With the Biking Season drawing to a close we have three Annual events that have become FOGBEE traditions: The Red Boiling Springs Ride, The Halloween Party, and The Christmas Lights Ride. This issue contains important information about each. The hyperlinks associated with each event has additional necessary details that you need to read. We plan only one more newsletter before the end of the year (in early December), so you will want to keep a copy of this issue for a while.
     The Red Boiling Springs Ride is the oldest FOGBEE tradition.  There is a reason why we repeat it every year.  It is a great get together.  Debbie and Dennis at the Armour House have always gone overboard to make us feel welcome.  Even though the Armour House is sold out, there are rooms across the street at the Donoho.  Spend the evening in these newly renovated rooms and party and dine at the Armour House.
     On election day this November we will be voting for City Aldermen in addition to the national candidates.  These elections will be important for future bike/ped developments in Hendersonville.  Sumner County is notorious for its raucous politics. Please be careful with your selection.  Some wish to strangle the future (and rallying their base support), which we can't afford.  Get out and vote. We need aldermen with good forward (and not backward) thinking.
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Red Boiling Springs 2014
By Bruce Day
     This year the route is back to the very original one done by the brave half dozen Fogbees in 2007. Day 1 is 62 miles, Day 2 is 56 miles
Both days can be made 30 miles by parking in Hartsville. Please let Bruce know if you plan to do this so he can clear it with the Hartsville police. In the past they have been agreeable to letting us park in the public area next to the police station but they appreciate a heads up.
     Dillehay's in Hartsville on day 1 (Saturday Oct 18'th) and Kellers near Castalian Springs on day 2 (Sunday Oct 19'th) are our usual lunch stops but there are several places on new 25 through Hartsville.
     Last I heard we had taken all the rooms at Armour's but you still need to contact them for Dinner. They work with the two other historic hotels. Dennis or Debbie can tell you which place, The Thomas House or Donoho's, they suggest you contact for a room. All are within half a mile of each other.

Suggested Itinerary, RideWithGPS Routes, and CUE Lists.
By Gary Williams

It's the 7 TH Annual FOGBEES Cycle Club Halloween Party!!!!! Mark your calendar and get working on a costume ( NOT MANDATORY )
Bring your friends and family.
     DATE: Halloween Night! FRIDAY, October 31
     FROM: 7:30 to whenever
     PLACE: Glen Oaks Clubhouse, 101 Agee Circle, H'ville.

BYOB and please bring a POT LUCK dinner item or dessert...
Prizes for costumes, and games galore.
By Bob Gluting
     The ride will be held on December 6th with the 13th being a rain date. The ride will start in the parking lot of the Blue Grass Bar and Grill
at 6pm, Following the ride we will party at Blue Grass Bar and Grill. The Fogbees will once again collect toys for the Tots, Tweens, and Teens program.  This is a great event that is a LOT OF FUN and well received by the community
     Refer to our website (click here) for information about this year's ride.  We will keep it up to date with the latest information.  We have instructions on how to light your bike.
      Our ride is again a part of the Hendersonville Holiday Fest (click here for an event schedule) which will provide good publicity for the FOGBEES and the bicycling community.

      Ed Thomas has described the event in his November article in the Fairvue Plantation Living magazine, Christmas For Tots (click here to see) and Tom Evans submitted the article Christmas Lights Bike Ride (click here to see) in the Indian Lake Peninsula Living magazine
Natchez Trace Parkway
 By Dave Shumaker
     The National Park ServiceAdventure Cycling Association and the Natchez Trace Parkway Association conducted three separate public Focus Group discussions on “Share the Parkway.”  (Click here for the Story)
By Joey Holland

     Since my retirement, I have undertaken a project that includes riding my bicycle and playing music. This event on Tuesday, October 14'th at 7PM  is an opportunity for my bicycling friends to hear about that project. Michael Kevin Hogan and I will be playing music as a "photo show" of my bicycling adventures plays on the big screen.
US Bike Routes (USBR)
Interconnect Atlanta, the Silver Comet Trail, Rome, Chattanooga, Knoxville and Nashville
By Dave Shumaker
     Adventure Cycling Association  continues to aggressively support the development of bicycle friendly routes that connect cities and attractions throughout Tennessee and the USA. 
(Click Here for the story)
By Bruce Day
and Tom Evans
Our bike tour of the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Parks was billed as a once in lifetime trip.  It lived up to this expectation.  Bruce has made a composite of the videos that
he took and up loaded to YouTube.  They can be viewed by clicking here. Tom has written a 28-page journal with pictures, it can be viewed by clicking here.

Brought to You by Aussie Bob
     In brief: 1,000 miles over three weeks from mid-May 2015, with SAG support, comprising a small group of convivial riders who are past the first bloom of youth.
     The ride has been designed to be a 'gentleman's tour', in that there will be no camping, daily distances will be moderate (averaging a little over 54 miles), hill-climbing will not be overly daunting (averaging 2,400 feet), rest days will be frequent and prospects for avoiding the heat will be enhanced by taking a northerly direction as the season becomes warmer. Any suggestions to improve these aspects of the tour will be gladly received.

As matters progress in the months leading up to the ride, an indicative planning spreadsheet will be included here for ease of reference, containing links to the Ride with GPS material etc for each day's ride.

For more info follow Bob's Journal
or contact Bruce Day
By Tom Evans
    Jessica Wilson, TDOT Bike/Ped Coordinator, conducts a bi-monthly teleconference with statewide planners and advocate leaders to discuss developments in multi-modal trans- portation.  Click here for her the minutes of her latest meeting.
     The FOGBEE's write a monthly column for the Indian Lake Peninsula Living magazine titled Bike 'n Walk Hendersonville.  As a result y'all have been invited to a neighborhood party for free food and music.  If you're out pedaling around the neighborhood and not at the Titan's game stop in.
     David Hardin setup this biking column for us. Bike 'n Walk Hendersonville is the name of our Bike/Ped Advisory Committee BEING-FORMED.  Members are Bruce Day, Tom Evans, David Hardin, David Miley, and Brian Wray.

     With the 2014 biking season drawing to a close, we have updated the Membership List as of September 25, 2014.  The list is private, but FOGBEE members may access it using the log-in.  You will need the password. 
     If you are a veteran, the password has not changed.  If you are a newBEE, then send us an email at and we'll return the password.  For the confidentiality of all, please don't share this list with anyone whose name is not on the list.

     Please take note of a few points:
  • First, the membership list is build from subscription submitted via the "JOIN US" on our blog.  We have to manually transfer this list to our membership records..  We do this about twice a year. 
  • Second, the enrollment does not automatically give one access to posting to our blog,  We activate that privilege only if you request it.  Most of our members do not post.
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