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A New Year with the Almighty God

Happy New Year!  I am sure all of us were ready to put 2020 in the history books.  We looked forward to the new year with hope and opportunity to rid ourselves of the stress of 2020.   It seemed like almost each day of 2020 brought an impact to our lives that none could anticipate.  And now 2021 is here!

Despite the hardship and deep losses God was still at work in a mighty way.  If you look, and yes at times it was/is difficult to see through the pain of a lost loved one, sickness, financial instability, God used you.   2020 brought 36 new homes to families in deep need, 4 incredible food drives impacting 1000's of people, diapers and formula to 100's of mothers and children, not to mention clothing, blankets, Christmas boxes, and most importantly HOPE!

We should have an unshakeable confidence in God in times like these.  Don't get me wrong, there were times when I wondered what was going to happen to Missions Ministries and the World.   But even though I might have worried or had doubts, time and time again God used His people.

God bless you,
Adrian Waller
Executive Director
Thank You!
The December fundraiser and year end giving was a huge success. 
$63,000 and counting.
We also received $23,440 towards a future memorial project for Ed Bullis who founded Missions Ministries.
You have been faithful!

Christmas Boxes 2020
Many pastors were able to come to the team center to collect boxes for the children in their churches.  Around 30 pastors participated.   The ladies from the library also drove around delivering boxes to families with the greatest need during the holiday season.   Each family received a 2 weeks supply of food as well.
Back in September a young mother and her four children under the age of eight were in their home when it was struck by a car.   The car backed up and sped away.  The corner that was hit was where all of her children slept, but luckily no one was in the room at the time.  With no job and no family to help Angelica got some tape and a tarp and tried to seal up her home.  One month led to three and the cold nights of November and December set in.  A staff member brought the mother and her kids to our attention and within a week we had the house repaired.  Warmth can now fill the home again.
Sponsor a Student Program
After a two week break at the libraries we are back to seeing students daily.  Schools are still closed across Mexico.  It is a blessing to see the students being picked up in vans, delivered to the library at the team center, completing their studies, and returned safely home.   Each van load throughout the day comes with 6-8 neatly dressed, backpack toting, happy kids.   The wonderful teachers in the libraries are making the difference with a smile, a hug, and knowledge dispensed.  As for now all students are transported to the library on the team center, but hopefully soon we will reopen the other.  Be praying as we consider the logistics of holding "school" in our two libraries for the foreseeable future.
Host Team
Interested in full time mission service?
Missions Ministries is looking for a host team beginning in 2021. 
If you or someone one you know is interested in learning more please email or call 303-771-3789.
The clinic will remained closed during this first phase.  Adriana (our nurse) will be spending her time a the new head of the COVID-19 staff committee.   She will be monitoring staff as we implement the protocols required by the Mexican government.



for our World.

for God's protection for staff, pastors, and those in the colonias during this time of uncertainty.

for the staff, that their hearts would be open to minister to their community.

for the pastors that they can find unique ways to reach those in their church and community.

that during this time of "change" from the routine that Jesus would be made known to  those who don't know him as their Lord and Savior.

pray for the planning, preparation, and patience as we try to figure out what ministry looks like in a COVID world.

The work of handing out diapers and formula in a COVID world.
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