch in me that bears no no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful."

If we take some time to reflect perhaps we are in a season of pruning.   Each of us should stop and think what is it this year that I have done differently, gone without, looked more to God for His help.  While pruning takes work, changes are not easy, we pray that the tree will be more healthy, more fruitful, and more pleasing to God in the months and years to come. 

God bless you,
Adrian Waller
Executive Director
Punto Cero
A quick update regarding Punto Cero.  All electrical services have been updated.   Instead of cables on the ground, incorrect use of extension cords, and inadequate power all current and future buildings are updated.  The Missions Ministries staff is currently finishing a large living quarters for the men to sleep and have some private space for their belongs.  We are in the planning stages of a kitchen so the cooks no longer need to prepare food outside.

If you or a team wants to help, funds are still needed to complete some of these projects.  For more information reach out to Adrian at or call 303-771-3789. 
The progress continues.  February and the first week of March saw three more homes built and a roof repaired.   Below is one of the lovely families who received a home.
How can you help?
Thinking about how you, your church, or your business can help? 
The team center is now open again for groups. 
Would you commit to praying for the ministry as a whole, the staff by name, the pastors, or your SAS student? 
Would you organize a team to come in 2021?
Would you consider raising funds for the staff to build if you cannot travel?
Would you consider financial support monthly or one time?
Would you talk to your church or your place of business to partner with us?

Missions Ministries continues to operate in partnership with you.  Thanks for all you have done and for any support God may lead you to give in the future.
Sponsor a Student Program
Schools are still closed across Mexico.  It is a blessing to see the students being picked up in vans, delivered to the library at the team center, completing their studies, and returned safely home.   Each van load throughout the day comes with 6-8 neatly dressed, backpack toting, happy kids.   The wonderful teachers in the libraries are making the difference with a smile, a hug, and knowledge dispensed.  As for now all students are transported to the library on the team center, but hopefully soon we will reopen the other.  Be praying as we consider the logistics of holding "school" in our two libraries for the foreseeable future.
Host Team
Interested in full time mission service?
Missions Ministries is looking for a host team beginning in 2021. 
If you or someone you know is interested in learning more please email or call 303-771-3789.
The clinic will remain closed during this first phase.  Adriana (our nurse) will be spending her time as the new head of the COVID-19 staff committee.   She will be monitoring staff as we implement the protocols required by the Mexican government.



for our World.

for God's protection for staff, pastors, and those in the colonias during this time of uncertainty.

for team safety as they travel, participate, and interact on their trips.

for the staff, that their hearts would be open to minister to their community.

for the pastors that they can find unique ways to reach those in their church and community.

that during this time of "change" from the routine that Jesus would be made known to  those who don't know him as their Lord and Savior.

pray for the planning, preparation, and patience as we try to figure out what ministry looks like in a COVID world.

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