Although winter continues to hang on, we have had a couple of good bike weekends in the last month.
     On March 15'th Bryan is starting his popular Beginner Rides and is asking for help.  Bryan carries on with the original mission of the Club -- to help people get into and enjoy group cycling.  Our primary source of new members has been from this activity.  Leading beginner rides is difficult. We encourage everyone to give him help. 
     The first leg of the Gran Tour starts with the Pedals and Paws ride on April12'th. Registration is now open. Links to it and to the other Gan Tour event can be found in this newsletter.
     The April 24'th six-day FOGBEE Spring Ride already has 29 bicyclists registered for three or more legs of this ride.  This FOGBEE invitational has participants from across Tennessee joining.
   You can find the most complete list of sponsored rides in Middle Tennessee on our website.
Click Here.
   On a downside we haven't started biking season yet and we've already had three reports of riding injuries: One down due road issues, one down due to hitting a dog, and one dog bite.  Fortunately, all will recover.  Last year, injuries were unusually high due primarily to equipment or bicyclist failures.  Of the nearly dozen accidents only one involved a motor vehicle.  We have published some statistics on our web page (
click here).  Our experience seems to match that well.
     This is our 27'th monthly newsletter.  Our last issue was read more than 80% of our membership. We continue with making them public. So feel free to forward it to others interested in bicycling. 

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With Spinmaster Gary
      Holy Jumpin Sarah, (gotta view in the email with your browser to watch her hop) with the warm weather, spin with Gary at the Y is about to end its 6'th year, at least we are hoping for an end to the winter. Thanks to Gary another great year with his enthusiastic FOGBEE spirit. Besides spin Gary provides the Annual Halloween Party, St. Louis Tours, Christmas Lights Ride and Toys for Tots and Tweens.  He has also introduced us to the animated GIF (Don't know what that is? Ask Gary).  Without a doubt Sarah can't wait to get outside again on her bike

  Do You Know What DST Means? 

      That’s right! It means  it’s almost time for the official start of the FOGBEE cycling season.   Day Light Savings Time starts Sunday, March 9 at 2:00AM. Weather permitting, we will have our first Tuesday night ride on March 11th.   This year, we will ride from Sam’s on Tuesday nights, but on Thursdays, we will find alternate starting places.   Bluegrass Bar and Grille and Brixx Pizza (sorry Gary) are possible starting points for Thursday nights.   Sam’s gets a little loud and crowded on Thursday nights.
     In the next couple of weeks get those bikes checked out: examine tires for knicks and cuts, check chains and cables for stretch and proper lubrication, get spare tubes, make sure tire pumps still work, and replace batteries in lights and computers.  Veteran members or the bike shop can advise new bicyclists.  Breakdowns on the road are unpleasant.
       Also, I have spent the winter checking out a number of different places for possible post Saturday ride food and refreshments.  
       Watch the blog for ride dates and times.  With as many riders that have been showing up for our winter rides, I believe this is going to be a big cycling year for the FOGBEES.

See y’all on the road,
Mike Knake


By Tom Evans
      As kids back in 1950 Sunday afternoon treat was a slow car ride roaming the county side.  With windows down (yeh, the horse and buggies didn't have air-conditioning) the sights, the sounds, the smells, and the Burma-Shave-signs were up-close and personal. Stopping at a roadside stands for fruits and soft-serve ice cream, listening to farmer's stories, or teasing the car-hops on roller skates kept everyone entertained.  Unfortunately, this experience is now inconceivable for the interstate generation with its focus on getting someplace at 70mph in an iron cocoon.
    Bike touring, however, provides a throw-back to this earlier time when the journey was as important as the destination.  These bicyclists aren't concerned about how quickly they can finish the ride.  Conversing with people along the route, finding a great scene for a photograph, or just listening to water splash and spotting a few turtles in a stream next to the trail take priority. This experience is the quintessential benefit of being a FOGBEE.

    Every year the club has at least two over-night trips that explore new terrain.  They've been to St. Louis, the Little Miami Trail, the Silver Comet/Chief Ladiga Trails, Lexington KY, French Lick, Tunnel Hill, the Virgina Creeper, Scottsville AL, a half cozen Tennessee State Parks, and the annual favorite repeat, Red Boiling Springs, just to name a few. Whether in the or in rain, sleet, snow, the trips were fantastic.
    This year FOGBEE touring starts in April with the six-day USBR-23 excursion. That is followed in July with the RAGBRAI and then in September with the Grand Tetons/Yellowstone National Park ride.  And most likely, fall colors will again be enjoyed in October with an over-nighter to Red Boiling Springs.
     For more information visit the FOGBEE website.  For Overnighters click here and for Tours click here.


