It is April and Biking season has started, although the tough weather is striving to hold on.  April 12'th has the first of two favorite rides of the season -- the Pedals for Paws Ride in Gallatin and the Red Bud Ride in Kentucky.  The P4P Ride is the first leg of the Gran Tour.  It is followed on May 3'rd by the second leg -- the Vol State Classic.  There is no extra fee to be eligible for prizes in the Gran Tour.  It is Bikers Choice contribution to biking on the north side of Nashville.  This year the Tour de Boro is also being held on April 12'th.
      About two weeks later is the Fogbee Spring Tour. This six-day excursion travels the new USBR23 for the first three days,.  Again there is no fee for this tour. Fogbees have invited all their friends in middle Tennessee to participate.  Join it for one day or for all six days.  If you aren't joining the tour, you can do the new Jere's Ride out of Lebanon.
     May is packed with more than a half-dozen sponsored rides and with the 3'rd Tennessee Bike Summit in Nashville. As always, you can find links to all rides that have interested FOGBEE members on our web page (click here).
    If you have wondered about the Beginner RidesBryan has been waiting until the temperature reaches at least 50 degrees at start time.  New riders usually don't turn out in any significant numbers until the weather is inviting.
    In the last couple of newsletters we have commented on the increase in the number of injuries to bicyclists. This week Demetrius provided us with a First Aid and First Responder program for bicyclists.  Without a doubt it could have been the most important meeting that your friends should have attended.  Your health could be subject to what they do within the first several minutes of an accident.
Having been present at many accidents, I can attest that in most cases we have responded wrong and risked the well-being of friends.  It was clearly an event that every FOGBEE should have attended.
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     Everyone feels bad when a bicyclist goes down.  You hurt almost as much as the injured. Imagine how you might feel if you could have helped and didn't or -- did it wrong.  That was the concern of Demetrius Ritt and David Hardin.
     Demetrius and his friends Dan Conrad (Firefighter/EMT) Matt Tinnin (EMT) did a  professional job of explaining the potential injuries and remedies. Because this instruction is so important, Demetrius has shared his presentation (click here).
     Think you know what to do?  Maybe.  But with the accidents I have witnessed, I would say you'd be wrong.  I know I learned some serious stuff and hope that if/when I go down AGAIN my first responder was at this session.
  Regarding attendance, David Miley said,

I'll see you there. This is too important - I can record the championship and watch it when I get home.

     Demetrius also invited Sgt Aaron Pickard from Sumner County Sheriff's Office to speak to the group.  He gave us feedback he has received relative to cycling in Sumner County.  Everyone found this conversation very insightful. 


by Dave Shumaker
     The Thursday, April 24 start of the Fogbee Spring Tour is almost here.  More than 30 men and women riders have already signed up to participate in this six day, five night ride.  We will ride USBR 23 from the KY border in the north through White House, Nashville, Franklin, Lewis-
burg to the AL border in the south.  Then we will ride back north to Nashville meandering through the lush springtime hills of central Tennessee.  We stay in the Nashville Downtown Hostel, Henry Horton State Park and motels along the way.  There is even a Date Night at Henry Horton State Park. 
     There is no charge to participate in this tour and SAG support is provided for the entire tour.  You can ride any one, two, three or all six days – whatever works best for you.   Go to Fogbee Spring Tour for more information on the schedule, routes, lodging and to Register.  
IMPORTANT:  Register by April 15th, to ensure you receive the final Ride Advisory News e-mail and are guaranteed full SAG support. 
by Doug Depew
     The Jersey Design Team would like to introduce what is close to our final jersey design.  After months of meetings, discussions, work with our graphics artist we are all but done, and we are all still friends!!  We have some minor tweaks, the main one is
the collar is supposed to be red, the rest you probably wouldn’t notice.
      We had some passionate discussions on color including patterns like camo.  We discussed whether anyone would know what the three stars meant.  We discussed whether there should be a pink jersey for the ladies.  Positioning the bee’s stinger away from the breast area was also discussed.  White outlines or no white outlines were also a heated topic.  There were the Honeycomb wars on what kind of honeycomb and how it would run on the jersey.  One other diversion from the original jersey is the motto is extended from “The Best Draft” to “For The Best Draft”.  This is on the back of the jersey and it was argued on where it should be.  At times it seemed like a colonoscopy would have been less taxing than jersey design, but it was still a fun process.  All finally agreed. 
     We hope you will embrace the new Jersey and will consider ordering one or more as we get to the ordering process.  The pricing will be dependent on how many orders we get. We have selected LG as the producer.  At the minimum of 24 the price would be about $78, where if we get 100 it will be about $56.  This is more than the Verge jersey, but the quality of our original LG jerseys has proven to be far superior and we want to deliver a superior product.  In the next 2 weeks we will be getting fit kits so you can size yourself and we will probably set an order price based on demand.  We hope to have jeseys in your closet by mid June or at latest July1.


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