This winter seems to be colder than usual, but I have it on good authority that cold weather and snow aren't going to last forever. Everyone can look forward to some great events this riding season.
     The Gran Tour starts in early April. This new event has six great tours with prizes, great routes, music, food, and SAG support. It promises to make the north side of Nashville the place to be for top-notch riding extravaganzas.
     It is followed in late April by the six-day FOGBEE Spring Ride. This FOGBEE version of Bike Ride Across Tennessee promise exceptional comradery with over twenty participants already signed up.  Over-night bike touring is a contagion to which every bicyclist falls victim after doing just one.  In the last couple of years FOGBEES have participated in two biggies: Middle America 2012 (H'ville to Washington DC) and Ride Across Tennessee 2013 (from H'ville to Damascas VA).
    The week long RAGBRAI is one of those long tours on almost every serious bicyclist's "bucket list." This July the FOGBEES are sending a team.  They are already telling everyone, "What happens in Iowa; stays in Iowa." We can only imagine what that means.
     In early September it's the once in a lifetime eight-day Grand Teton/ Yellowstone Tour.  While commercial tours are not permitting in these National Parks, our small group of five are getting up close and personal with the most spectacular and unusual sites in America. They're riding park roads, staying in park cabins, and inviting significant others to join them for a great holiday.
     This is our 26'th monthly newsletter.  Our first issue was sent to 68 members.  Our last issue was sent to 137 members.  That's a lot of growth in a little over two years.  Whereas previous issues were private FOGBEE only, we have removed the club-only stuff and invite everyone to share our newsletters.
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By Spinmaster Gary
      Too cold to ride outside? Spin with Gary at the Y. He is now in his 6'th year. Join him every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 pm and, if the weather outside is like last Saturday, he'll be spinning at 10 am.  
     Thanks to Mike Grubbs the Y has waived the registration fee and Fogbees can join for 3 months. If you have any questions contact me or you can call Jeremy Tackett, Sr. Program Director at the Y at 826-9622.
    Don't sit around, complain about not riding, and losing that Fogbee PHYSIQUE. Come to the Y and spin, swim, run, walk, lift weights or join a Zumba class. Make sure you let the Y know your a Fogbee.


     Doug Depew has put together a FOGBEE team of about ten bicyclists.  CLICK HERE for CRITICAL information on his webpage. Watch the blog for further planning info.


By Dave Shumaker
April 24 – 29, 2014
     USBR 23 is the newest US Bicycle Route in the South.  It was just approved by AASHTO in the Fall 2013.  The FOGBEES have organized a six-day, five-night, SAG supported tour from the KY state line in the north to Ardmore, AL in the
South and then return a different route back to East Nashville.  Bicycle riders from other clubs or the community have been invited to join the FOGBEES on this tour.We will be staying in a hostel, a state park and motels.   Daily rides lengths will be 40 to 60 miles at touring pace.  There is NO fee; you just pay your own expenses.  Besides having a good time, the purpose of the ride is to document riding conditions, points of interest, services and facilities along the way.   
     The route and overnight stops are organized so that individual riders can join or skip as many days as they wish during the ride.  More than 20 riders have already signed up to participate in this ride.   About a third of the riders plan to do the entire route.  The others are joining for one, two, three or four days that works best for their schedule.  Some are even coming from nearby states to join the ride.  If you want to try a tour, this one, with its very flexible route plan, is easy to participate in.
     Since the ride will have SAG support, you do not even have to carry your gear.  Your small gym bag or pack will be loaded into the van each morning and dropped off at the hotel each night.  If you decide you want to skip part of a day’s ride, you can also hitch a ride in the SAG vehicle.
     The ride dates are Thursday, April 24 through Tuesday, April 29, 2014.  Interested? Visit for further details. 
    If we are lucky, we may even see a Fogbee help milk farmer Varela’s cow, like this one on a ride last summer.