April 24 – 29, 2014
     Our six-day ride on USBR 23 currently has nearly thirty (30) bicyclists registered. About three-quarters are doing the second and third leg of the trip, starting in Nashville and terminating in Ardmore. David Irvine has gracious volunteered to SAG all six days. For complete information click here to visit its website.


July 20 - 26, 2014
      Doug Depew
has put together a FOGBEE team of about ten bicyclists.  CLICK HERE for CRITICAL information on his webpage. Watch the blog for further planning info.

Grand Tetons/Yellowstone

September 5 - 15, 2014
    Three FOGBEE couples are bike touring and enjoying evenings in cabins in the these spectacular National parks and on Idaho roads. Extraordinary bike tourists Anne and Ben Cowan from Bristol TN are joining them.  Lodging is still available if other want to join them


      Registration is open for the Pedals and Paws Ride on April 12'th.  (To register on-line, click here)
     This year Biker's Choice is working closely with area promoters to bring bicyclists six events with the best quality post-ride meals, properly marked routes, rest stops, SAG support and prizes. For more information CLICK HERE


by Bryan Kortness
     We are getting close to the time change which means we will start having some warmer weather along with more time to ride. This past Saturday at the Bikers Choice, I had 6 local people buy new bikes and all of them had an interest in getting involved with a local bike ride once a week so with that in mind, I would like to communicate with the club and get some help in putting on the beginner rides this year.
    Firstly, if it is possible, I would really appreciate the Saturday morning ride leaders to contact me before Thursday and tell me where the ride will start(I don't need a route, just a start location and time). I need to get coordination between the regular group and the beginners so they can all start at the same location(so the beginners can meet everyone and feel like they are truly a part of the club). I need to get the notice out before Thursday afternoon so that the beginners can plan ahead. Hopefully by doing this, the beginners will be able to join in for post ride food and meetings.
     With the buzz being generated about this upcoming ride year, I suspect we will have record numbers of brand new bike riders in Sumner County and if there were members of the club who would be willing to give a hand leading these rides, it would be greatly appreciated. Last year at the end of the ride season, we were having as many as 20 beginners coming out and it is very difficult to keep a group that large safely together on the road. I wouldn't need people to give up their Saturday ride every week, but if 10 Fogbees volunteered to help, that would be one ride every 10 weeks that you could help these new riders out. Myself or another person from the shop would be available at every one of these rides.
     I am really looking forward to 2014 and being back home in Sumner and Robertson County for a full ride season. Let's see if we can expand the club and get a bunch of new riders excited about being Fogbees in 2014!


By Bruce Day
     1) Any bike is better than . . . 2) You're more like a possum. . . 3) Flats come in threes. Bruce addresses these three bicycling conundrums and "why bicycling should be fun" in his article this month.  CLICK HERE for the FULL story.


    Action on House Bill 1470 has been deferred twice until March 5'th. Introduced by Rep. John Ragan of Oak Ridge and co-sponsored by Sen. Bill Ketron of Murfreesboro as SB 1758, the bill would allow cyclists to treat stop signs and red lights as yield signs. Idaho is the only state with a similar law (description). Not sure whether that is good or bad.  Suspect the deferral is becuase the bill has little interest pro or con. 
     The bill can be found here.  It is is still in the House Transportation Sub-Committee (info) and has seen no activity in the Senate.  The members of the sub-committee can be found here.

Nashville Kid's Triathlon

    I need 6 FOGBEE Lead Cyclists to ride the course from 7am-10am (approx) Can have two groups of 6 and split the three hours ride time. If any more FOGBEE's want to Volunteer, I will still need another 30 volunteers to stand at various locations on the bike course. :)
      Saturday, June 14th at Centennial Park
   Volunteer Check in: 6:15am
7am: Women's sprint tri
8am: Juniors (age 6-10)
  9am: Seniors (age 11-15)
Go to: to register to Volunteer and be sure to type, "FOGBEE" in the company/group name field when you register.

HEAT Kid's Triathlon

     I need 13-15 FOGBEE's to stand at various locations on the Senior/Junior bike course.
Saturday, August 2nd at Sumner County YMCA
Volunteer Check in: 6:15am
7am: Race begins
Email me directly at if you would like to Volunteer for the Heat Kid's Tri.

