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Living in Fear or Faith
How are you?  When you are alone or talking with the ones you trust sharing your deepest thoughts, is everything okay?  If you are like me, it changes daily.  I see news clips, hear empty words from leaders, see anger displayed in the streets and in posts to our "friends."  At times I feel great unrest, unsure of what the next day will bring and yet at times great hope and peace.   More than ever before I need to reach for God's word, reach up to God in prayer, reach out to others in love.  I have to ask myself am I doing my part in this rapidly changing world?   Ephesians chapter 4 is packed with powerful guidance for all of us to do our part.  Take a moment and click on the link to read it now. 
Do you see it?  The part you should play.  Perhaps it is: live a life worthy of the calling, be humble, gentle, patient, keep unity, focus on the One thing, serve each other, serve the church, be mature in speech and deed.   Be angry, but don't sin.  Clean up your house, get rid of all malice, instead be kind, compassionate, FORGIVE.  

Go back and read it again. God is speaking to us to be His church today, both here and throughout the world.

God bless you,
Adrian Waller
Executive Director
Short Term Plans
Over the next six weeks our staff will continue the work in absence of teams.  The need still remains for homes, food, education, and medical services.  Thanks to several groups who have raised funds, others who have released their group funds, and several churches we are able to build six homes in the next few weeks.  Each pastor has been carefully selecting the families with the greatest need in this time.  Our library ladies and kitchen staff have been working together for several months distributing food bags, cooking meals for soup kitchens and will continue on in the effort.   In the coming weeks be looking for smaller opportunities to help repair the roofs on churches, homes built in the past, and specialty needs as they arise.  It is a great time for our staff to reconnect with so many in the community that have been helped by groups over the years.  Please pray about your involvement as we keep serving those in need in the colonias.
Sponsor a Student Program
School openings in Mexico are limited to high school only.  All others will start with remote learning, which includes some online lessons and some tv programs if families have the capabilities to access them.  How can we help?  Susy and her team are accessing the lessons online, printing off the materials needed, and then  parents can come and pick up the school supplies and lessons at our libraries.   All materials for the school year have been purchased and will be taken to the libraries 8/14/2020.  When families check in at the libraries staff is asking what help they need to try in this challenging time to meet the educational needs of students.  As things change, so will we.  
Help build a home for Javier and Rosa​!
Javier and Rosa moved to Juarez a few years ago in search of better opportunities for their family. They were recently able to acquire a piece of land on which they are currently living in a house they built out of wood scraps and cardboard. They reached out to Pastor Nehemias for help, and they are currently on our waiting list to receive a home. They are currently at 55% of their needed funding. 
Donate to Javier and Rosa
Host Team
Interested in full time mission service?
Missions Ministries is looking for a host team beginning in 2021. 
If you or someone one you know is interested in learning more please email or call 303-771-3789.
The clinic will remained closed during this first phase.  Adriana (our nurse) will be spending her time a the new head of the COVID-19 staff committee.   She will be monitoring staff as we implement the protocols required by the Mexican government.



for our World.

for God's protection for staff, pastors, and those in the colonias during this time of uncertainty.

for the staff, that their hearts would be open to minister to their community.

for the pastors that they can find unique ways to reach those in their church and community.

that during this time of "change" from the routine that Jesus would be made known to  those who don't know him as their Lord and Savior.

pray for the planning, preparation, and patience as we try to figure out what ministry looks like in a COVID world.

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