by David Hardin
      We want you to have the best season of cycling Sumner and Wilson counties can offer by going the extra mile, working hand in hand with area promoters, to bring you six events that provide you the best quality post-ride meals, properly marked routes, rest stops, SAG support and prizes. Do one, or do all of them, every rider is guaranteed a “Gran” 2014 cycling season. For more information CLICK HERE


by Bryan Kortness
     For all the Fogbee members who are recent additions to the club, the staff at the Bikers Choice is thrilled that you have made the decision to join the largest riding club in the North Nashville area.
     2014 has some great riding opportunities coming up and we would love to help all the club members prepare to accomplish their fitness and cycling goals. As a member of the Fogbees, you automatically receive a 10% discount off every purchase at the Bikers Choice. If our staff members haven't met you yet, please stop in, introduce yourself and let us know you are a member of the club and we will gladly give you your discount at the time of your purchase.
     As many club members are aware, the staff at the Bikers Choice has had some changes this past year and we are very fortunate to have our new Service Manager, Chris Smith with us (some of you met him last Monday at his first Fogbee ride on his single speed).  Chris brings nearly 10 years of local Nashville bicycling retail experience to The Biker’s Choice, and he is one of two active bike fitters in Tennessee who holds certifications through the Serotta International Cycling Institute (S.I.C.I.). As we are entering a new cycling season, if you did not get the opportunity to get your bike tuned up or get fitted to it at the end of last year, feel free to stop in, meet Chris, and get your bike ready for the new season which is almost upon us. 
     Looking at the calendar for 2014, it amazes us that we are less than 2 1/2 months away from the Pedals for Paws ride on April 12th this year. The ride has been included in our Grand Tour series of events for 2014. Along with the wonderful cause, fantastic support, beautiful course, live music and post-ride meal, this event will now have $1000 in prizes given out to participants of the event. There will be $500 in gift certificates from the Bikers Choice given away in random drawings to participants of the event as well as $500 total to the fastest male and female rider who climbs our Strava segments on the course that day.
     Again, we are happy and proud to be a part of the Fogbee cycling family and look forward to a great season of riding with our friends in 2014.


By Bruce Day
     Every cyclist should have a basic under-standing of chain technology and know their chain size.  Why does this matter to you? The materials required to repair a broken chain differ among the various sizes. CLICK HERE to read more . .


    House Bill 1470 was introduced by Rep. John Ragan of Oak Ridge and co-sponsored by Sen. Bill Ketron of Murfreesboro as SB 1758 would.  They allow cyclists to treat stop signs and red lights as yield signs. Idaho is the only state with a similar law (description). A cyclist can run a red light in Tennessee if the traffic sensor does not detect the bicycle and there is no crossing traffic. 
     The bill can be found here.  It will be heard in the House Transportation Sub-Committee, Wed 02/12/14 at 1:30 pm (info).  The members of the sub-committee can be found here.
I ran across this blog and almost immediately thought about Christy and her newsletter article

The best expression may simply be “pure joy”, a surge so strong I grin from ear to ear like a kid at Christmas. The neighbors must think I’m loony. Christy Tedrow, "Why I Ride," August 2013 Fogbee Newsletter.

However, if you're a past reader of Yahuda Moon, you will find Bikeyface to be an exceptional glimpse into bicycling culture. Unquestionably, she is the Pat Oliphant for bicycling issues.  Here is a link to her past cartoon portfolio. 


     Bicycle riding is exploding across America.  It's a great way to commute, get to school or sport practice, or exercise.  Weight Watchers says riding a bike burns twice the calories of walking or jogging.  It builds muscle and strengthens your heart.
     Middle Tennessee has some of the best bicycle riding roads in the country and the FOGBEES have a group for all skill levels.  During warmer months someone is pulling together a group ride on almost every day of the week. During the cold you'll find them spinning at the Sumner County YMCA.
     In addition to regular group rides in Davidson, Robertson, Macon, and Sumner counties, the club also has overnight bike rides, participates in charity events, has pool and Halloween parties, participates in Hendersonville's Holiday Fest with its Christmas Lights Ride, and organizes multiday rides (checkout our USBR-23, RAGBRAI, and Grand Teton/Yellowstone Tours.)
     The club and Biker's Choice bike shop sponsor the Bike 'n Walk Hender-sonville website ( and publish a monthly column in Indian Lake Peninsula Living magazine.
     Click here to read to get the latest update on Active Transportation funding opportunities in Middle Tennessee.
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