Charlene Alcorn,
National Volunteer Coordinator, Kid's Triathlon, Inc.


I had the pleasure to meet Ms. Eula, from Judge Browns office, tonight in support of the judge's re-election. As you know, Ms. Eula runs the Toys for Tots, Tweens and Teens program which collects toys and clothing and distributes such to needy children who, without such, would have no
Christmas. Eula wanted to convey many, many thanks to our Fogbee Club for our AMAZING gift contributions for children in need. Our contributions were, in part, responsible for bringing joy, happiness and a Merry Christmas to 175 children!! THIS IS PART OF WHAT MAKES THE FOGBEES MORE THAN JUST A BICYCLE CLUB. FOGBEES BEE PROUD. Gary Williams reporting......
Guess who is moving . . .
As a comment to Bryan's post on Beginner Ride, Christy said, "Eddie and I should be available to help with these as well. We will be toting our youngin' this season (well, Eddie will on the tandem) so the beginner rids will likely be our new home. BTW - For those that haven't heard, we're moving to Hendersonville in a few weeks, just in time for the beginner ride season.Christy joined as an inaugural member of the FOGBEE Lite Ride.  She introduced Eddie to cycling and shortly thereafter they married.  They have provide the Annual BBQ Ride. Christy has authored an article for this newsletter.

Bike 'n Walk
Hendersonville News

     Bike 'n Walk Hendersonville
is a joint project of Biker's Choice Bike Shop and the Fogbee Cycling Club.  Its focus is on local bicycle advocacy.  It publishes in the Indian Lake Peninsula Living magazine and on the website.  In March we are introducing Bicycle Law to the community (click here for copy) and have updated the website with the latest information on Active Transportation grants at the Nashville Metropolitan Planning Office and Tennessee Department of Transporta- tion (click here).
     Hendersonville has been the past recipient of Transportation Enhancement (Park Trails), Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (Sander's Ferry Greenway), and Safe Routes to School (Walton Ferry) grants, but is not planning on participating in future projects in the near term without community advocacy.


     Bicycle riding is exploding across America.  It's a great way to commute, get to school or sport practice, or exercise.  Weight Watchers says riding a bike burns twice the calories of walking or jogging.  It builds muscle and strengthens your heart.
     Middle Tennessee has some of the best bicycle riding roads in the country and the FOGBEES have a group for all skill levels (see notice below).  During warmer months someone is pulling together a group ride on almost every day of the week. During the cold you'll find them spinning at the Sumner County YMCA.
     In addition to regular group rides in Davidson, Robertson, Macon, and Sumner counties, the club also has overnight bike rides, participates in charity events, has pool and Halloween parties, participates in Hendersonville's Holiday Fest with its Christmas Lights Ride, and share experience of multi-day rides.

Interested in bicycle riding or know someone interested in riding? 
Forward a copy of this newsletter to them. 
You or they will not find a better deal
NOTICE: FOGBEE meetings provide an opportunity for like-minded people to share a bike ride.  The club collects no fees, has no dues, and assumes no liability for any activity.  At all times all participants recognize that this form of recreation has risks which they fully and exclusively assume. Advice or consultation by any member does not imply any form of due care.  All such FOGBEE meetings are intended for adults, who are expected to have and to use all equipment as required by law and to ride in generally accepted safe manner.


Membership List - All members have access to the membership list.   However, for everyone's security it is password protected.  The list is based on the MailChimp subscription.
Calendar -We try to schedule upcoming events on the calendar that appears in the right sidebar.  All ride leaders and our internet administrators can login to the calendar and enter their plans.  Dave Miley has been adding stuff.  So if you need help ask him.

Shutterfly - FOGBEE Photo website has over a hundred photo albums of past events.

Weekday Ride Group - FACEBOOK group which members use to share "ad hoc" ride information.

MapMyRide - ride maps created by FOGBEE ride leaders saved on MapMyRide

RideWithGPS - ride maps created by FOGBEE ride leaders saved on RideWithGPS.

USBR 23 Spring Tour - planning website for FOGBEE 2013 bike tour of Adventure Cycling Association's newest bike route.  FOGBEES are inviting all bicyclists to join them

YellowStone - private planning website for FOGBEE 2014 Bike Tour of Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks
Bike 'n Walk Hendersonville - Hendersonville's website for biking and pedestrian advocacy.

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