If I remember right, by this time last year we were riding on most weekends and daylight savings time was the beginning of weekday rides.  It has not worked out so well this year.  To get everyone in the biking mood we have included some art work from Kellie Taylor
     Nevertheless, expecting riding weather soon, we have updated the 2015 Charity ride schedule.  It is on our website under Activities, Sponsored Rides.  In order to make this schedule easier to view on a smart-phone, we have provided a TAB (Area Rides) on the blog menu bar that takes you directly to this list on our Website.  We have also reformatted the list to work better with fat fingers on a smart-phone.
     The first major ride in 2015 is Bryan's UNITY ride on March 28'th leaving from Watertown.  From here FIVE bike clubs are expected to gather, and the host, the Veloteers, promises to share its best route.
     The first area charity ride is the Pedals for Paws ride from the Civics Center in Gallatin. This year a FOGBEE with operatic background sings the National Anthem.  You'll have to show up to see who that is.  Also, we're told; there will be hot wings and beer.  This year the event includes a 45-mile route.
     Do you have a friend or a family member whom you would like to get into bicycling?  A good place to start is for them to enroll in Walk Bike University and/or for them to participate in the Biker's Choice Appreciation Rides.
     As we get into the new season, we want to remind everyone that the FOGBEES are "ambassadors for bicycling."  Mark Hicks, author of Tennessee's 2012 Due Care Law offers his opinion about what that means in his essay.
     Some have asked about the status of a couple of recent bicycle injuries/fatalities in our area.  In a recent communication Mark shared legal actions that he is following.  Carla McNally was hurt last year on the 2014 Pedals for Paws ride (click here).  Dr Rector was killed in Maury County (click here).
     As a final thought, David Irvine offers this

Here is a link to an encouraging CNN report; maybe merits a mention on the Fogbee blog or your monthly newsletter.   Maybe we'll gain respectability yet.

Tom Evans
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      Kellie Elizabeth is a criminal justice major currently going to school at Tennessee State University. She is due to complete her bachelor's degree this summer and then attend graduate school to earn a counseling license and study art therapy.
     This is a digital painting  (which means it was made with a computer). She did it free hand and painted it between school assignments a month or two ago just to take a little break from homework.
     Kellie said, "I was suffering a little bit from the winter blues because its been such uncomfortable weather for cycling and I hadn't been on a group ride for a long time. I made the painting because I'm really looking forward to some warm, summer afternoon rides with my fellow Fogbees."
By Bryan Kortness
With the success of last year's Sumner County Harpeth Bike Club/ Fogbees/ Veloteers group bike ride which had over 150 people in attendance, leaders from the
Middle Tennessee bike riding community have decided to expand on the idea to create a new series of rides called Unity Rides. Our first group ride will be held in Watertown on the east side of Nashville March 28th and hosted by the Veloteers. Routes will be designed to fit almost any type of recreational road bike rider and will showcase local roads for their beauty. The Veloteers invite the Fogbees and the Harpeth Bike Club (who have already made it their official ride for that week). They also have included cycling clubs from Cookeville and Murfreesboro. This ride will give you the opportunity to meet some new bike riding friends, to check out an area that we don't get to ride very often, and to see some of the beauty that Wilson County has to offer.
     We expect routes will be very similar to distances the Fogbees ride in Sumner County at this time of the year.

Please watch the Blog for more details about this ride

April 23-24
     Originated by Bike Walk Ten- nessee in 2012 in Chattanooga, the Tennessee Bike Summit draws over 150 advocates, professionals, and city leaders with interests in promoting bicycling activities.  This year the event is being held in Knoxville.  Designated by the
League of American Bicyclists as a Bike Friendly City, Knoxville has a very active advocacy organization, Bike Walk KnoxvilleThis year's event has some great nationally recognized speakers and promises to be a great meeting.
By Bruce Day
      It's time to start firming up plans for the Nashville to New York in 2015 (actually Hendersonville to New Jersey but the other sounds better) bicycle ride schedule for May 20-June 9, 2015. We have five guys and one gal committed to do the entire ride and four guys that are doing part of the ride. Several other have expressed interest but have not committed.  It's time to register your interest.
Click here for Bruce's FULL Advisory
Click here for a complete planning for this ride

To register your interest in this ride click here or follow the instructions in Bruce's Advisory
By Mark Hicks
     As strong defender of bicyclist's rights Mark comments, What worries me is our collective ability to create anti-bicycle advocates. I think we have too many bicycle riders that make it difficult for the rest of usRead his recommendations by clicking here)
      Have you been wanting to learn how to ride a bike?  Do you want to improve your knowledge of rules of the road and bicycle maintenance?
     Are you ready to master riding your bicycle on our city streets?
     Then you should register for one of our Walk Bike University classes!
We are so excited to announce the Spring 2015 season of community bicycle classes! All of our classes are free and open to the public. Register today and make sure your friends sign up as well! We will also have additional pedestrian infrastructure classes, so stay tuned for those!
To learn more click here
     On the first Saturday of every month, Bikers Choice invites all the new bike riding members to an instructional bike ride that will concentrate on safe road riding
techniques, appropriate weather attire, and hill ascending and descending techniques. 
     Weather permitting, this ride starts at 9:00AM  Saturday and utilizes Hendersonville city streets and greenway paths with distances ranging from 10-18 miles. Most rides start at the Bikers Choice Hendersonville location at 709 West Main Street.
      In 2015 we have agreed to continue writing a monthly bicycle column for the Indian Lake Peninsula Living magazine. Our February article Grabbing the Bull By the Horns (click here to
read)  was about our latest Ironman Haley Peel
     Our March article Mountain Biking Underground (click here to view copy) is based on an essay and photos submitted by Brian Wray.  An avid mountain biker and landscape architect Brian has served on the Nashville Bike/Ped Advisory Committee before moving to Hendersonville.  He has acted as professional consultant in designing mountain bike trails. He has volunteered to be a member of the Hendersonville Bike/Ped Committee.  Other members of this committee are Jamie Clary, Bruce Day, Tom Evans, David Hardin, Bryan Kortness, and David Miley.
      Our April article Bicycling Just Feels So Free was written by Christie Tedrow.  It offers a view of bicycling with photos from her daughter Eliana.
     We are always open to ideas (and volunteers) for our next article. Our objective is to provide a positive spin on bicycling as seen through the eyes of our neighbors.  Please send suggestions to
     Lastly, The Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center hosts the Livable Communities Webinar Series to encourage safe walking and bicycling as a viable means of transportation and physical activity. Professionally prepared and presented these FREE Webinars are a must for anyone interested in bicycle advocacy. Videos of past webinars are available on their website
    Unless you're strictly a fair weather bicyclist, you have had to ride in the rain.  Without the proper rain gear you risk hypothermia. Plus a soaking wet jersey and soggy feet can get horribly uncomfortable.  Some choose to tough it out while others have tried rain coats and ponchos.  But that doesn't work. Read More


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