With this issue we are highlighting events in August/September because we are unable to issue a September Newsletter.  During this period the most popular events are the HOT 100 in Murfreesboro on August 23'rd and the Jack 'n Back on October 4'th and 5'th. Don't forget the immensely popular Red Boiling Springs over-nighter on October 18'th and 19'th.  As always, you can find links to all rides that have interested FOGBEE members on our web page (click here).
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RAMROD and Related Rides
by Tom Benim and Jennifer Galvin

     The Ultra-Cycling splinter group of the Fogbees has crossed another major ride off the cycling bucket list: Ride Around Mount Rainier in One Day, or RAMROD.     Part of the ride is
through Mt. Rainier National Park. However, Park Service limits the number of riders on the road, so entry into this very popular event is via lottery. 
After several years of trying, we finally got in
Click here to read about our adventure
     In early September nine bicyclists will do a nine-day bike ride through the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Parks.  They'll start in Jackson Hole WY, ride through the parks, and loop back through Idaho.  Each day the ride will
only be about 45-miles long allowing plenty of time to visit, observe, and photograph sites that make these parks so unique in the world.  The group will be shadowed with a SAG wagon carrying supplies and picnic lunches.  In the evening they'll meet-up in cabins in the park and relax with other family members.
     About half of the group are continuing their tour with visits to the Bad Lands and Mt Rushmore in South Dakota, which may even include some bicycles touring to appreciate these sights in a way that only a bicycle can provide.
    This tour has a website at  It is private, but you can access it using the log-in and same password used for the membership list.

     Thank you Fogbee's for Volunteering on the Senior Bike Course at the HEAT Kid's Triathlon.
 This is becoming a yearly tradition...Ya'll volunteer...then go for a ride. I like that plan! Hope to see you all volunteering next year. You all are the BEST!
Charlene Alcorn, National Volunteer Coordinator
Kid's Triathlon, Inc.

Ms Rochelle Carpenter
Senior Policy Analyst, Nashville Area MPO
     Unfortunately, due to a long standing com- mitment, I am unable to make the September 11’th MPO BPAC meeting.  It will be the first BPAC meeting that I have ever missed, but an important one for Sumner County, considering
its application for a grant to continue the Lower Station Camp Greenway Project.
    The Lower Station Camp Greenway project has been in the planning for a decade.  It is a very scenic and historic area bordering on both Gallatin and Hendersonville.  Both our communities have established this greenway as a terminus for our respective long range greenway routes, thereby providing multi-community connectivity.
     Key to these plans is the pedestrian bridge in this application over Station Camp Creek.  It also provides Hendersonville access to the greenway and our school children a route to Station Camp Middle and High Schools.
     The Lower Station Camp Greenway project has been a long term priority for our communities and for me.  It has been great watching the pieces of it come to fruition. Please consider this application to be my top recommendation for funding.
Tom Evans

Click here to view a summary of all grant applications
Compare  / Contrast of Harpeth River Ride (HRR) and Lake Norman Excursion (LNE)
by Jennifer Galvin
[another training ride done by Jennifer ahead of RAMROD]
Held in suburb of major city Franklin, TN, near Nashville Mooresville, NC, near Charlotte
Hosted by HQ of major corporation Nissan Lowes
Parking in a multi-story parking deck Yes Yes
Named after a major body of water you never actually see on the ride Yes Yes
Well attended, mass start Yes Yes
Mileage options 23, 45, 62, 100 10,39, 65, 100
Terrain Very Hilly Hilly
Celebrity Pro Riders Yes No
Tongue-in-cheek aside, LNE is a nice ride
if you happen to be in the greater Charlotte area in mid-July.
Natchez Trace Parkway
 By Dave Shumaker
     The Natchez Trace Parkway Association (NTPA) is working with Adventure Cycling Association (ACA) and the National Park Service (NPS) to develop a pilot cycling safety program for national parks.  ACA signed an agreement with NPS to become its cycling partner for national parks, and they selected the Natchez Trace Parkway for the first pilot program.  The
hope is that this program will direct resources and attention to cycling on the Natchez Trace Parkway, in addition to developing programs to make cycling safer everywhere.  
     The NTPA and ACA will hold a public meeting in Nashville on Sept 25 or 26th.  Virginia Sullivan and Saara Snow from Adventure Cycling will lead this discussion.  The purpose will be to discuss innovative safety measures that the Natchez Trace Park Service is instituting as a pilot project on a couple sections of the parkway.  They will also be gathering ideas of other ways we can improve safety on the parkway.   The aim is to make the parkway safer for cyclists and to gather ideas and opinions and build awareness of the issues on the Parkway. 
     The exact time and location of this meeting will be announced shortly.  If you would like to learn more about this effort or contribute to the discussion, please contact Bruce Day, Tom Evans or Dave Shumaker.
US Bike Routes (USBR)
Interconnect Atlanta, the Silver Comet Trail, Rome, Chattanooga, Knoxville and Nashville
By Dave Shumaker
     Last week, two dozen bicycle advocates and government officials held the first conference call to form working groups to establish... 
  • USBR 21   - To connect Knoxville to Chattanooga, Rome, Atlanta, and the Silver Comet Trail (ultimately starting at Lake Erie)
  • USBR 121 - To connect Chattanooga to Nashville
  • USBR 80   - To connect Knoxville to Nashville (eventually extending from Bristol to Memphis, TN)
      Jim Johnson, President BikeTours Direct, is heading up this planning process with sub groups forming to plan each route  section.  The next meeting will be held at the TDOT offices in Nashville on Thursday, September 25, 2-3:30 PM.  Jim Johnson along with Saara Snow and Ginny Sullivan from Adventure Cycling and Jessica Wilson from TDOT will participate with all others interested to further lay out the next steps.  Sarah Lovett and Larry Marchese are helping to organize USBR 121 and USBR 80 .  If you would like to learn more about this effort or contribute to the discussion, please contact Sarah, Larry, Bruce Day, Tom Evans or Dave Shumaker.


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