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     The October newsletter continued with great content provided by club members.  Our records showed that at least 65% of our 130 registered members opened the newsletter and three-fourths read one our more of the articles.  
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      The issue will be the last for 2013. Please take time to read the articles in their entirety by clicking the links <Click here for the FULL ARTICLE>.
       Here is a list of stuff you'll find in this newsletter.  
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     This year's Christmas Lights Ride will be on Saturday December 14'th.  Our ride will be an OFFICIAL PART of Hendersonville's Holiday Fest. ( We'll get TV, radio, and newspaper coverage.
The schedule for this year consists of:
  • Toy Collection - Toys for Tots, Tweens, and Teens
  • Bike Ride
  • Christmas Party at Blue Grass Bar & Grill
Toys for Tots, Tweens, and Teens:
The Fogbees are proud to again sponsor needy children in Sumner County who, without help from organizations like ours, would have NO Christmas.
     Ms. Eula Vaughn, an officer of the Juvenile Court for Sumner County, has committed herself to this program she created over 25 years ago. It provides, through donations of toys, clothes, etc., Christmas to children who's families can not afford gifts for their children. Families sign up for the program with Ms. EULA and she makes sure that these families do not sign up with any other organization.  They also must wait
one year before applying for the program again, because the goal of the program is to help families regroup and get on their feet through a holiday that is financially expensive and difficult.
     This year the Fogbees are sponsoring ELEVEN  (11) children in ages:
  • BOYS: 13, 12, 9, 6, two 1 year old twins.
  • GIRLS:14, 13, 7, 5 and 4
Consider donating toys, bikes, etc. If you get clothes, it should be something that is "size independent."
     Bring gifts to the office of Gary Williams, 131 Maple Row Blvd., Suite A-101 , Monday thru Friday 9-5, or to the Dec 14'th Ride at 5:30 pm. The deadline for gifts is December 14
     PLEASE help make Christmas special for a few children. If you want to help Gary keep track of gifts, get a Fogbee donation list  together, or etc., Please call (943-2606) or email (

The Bike Ride on Saturday, December 14'th
The ride starts at 6PM in front of the Blue Grass Bar & Grill.  Please check our website (click here) for ALL the details and Gary says, "Bring your singing voices."

The Christmas Party
The party will be at the Blue Grass Bar & Grill immediately following the ride, approximately at 8:30.  If you are unable to ride, please come to the party.  All are invited.  The party will be held even if the ride gets rained out.

In Case of Rain
Perish the thought!  Party goes on as planned, but the ride will be the following night on Sunday.

As in previous years Gary and Bob are our chairmen.  Watch the blog for further details. Also check into our webpage for this ride We'll be updating it over the next couple of weeks.


By David Miley
     The leaves have fallen, as have the first snowflakes. That doesn’t mean your bike has to go into storage until spring. Winter rides can be a lot of fun and memorable, offering unique scenery and sensations, as long as you dress appropriately and take of yourself.
     There’s a lot of truth in the old saying “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing” (though no attire will help with lightning or tornadoes). During a continuous, aerobic activity like cycling, you don’t have to wear much to stay comfortable. Here are the essentials to keep you riding for the next 3-4 months.
<Click Here for the FULL article>


     Its exciting!  Eight bicyclists plus families have booked their rooms for maybe a once in a lifetime experience of touring by bike Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.
     They'll be staying in cabins in the parks and pedaling 400 miles over eight days. About half this group are continuing on the TransAm Trail 450 miles from Jackson WY to Winter Park in Colorado.
    Our website is complete with routes (with elevation profiles), expenses, lodging options, schedules, pictures, videos, journals, and lists of participants.  If you want to know more, please send me a note at and we'll grant you access (sorry its private for security reasons).


By Jennifer Galvin
      Greetings from Richmond, VA.  Since I’ve moved here, I’ve been exploring the city to find good cycling routes.  This is much harder than in Nashville or Sumner County, as the roads typi- cally don’t have shoulders, and are interspersed with busy, fast highways.    So, I’ve been attending organized rides in VA, MD and DE for added variety.
<Click Here for the FULL article>


By Tom Benim
     I think the normal progression for many of us as recreational riders is to gradually in- crease our time and distance during our local rides. Eventually we sign up for a shorter orga- nized ride of 35 miles or so, and then perhaps a metric. Perhaps the second or third year you do an organized century. Then you branch out farther into the state and neighboring states, collecting all the tee shirts you never wanted.
     If you have been down this road and still want more, I can suggest two alternatives, one will satisfy the itch for longer, scenic, non-competitive rides; and the other will appeal to your competitive spirit, either as a self-challenge or true long-distance racing against the best in the world.
     The non-competitive sport is called randonneuring and is organized under the auspices of the national group Randonneurs USA (RUSA).
     The competitive sport for long distance riding/racing is organized under the auspices of the national group Ultra Marathon Cycling Association (UMCA).
<Click Here for the FULL article>


By Bruce Day
      US Bicycle Route 23 is official. By now most of you have heard that AASHTO, the route designating agency, has officially designated USBR 23 through Tennessee. Directions, maps and cues will be on the TDOT bicycling website and Adventure Cycling will have links on its USBR site. Plans are being kicked around to pedal the route next Spring as a multi-day Fogbee Ride.
      This is a significant achievement. Not only is it the first new US bicycle route in the south in over 30 years, it is the first in the south to be done through grassroots support. This has not gone unnoticed by advocates in our adjoining states. As the regional expert in developing a USBR David Shumaker was invited to present at the Kentucky Bicycle and Bikeways annual meeting at Jenny Wiley State Park near Prestonsburg, KY on November 7th. His presentation was well received as evidenced by a lengthy question and answer session following the main presentation. Such collaboration with adjoining states is crucial to the development of the US bicycle route system. It was also instructive to again see just how valuable is our good working relationship with TDOT and Tennessee's local governments.


