It's May and and we have already had two of the Gran Tour events -- Pedals for Paws Ride and Vol State Classic -- and the Fogbee Spring Tour. Next week is Tennessee's 3'rd Bike Summit to be held this year in Nashville.
    If you are interested in Bike Touring, Jim Sayer Executive Director of Adventure Cycling Association is visiting.  He is holding a special gathering at the Oasis Bike Workshop on May 15 from 7:00 to 8:30 on bike touring.  Its free, but you have to register by May 13'th.  Send your RSVP's to
      May and June have a lot more charity rides that have been FOGBEE favorites.  As always, you can find links to all rides that have interested FOGBEE members on our web page (click here).
     In this newsletter our focus is on advocacy.  We discuss the League of American Bicyclists' Bike Friendly State rankings and Bruce defines his concept of Bike Advocacy. There is also a movement to establish Walk Friendly community rankings.  Tennessee actually has one. Follow this link to find out which city.

     We have included a lot of hyperlinks in this issue to provide more information about the contents.  We hope you will take time to check out many of them by clicking on them.  They are the orange underlined words.
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By Tom Evans

      May is Annual Bike Month.  It's the time when the League of American Bicyclists releases its comparison of the States as to how friendly each is for bicycling. So what's your guess for how Tennessee did?  Click here to find out.
by Christie Tedrow

     Recently, I overtook a couple of riders out on the road. If you know me, you’ll understand this was either a herculean effort on my part or the aforementioned riders were snails (not yet qualified as turtles). You get two clues. Click here to get the answer


     The Spring Tour is now history.  It set all kinds of new records for a FOGBEE activity.
  • 35 participants including 20 FOGBEES
  • Multiclub with Nashville Slow Rides
  • Bicylists from Bristol TN and Cincinnati OH
  • Channel 5 News and newspaper coverage.
  • Local community support (Lewisburg)
     We plan to provide continued support for USBR-23 on the Hendersonville website, which will include Tennessee Department of Transportation documents, video clips of the television coverage, RideWithGPS maps, a blog, and a photo-journal highlighted by pictures of our April 24'th event.
     Dave Shumaker and his planning team put in a extraordinary amount of effort to make this excursion one of the best FOGBEE outings ever.  Make sure you express your gratitude.  Also, don't forget to thank David Irvine who volunteered to SAG the entire ride.
     Ben and Anne Cowan from Bristol said,

So Tennessee just didn't get a US Bike Route designated by sheer dumb luck or by massive political contributions--it took time and perseverance by a few dedicated individuals, developing relationships and gentle persuasion along the way, primarily by the FOGBEES, one of Nashville's most proactive and dynamic bicycle clubs.

     The planned ride back to Nashville for eight bicyclists had both its high and low moments.  On the positive side they found some of the flattest country in Tennessee (not kidding).  However, with the severe weather hitting lower middle Tennessee on Monday and Tuesday, they packed it up on Sunday evening in Mt. Pleasant.

     We have gathered about 400 photos snapped by various participants and place them on our Shutterfly website, .

     We have also prepared a 20-minute video of our Spring Ride for presentation at the Adventure Cycling Association meeting and the OASIS Bike Workshop.  You can view a YouTube version by clicking here.

       For Ben Cowan's impressions click here to read his CrazyGuyonaBike journal.

Nashville Kid's Triathlon, Location: Centennial Park
Date: Saturday, June 14th, Time: 6am-Noon
  • Need: 6-8 FOGBEE's on bikes to ride the course continuosly to help keep kids safe. Need many more Volunteers to stand at various spots on the bike and/or run course to cheer, encourage and keep the kids moving along.
  • Perks: Volunteer T-shirt, snack bag and lots of warm fuzzies.
  • Register to Volunteer here:
Be sure to type: FOGBEE in the groups field when you register.
10th Annual HEAT Kid's Triathlon, Location: Sumner County YMCA
Date: Saturday, August 2nd, Time: 6:15am-8:30am
  • Need: 13+ FOGBEE's to stand at assigned spots on the Senior Bike Course to encourage racers and keep them moving.
  • Perks: Volunteer T-shirt, water and Chick Fil A breakfast sandwich and of course…lots of warm fuzzies!
  • Email: if you want to Volunteer again this year!
Charlene Alcorn, National Volunteer Coordinator
Kid's Triathlon, Inc.
The Jersey Design Team has had a great response to the new jersey design with 75 jerseys ordered so far.  To get a new order will take 24 Jerseys minimum and you will miss out on volume pricing.
Saturday 5/10/14 was the last day
to place orders!!
This week, the team is contacting Louie Garneau to determine what the final cost of the jerseys will be.  Once they have determined the cost, they will post a comment to the blog.  They will immediately need to collect everyone's money before they  can place the order.
by Bruce Day

      I've given quite a bit of though to what constitutes cycle advocacy.   Here's my take:

1. Anyone who regularly rides a bike for any reason and imparts a favorable impression onto the general public is an advocate. The more public and more favorable the better.

2. The next level of commitment is people who encourage others to bike and mentor them though the sore butt, scary cars with rude drivers, and the basic mechanics needed to keep their bike rolling.   This may be the most crucial level because one never knows when that new recruit will catch fire and become a leader.
3. The next level is attending public meetings and speaking up for cycling, emails to public officials, etc.
4. About the same as level 3 is joining an organized bike club and/or cycling advocacy group, donating time and money.
5. Next, becoming a leader of said group
6. Becoming a trusted and frequently sought resource for public officials who make decisions regarding cycling.

      Levels 5 & 6 are probably what most people think of when considering advocacy, but that puts advocacy beyond all but the most dedicated and diplomatic.
     Being an effective advocate does not necessarily do cycling good. The League of American Bicyclists was almost torn apart by level 6 advocates who had different visions. The guy responsible for the Sustrans network in the UK was an effective advocate but his results get low marks from me. 
My opinion and I'm sticking to it.


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