Coming up this month is the third event in the Gran Tour -- Big Hill Challenge on June 14'th.   If you aren't attending it, how about helping Charlene with the Nashville Kids' Triathlon.
    June has a lot more charity rides that have been FOGBEE favorites.  As always, you can find links to all rides that have interested FOGBEE members on our web page (click here).
     This issue opens with some unfortunate business.  We count on our bicycles clubs and shops to be positive role models and know you will help.  However, we have some really great news upon which to end.
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By Tom Evans

     It was something totally unanticipated.  As a couple of bicyclists were riding along Hogans Branch, a car barreled down on them with horn blaring and ran them off the road.  They weren’t
hurt, but the experience was unnerving.  They had been courteous when they saw the car approach and pulled single file to let it pass.  But why was that not enough? (Click Here for the rest of the story)
By Tom Grooms
     Well, after watching the Go Pro video, I am glad I did not make the Ride of Silence.   I will review the Ordinance again but pretty sure the Metro Code requires bicyclists to ride to the far right on the public road.  The Ride of Silence folks were all over the road, not riding in single file, etc.   When will these people learn that it does
bicycling in Nashville great harm when bicyclists break the law and piss off motorists.  They may think they are making a statement for bicycling but they are just harming the cause and subjecting the rest of us to the continuing anger and frustration of motorists! 
     I regret being a curmudgeon, but I am tired of irresponsible and often arrogant bicyclists making my life harder!
By David Irvine
   Thanks for forwarding Tom Groom's comments. He said in far fewer words about the 'Ride of Silence' my similar observations about the recent Tour de Nash
   I completed the W/BN post-ride online questionnaire and closed out with a request for a name and an email or snail-mail address to send my more detailed observations.
     For openers in that questionnaire, I said that while I'm sure all the regis-trants had a good time, at least in their own minds, from a bicycle advocacy standpoint, many sure did not win any new friends among the non-bicycling general public by running red lights and 2- and 4-way stop signs and otherwise squirrelly unpredictable behavior. 
     Thanks for the several W/BN email addresses. If I don't get a response to my questionnaire request in a timely manner, I'll go ahead and copy each W/BN person with my comments.
     Hell, I'm a token W/BN member too. I've made modest donations to the organization and I want to see some positive value for my donations given.  Yes, I too think it's high time to rein in our more thoughtless arrogant stupid Ninja riders.
     In the famous words from a long ago Pogo comic strip, "We have met the enemy and he is us!"
By Bruce Day
Mark the Date: Saturday-Sunday, October 18, 19, 2014
     Plans are underway for the Fall overnight ride to Red Boiling Springs. This has been annual event, usually on the third weekend in October, since 2007and is so again this year. Armour's hotel will again be our host hotel with the Thomas House available as overflow. The 60 mile ride will leave Saturday am from Sam's Sports Bar parking lot with lunch in Hartsville at Dillehay's Restaurant. A 30 mile option is available by parking near the Hartsville City Hall. The route and times will be posted later but are anticipated to be similar to our very first ride in 2007.
     You can visit Armour's Hotel website and view specific rooms. Dinner is not included in the room rates and is usually $14 per person extra. Dinner reservations can be made independently of the room for anyone not spending the night. They can serve any number for dinner but have only 14 rooms. Three have already been booked so act now if you want to stay at Armours.
Armour's website
, Phone: (615) 699-2180
Thomas House
Email Phone: (615) 699-3006

Link to past Red Boiling Spring rides where all you question will be answered

By Bruce Day

     You can't get lost, the route has established notoriety, and romantic history. According to Dale Wilkerson, park administrator for the Natchez Trace Parkway, between 500,000 and a million cyclists use the Natchez Trace Parkway each year. This despite the roadway itself not being a very bicycle friendly facility. In April of 2013 Adventure Cycling and The National Park Service signed a Memorandum of Understanding to improve conditions for cycling. Want to Help?  Click here to learn more

Hi Jessica,
      The signs have gone up and they are getting ready to resurface US31E/TN Rt6 or Gallatin Pike through Hendersonville.  I know there has been some talk about the state marking bike lanes on this route and I know you have been very good about including them as state routes are resurfaced.  I am just checking in to see what the plans are for this job. 
This road is very popular with both bicyclists and joggers and it would be great to see it include a bike lane.  Would you please let me know what the plans are.
    Also, thanks to you, Toks, and Leslie for the USBR-23 signs.
Hi Tom-
     You will be pleased to know that the City of Hendersonville submitted striping plans for the inclusion of bike lanes on this resurfacing project.   
     Also FYI- sometimes the contractor will use a temporary striping to maintain traffic control while they are resurfacing that does not include the bike lanes, but the final striping plans do indeed include bike lanes. 
Jessica L. Wilson, Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator
Division of Multimodal Transportation Resources
Tennessee Department of Transportation
     Thanks to Dave Miley's quick communication with the City staff, the incursion of the new Speedway Service Station into the shoulder and bike route on Gallatin Road was corrected in record time.