     Hang around Dave Shumaker and he'll make you famous.  Janice now graces the home page of Adventure Cycling Association.  Also fortunately for us, our FOGtographer, FACEBOOK author/editor, jersey sales lady, Turtle Queen, and general FOGBEE promoter is wearing her FOGBEE jersey.


By Tom Evans
     In a joint project Biker's Choice Bike Shop and the FOGBEES have relaunched Bike 'n Walk Hendersonville,, a website focused on bicycling and walking for the community.  The website was originally established in 2005 by the Hendersonville Greenways Committee to promote and share its 2020 vision for Hendersonville Tomorrow.  Some of its projects were the city's current Bike/Ped Master Plan, the Streets of Indian Lake Greenway, and, of course, the FOGBEE Bicycle Club.
      Since 2005 Bike/Ped inclusion as an integral part of Tennessee's Transpor- tation planning has grown from 5% to 70% of all new projects in the Nashville Metropolitan region.  Communities around Hendersonville have been cashing in on this new emphasis.  Our goal is to advance priorities and our opportunity to participate. 
     Starting with the December issue of Indian Lake Peninsula Living maga- zine we will have a monthly column promoting bicycle education for the general public. Please take time to visit our website, read our column, and send your suggestions to advance our cause to


By Spinmaster Gary
      Fogbee Spinning at the Y is now in its 6'th year. You can join every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 pm and, if the weather outside is frightful, on Saturdays at 10 am.  Thanks to Mike Grubbs the Y has waived the registration fee and Fogbees can join for 3 months. If you have any questions contact me or you can call Jeremy Tackett, Sr. Program Director at the Y at 826-9622.
    Don't sit around, complain about not riding, and losing that Fogbee PHYSIQUE. Come to the Y and spin, swim, run, walk, lift weights or join a Zumba class. Make sure you let the Y know your a Fogbee.

23mm or 25mm

By Tom Evans  

     On a recent ride we had this discussion -- which width tire is better -- 23mm or 25mm. I was surprised we were having this conversa- tion.  I thought, to quote Al Gore, "the debate was over." 

<Click Here for the FULL article>


     David Hardin of Biker's Choice has purchased space in the new Social Publication for Hendersonville.  Each month we plan to have an article on bicycle education for the community.  Emphasis will be on safety and knowledge of laws as they apply to driving a bike.
     The first article appears in the soon-to-be-released December issue.  This month the publishers pulled stuff from the new Bike 'n Walk Hendersonville website that is being provided by the FOGBEE Bicycle Club.  Look for photographs of FOGBEES and links to Biker's Choice and to our website


Animated GIFs
     This month Gary broke new ground on our blog.  He posted an animated GIF.  To see it, follow this link .  That is really pretty sophisticated for our typical FOGBEE.  I am not sure what APP he used, but for those who wish to experiment with animated GIFs and have android phone, you can retrieve a FREE app by going to the Play Store and downloaded GIF Camera.  Follow this link to learn more about this APP. .

Vector Graphics
     When you post to our blog, you use raster graphics (e.g. jpg, gif, or png). They are the files that cameras produce.  They can be edited by photo-shop type programs.  You can find many different offerings (many FREE) for use on smart-phones, tablets, and computers.  However, if you wish to create graphics for clothing, such as jerseys, t-shirts, embroidery, etc) or for posters, banners,logos, etc., you must supply vector graphics, such as eps, pdf, ai, svg files.  Programs that create vector graphics are expensive and few are available.  The default standard is Adobe Illustrator.
     However, you can get an old version of Adobe Illustrator for FREE for use on your computer at . Some companies say they have software that converts raster graphics to vector graphics, such as Corel Draw.  The results are horrible and generally useless. Vector graphics must generally be drawn from scratch.


     This year the FOGBEES have had an unusual high number of injuries, including three serious head injuries.  David Miley's accident this last Friday was the worst.  He ended up at Skyline in intensive case.  Fortunately, he is expected to come home this Monday and fully recover, but will be off his bicycle and unable to drive for at least six months.

     Because head injuries are potentially life threatening, we asked a para- medic what we should do when a bicyclist suffer such an injury. His answer was call 911 immediately if any of the following occur:
  • loss of consciousness at the time of the injury
  • short-term memory loss (keeps repeating questions)
  • confusion
  • vomiting
  • dizziness
He added transporting him/her to a hospital instead of calling 911 immediately may seem like a good idea, but unless you have a trained medical technician with you and are in contact with the hospital, you are wasting valuable time.


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