2017 Spring Newsletter
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Hi <<First Name>>,
      This newsletter is a reminder that with the new riding season, its time for some "Spring Cleaning" and planning of the special events. 
     Under the ICE tab (In Case of Emergency) on our blog, check the FOGBEE Emergency Numbers to be sure we have your latest.  While you're there, read what is on the page.  Every year, we have accidents.  If you are hurt, it is important that those on the ride with you know what to do.
     Also, check out the Bike Safety TAB, especially click on the Safety Guidelines for Group Riding. According to John Forrester, bicyclists are responsible for 76% of their own accidents.
    Every year the club has bicyclists hurt, sometime seriously, by other bicyclists when tightly grouping together at a stop.  Unclipping errors, inattention errors, or just lack of experience errors are the cause.  Solution - anticipate stops (e.g. red lights, stop signs, etc) and stay in line; stay alert.  It's not a race.  Everybody should not pull together at a stop in order to be the "first off the block.".  The veterans know to "hang back" and stay away from the newbees.
     Lastly, check out Bike Law tab. A few considerations, by TN State Law, bicyclists are:
  • not permitted to ride more than TWO abreast,
  • must yield if they are holding up traffic,
  • must abide by same traffic control as motorists, and
  • must ride as far to the right as practicable.
     Every one of us have experienced the ignorant motorist.  Do not make matters worst by engaging them.  Their speedy two-ton vehicle has the advantage over your much slower 20-pound bike.  Consider the intelligence of the source; ignore them.
2017 Pedal for Paws
The FOGBEES are the sponsoring bike portions of the 2017 Pedal for Paws charity event. Mike Knake has tasked members to provide all ride related jobs, from doing all the graphical design, laying out and marking the routes, to buying the food and staffing Rest Stops.
Support your club with a great turn out of all members in uniform.  Our goal is to make Pedal for Paws the best charity event in Middle Tennessee
Bruce Day and Mike Knake have been working on the FOGBEE Spring over- nighter and tour.  The dates are June 9'th through the 16'th
The plan is to spend the weekend pedaling around Memphis including a crossing of the new Big River Bike/Ped Bridge with a possible visit to Tunica.

On Sunday, a group will take off and pedal back to Hendersonvville.  It will be a four-day SAG supported trip with nights in motels along the way.  Bruce has the ride sketched on on the blog
Mike is still working on fun and games for the Memphis stay.

If you are interested in any part of this adventure, contact Bruce or MikeBruce has already put together his "core" ride group (in order to support the SAG) for the return to Hendersonville bike ride.  WARNING: the ride home is at tour-pace, aka turtle pace with lots of stops for points of interest..
If the above plans haven't got you excited, Dave Shumaker has arranged for the total eclipse of the sun to pass over our bike routes.  What a guy! The center-line for the eclipse path will cross less than 10 miles north of Hendersonville ​along Hwy 25 where it intersects Hwy 76 ​at 1:28 PM CDT.  The Center Line path also goes right over Collier and Brazier Lane at Old Douglas just 17 seconds after crossing Hwy 25 at 76. The total obscuration will last 2 minutes 39.8 seconds.  The partial eclipse will last almost 3 hours.

The date is August 21'st around noon.  And YES, we are planning a "Once in a Lifetime" Eclipse Ride  So mark your calendar. For more information check our this NASA link

      This year Aussie Bob Schofield will be coming to the USA for a 550 mile, 11 day bicycle ride through Middle Tennessee and North Alabama beginning on September 23, 2017.
      The ride will begin and end in the Nashville area and have a SAG van to transport luggage for those following the planned route. Riders will share SAG driving duties. The ride begins on a Saturday with the first day’s stop near Dickson, TN. Riders may join and leave at any time on the ride as long as they can arrange their own transport to and from the ride.
      As with past rides, there is no charge for the ride, just pay for your lodging and food. This is not to be confused with a truly organized ride like the BRAT. Bruce Day and Bob Schofield will assist in such things as designating motels and lunch stops, coordinating room sharing, what gear to bring, etc., but every rider is responsible for her/his own happiness and safety. More details will be made available over the next few months. Anyone interested in this ride should email Bruce at to be added to the list of updates.

Bruce Day

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