We are working with Speedway’s engineer to get all  concerns addressed before Speedway can open. We will look into your concern about the curb, also. Thank you for bring it to our attention.
Jerry Horton
By Charlene Alcorn


Nashville Kid's Triathlon, Location: Centennial Park
Date: Saturday, June 14th, Time: 6am-Noon
  • Need: 6-8 FOGBEE's on bikes to ride the course continuosly to help keep kids safe. Need many more Volunteers to stand at various spots on the bike and/or run course to cheer, encourage and keep the kids moving along.
  • Perks: Volunteer T-shirt, snack bag and lots of warm fuzzies.
  • Register to Volunteer here:
Be sure to type: FOGBEE in the groups field when you register.
10th Annual HEAT Kid's Triathlon, Location: Sumner County YMCA
Date: Saturday, August 2nd, Time: 6:15am-8:30am
  • Need: 13+ FOGBEE's to stand at assigned spots on the Senior Bike Course to encourage racers and keep them moving.
  • Perks: Volunteer T-shirt, water and Chick Fil A breakfast sandwich and of course…lots of warm fuzzies!
  • Email: if you want to Volunteer again this year!
Charlene Alcorn, National Volunteer Coordinator
Kid's Triathlon, Inc.
By Brian Kortness

     On July 26th the Harpeth Bike Club has asked me to be the ride leader for the annual Harpeth Bike Club Sumner County Ride. This ride has also been approved by the Veloteers Cycling Club as their official Saturday ride that week so both clubs would love it if the Fogbees
would participate in this ride also. We will have options of 45 and 60 miles and will include a shorter option in the 35 mile range. I anticipate a showing from the HBC of 60 plus riders and the Veloteers usually have 30-60 riders attend their Saturday morning rides. With a strong Fogbee attendance, this ride could easily be the biggest non-charity bike ride Sumner County has ever seen and it would be fantastic for the club to meet and get acquainted with the other two large cycling clubs in the greater Nashville area. 
     I have rough drafts of the routes and will be finishing them by the end of next week. Once they are finished, I will forward them to ride leaders from the Fogbees so they can share them with the club in advance of the ride. With more than a month's notice, I hope that we can get all three large cycling clubs to join in on a fantastic day on the bike riding Sumner Counties beautiful roads.
By Dave Shumaker
     Since the Fogbee Spring Tour of USBR 23, more progress has been made to establish this and other routes in Tennessee.
     TDOT and the Nashville Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) have agreed to share the cost of purchasing the signs required to entirely sign USBR 23 from the KY border to the AL border.   TDOT is now working to establish purchasing and distribution guidelines so that the entire route gets signed in all jurisdictions fairly quickly.
     Bruce and Dave presented the USBR 23 plan at the TN Bike Summit.  The response was overwhelmingly positive.  More importantly, Jim Johnson and other representatives from Chattanooga have volunteered to begin working on a portion of proposed USBR 21 in the Chattanooga area as well as routes connecting Chattanooga with the Silver Comet Trail in Atlanta.  They also want to work to establish a bike route from Chattanooga to connect to USBR 23 south of Nashville.  
     Similarly, the bike lanes on the Harahan Bridge over Mississippi River in Memphis will be completed in 2015.  Greg Maxted is Executive Director of this project and wants to begin work on the western portion of proposed USBR 80 that would run east to west across the state through Knoxville, Nashville, Jackson and Memphis.
     Finally, Fogbee Larry Marchese has offered to begin working on another section of USBR 80 from Cookeville to Nashville.
     More information on the US Bike Route System and USBR 23 is at the links below
     If you, or anyone you know, have an interest in helping promote and establish these or other bicycle routes in TN, please let Bruce or Dave know.  They would welcome your support.
     Most of the people who register for membership do not use the blog which is the club's activities bulletin board.  Consequently, we have not been automatically providing new enrollees with access.  However, we do not wish to exclude anyone who wishes to contribute
either by posts or comments.  If you don't have access and want it, just send us a note at and we'll get you fixed up.
     Also, in the next couple of months we'll be doing some housekeeping and removing blog access for those who haven't been active.
     The Indian Lake Peninsula Living Magazine is a classy, glossy monthly that is mailed around the middle of the month to over 1000 residents in Hendersonville.  Biker's Choice Bicycle Shop sponsors the Bike 'n Walk Hendersonville page for which we write most of the articles.  The June issue has pictures of Bryan Kortness and an introduction to his Beginner's Bike Ride.  Give it a look see.


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