Highlights for July are the RAGBRAI on the 20'th and Three-Club Ride on the 26'th. On August 2'nd is Bob's Annual Pool Party, the Hendersonville Kids' Triathlon, and the Bike Ride Across Central Kentucky.  As always, you can find links to all rides that have interested FOGBEE members on our web page (click here).
     On August 10'th we'll have the next newsletter for those who missed the July deadline for their articles. This month we are sending the newsletter to 136 members.
    Another FOGBEE has been seriously hurt in a dog incident.  Earlier this year Dave Shumaker suffered a concussion thanks to these same dogs.  He reports on what has happened to Bud Parks.  About three years ago when Phil Houston broke his collar bone as a result of a dog accident we added legal information about dog hazards to our website.  We encourage everyone to review it now (click here).  We recommend everyone keep the Sheriff's telephone number on their cell phone.
     Last weekend's FOGBEE ride experienced a very serious road rage incident on Upper Station Camp Road for which the "rabbits" had to call the sheriff.  Three cars responded with lights flashing.  It's the worst situation we have heard about.   Gary promises a full report in the August newsletter.  Everyone needs to read it.  The "rabbits" were definitely not at fault and they handled the matter properly.
     New jerseys have arrived.  If you didn't get yours on Saturday, I am told they will be available after Tuesday's ride, then not until after July 26'th.
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By Bob Glutting
Save NEW Date
It is once again that time of year.  We will be having the 6th Annual Fogbee pool party following our August 2nd ride.  
After the ride we will have lunch and an afternoon of swimming.
Lunch from Shane's BBQ.  It will cost $8.00 per person and we will have Pork and Chicken and sides.  
All you will need to bring is folding chairs and your choice of beverages.  More information to come as the date gets closer.
by Bryan Kortness
     We are a little over a month away from BRASS and the ride is hopefully going to be an improved event over previous seasons. Here is a short event profile. The link for the registration is
     On August 9th, the Knights of Columbus at Our Lady of the Lake Church will be putting on the 25th Annual Bike Ride Across Scenic Sumner Bike Tour. This years event will feature a metric tour, a 32-mile tour, and a 14-mile fitness tour. We will have new and improved rest stops, KOM and QOM Strava segments for those who want to challenge themselves along with gift card prizes for the top three male and female climbers on these segments, a $500 gift certificate to the Bikers Choice given to one lucky participant (like Bob Glutting earlier this year), and a post ride meal for all riders.
     We would love for this ride to grow; so, we are encouraging all our cycling friends to invite family, neighbors, and friends who may be recreational neighborhood, fitness or new riders to give the 14-mile tour a try. This ride is hybrid and recreational bike friendly with one rest stop provided so they can refill water bottles, eat some nutrition, and meet others who are experiencing their first charity bike tour.
     We are really looking forward to a great event this year and hope to see a big showing from the Fogbees as always!
     It's the 42'nd annual RAGBRAI and 12 FOGBEES are heading to Iowa for the festivities from July 20'th to the 26'th.  After attempting to encourage some of this group to share their experience with the rest of us, I have failed.  You would think we were the CIA.  I had to resort to old article by R Bruhn on the Best and Worst of RAGBRAI.
     RAGBRAI is NOT a bike ride .  It is a 400-mile long "Rolling Mardi Gras" with twenty thousand participants, a carnival atmosphere, an anything-goes/all-rules-are-suspended attitude, and an almost out-of-control ambiance fueled with equal parts of sweat and alcohol. Maybe that's why finding a FOGBEE reporter has been a failure. 
     To train for this event, ride every day for 50 to 70 miles, eat four pieces of pie, sleep in the back yard in a leaky tent with the stereo blaring, and get up in the middle of the night and pee in your neighbor's yard. Then there is the KYBO
Kybo! Kybo! Blue and white,
RAGBRAI riders' favorite sight.
What industry of mold and die
Could so entice the urgent eye?

For the rest of the poem read Bruhn's essay.
By Charlene Alcorn
10th Annual HEAT Kid's Triathlon, Location: Sumner County YMCA
Date: Saturday, August 2nd, Time: 6:15am-8:30am
  • Need: 13+ FOGBEE's to stand at assigned spots on the Senior Bike Course to encourage racers and keep them moving.
  • Perks: Volunteer T-shirt, water and Chick Fil A breakfast sandwich and of course…lots of warm fuzzies!
  • Email: if you want to Volunteer again this year!
Charlene Alcorn, National Volunteer Coordinator
Kid's Triathlon, Inc.
By Brian Kortness

     On July 26th the Harpeth Bike Club has asked me to be the ride leader for the annual Harpeth Bike Club Sumner County Ride. This ride has also been approved by the Veloteers Cycling Club and the FOGBEES as their official Saturday ride. We have options of 42 and 57
miles. I anticipate a showing from the HBC of 60 plus riders and the Veloteers usually have 30-60 riders attend their Saturday morning rides. With a strong Fogbee attendance, this ride could easily be the biggest non-charity bike ride Sumner County has ever seen and it would be fantastic for the club to meet and get acquainted with the other two large cycling clubs in the greater Nashville area. 
We have created a Facebook events page. Click here if you want to see who else is joining. I have included the routes so you can see which distance suits you best. Hope to see everyone there!
By Bruce Day
     This ride is for two days with about sixty miles each day.  It travels down the Natchez Trace and in late June the heat and hills can be grueling on the typical trip. But this trip is on a heavy tandem with a partner who is vision challenged. Click here to read my story.
By Dave Shumaker
     This past Monday morning, Bud Park, two recent college graduate friends of his family and I were riding 20 miles from Beech Schools, up Happy Hollow, Hogans Branch, New Hope, and Shell Rd.  As we reached the top of Shell, just before turning onto McMurtry, four dogs from two different houses chased and caused Bud to crash.  Bud was conscious and lucid but told us he could not move or put weight on his right leg.   One rider accompanied Bud to Hendersonville Hospital where ER confirmed Bud had fractured his hip bone.   He was transferred to St Thomas for orthopedic surgery for a hip joint replacement.  Bud's surgeon is also a bicycle rider and states that Bud should be able to ride again in six weeks.  
     I called the Sumner County Sheriff office to report the incident.  Within a couple hours, Deputy Cummins came to my house to get a description of the dogs and addresses of the owners.  He filed a written report and personally drove to notify both owners that because their dogs were loose and caused the accident, each of them could be liable for damages if a civil lawsuit was filed.
     From this experience, I learned that the Sumner County Sheriff's office does care and are very responsive to dog caused accidents or threats.  If I have a riding emergency I will call 911.  If not an emergency, but an incident needs to reported, I will again call the Sheriff's Office at 452-2616.  In fact, I have added the Sheriff's office number 452-2616 to my Speed Dial so that I can call them immediately if needed.    
     Be safe...but also be prepared to call 911 or the Sheriff's office for help with uncontrolled dogs!!!
By Tom Evans
     The implementation of bike lanes on Gallatin Road has disappointed many bicyclists.  I summarized my opinions about it in this article (click here), which I shared with the City Staff, TDOT,and the MPO.
     After many discussions with TDOT, here is my "postmortem" report. (click here)

    Attached are the notes from the June TDOT Bike/Ped Conference Call.  The next call is scheduled for August 27th. 

Jessica L. Wilson, TDOT Bike/Ped Coordinator


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