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It's time to update FOGBEE records.

Hi <<First Name>> ,

It's been over two years since we have updated our membership list, BLOG author list, and Emergency Telephone (ICE) records. We currently have 162 people listed as members, and 56 with access to the blog. This month, I cleaned up the blog authors removing 25 people who no longer appear on our ACTIVE membership list. If your name appears on this email above with a "star" (*) after it, your email address (to which this note is addressed) has blog author access.  If you don't have blog access and would like it, please send me a note at and I'll get you taken care of.  Please see the note below "Getting Access to the Blog.."

FYI: Our membership list also has 254 people who have once (or still are) FOGBEE members.

Please Correct Your Personal Data

To help with this update, we have the following information about you.  Some of you have changed married names, addresses, and/or emergency contact info. Please send corrections to

LAST NAME: <<Last Name>>
SPOUSE: <<Spouse>>
ADDRESS: <<Street Address>>,
CITY, ST, ZIP: <<City, State, ZIP>>
CELL#: <<Cell #s>>
EMERGENCY #: <<Emergency #>>

ICE instructions and the emergency telephone list is on the FOGBEE blog (see ICE TAB next to the HOME TAB).  It hasn't been updated since 6/3/17.  We'll post a new list after feedback from this solicitation.

If you haven't read this page recently, please do it now. EVERYONE on a group ride counts on fellow FOGBEES to be able to offer proper help if anyone is hurt.

Getting Access to the Blog

Google makes it complicated to register as a blog "author.". We can't just add you.  We must sent you an invitation to which YOU must complete the information that Google requires.  ONLY THEN can you post or comment on the FOGBEE blog.

Unfortunately, when some people enrolled on this invitation, he or she used nicknames or abbreviations other than their name. I have also noticed cell #'s that aren't on our membership list on exchanged text messages. 

Since I don't ride that often with the group, I can't associate those strange monikers or cell numbers with a member. Please help by making sure our membership records have your full name and cell #'s.
Getting Copies of the MEMBERSHIP LIST

Anyone whose name is on the membership list may have a copy of that list. Just send your request to

Using the ALLFOGBEES account was a way to fetch that list, but that approach seems to be a big pain in the butt. Just send me an email and I'll return the list.  Be patient, I only visit that FOGBEE email account a couple of times a month. .
Also, that list is ONLY for your personal information and is NOT for commercial use, such as SOLICITATIONS or SPAMMING those on the list
What Happens Next

It'll be a couple of weeks before I complete updating everyone's records.  After that, I'll update the Membership List and send a copy to those who requested it, send out invitations to people who requested to be blog authors, and update the ICE telephone list on the blog,
If you no longer want to be on the FOGBEE membership list, just UNSUBSCRIBE to this MailChimp mailing (see below).

For new Bees, the FOGBEES maintain several sites on the Internet. 

The FACEBOOK page is automatically updated from all posts to this blog.  However, comments on that page do not reflect back to the blog.  Posting and commenting on FACEBOOK may not have an immediate audience. The blog is the primary communication tool.  It has 422 followers.

The Weekday Riders FACEBOOK page is maintained separately from the blog.  For more information about it, click here. It has 227 members.

The State Line Riders are a separate group that have a FACEBOOK page accessible from the blog. They ride mostly along the flatter roads along the Kentucky and Tennessee Stateline. They have 170 members.

The club also maintains several websites with many pages, such as on Crazy Guy on a Bike, Shutterfly, YouTube, MailChimp, etc.  Take time to explore it by clicking here.

Lastly, the FOGBEE Club is the best deal in Tennessee.  It has no membership fee, but all members are requester to purchase and wear the club jersey (order now).  The Club also co-sponsors the Annual Pedal for Paws ride, which is quickly becoming the best charity ride in Middle Tennessee.
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