The end of Daylight Savings, for the most part, brings to an end the 2015 season for biking.  Weather permitting, the club will still have a Saturday ride and the Weekday Rides for the more hardy members, but the evening and charity rides are finished for the year.  However, we still have one major event before 2016 - the Annual Christmas Lights Ride.   
     The most important thing everyone can do now is thank those who made 2015 a success. 
Mike Knake again handled the toughest job - organizing the evening rides. Plus he organized the Spring overnighter to Chattanooga. It's a huge task to make sure the club has an evening ride and Mike handled the Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday job expertly. The least that ever club member can do is spam his email account ( with messages of gratitude.  He certainly deserves them.
     Next for your thank you notes should be Dave Miley who was in charge of the Saturday ride. 

     The Weekday Rides don't get posted on the blog. Because of the "ad-hoc" nature and the need for a lot of back-and-forth chatter to pull together a ride group, this communication appears on a FACEBOOK group page (the link FB Ride Group can be found on the FOGBEE blog).  About a half-dozen of its 115 members have posted and led the Weekday Rides. We appreciate them getting us on a bike.
     This year the club has had three special events: the 1000-mile Nashville-to-Newark Ride, the Chattanooga Overnighter, and the Annual Red Boiling Springs Ride.  The first was organized and led by our venerable Australian member - Bob Schofield aka Aussie Bob with local assistance of Bruce Day. Mike took the club to Chattanooga.  And Bruce took us again to the Armour House. Special thank to them.
      Although the absence of daylight has terminated the evening ride, Gary Williams has started his spin classes again at the Sumner County YMCA.  Last spring he kept everyone's legs in shape with his Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  We thank his leadership.

Sadly, this year saw the loss of a great friend of all bicyclists in Middle Tennessee - Bryan Kortness.  His enthusiasm, love for all things bicycle, and Unity Ride are sincerely and deeply missed..
Tom Evans
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Welcome Fogbees and family for some bonfire fun,
It’s from 6-10 or whenever we’re done!    
Mark your calendars.. for November 14th is the date,
First come, first served, so don't be late!
Please bring your favorite dish or chili to share,
Try out my spicy dish--- if you dare!
Bottled water will be onsite,  
BYOB if you need something with more bite!  
Location is 107 Imperial Point, Hendersonville.
Contact Kristi Draper with questions 615-473-5025. 
The Christmas Lights Ride is scheduled for December 12'th.  Although he is unable to ride Doug Depew has agreed to act as the chairman for the event.  Doug will not be able to ride , so he will need help with leaders/sweeps to keep the participants together as they tour the local shopping malls.  If you can help, please contact Doug.  We are likely to have changes in how we do this ride.  A few of the recommendations that we heard from the 2014 ride was:
  • To have everybody arrive at least 15 minutes before the ride is to start.
  • To share in advance the route and timing with the police escort.  The police need to know not to rush the ride. Let the police know it is a SLOW ride that waits on Santa to do his thing.
  • To have participants notify the chairman at least a week in advance so that he can share that with police and plan the after ride party.
  • To remember Santa is the primary bicyclist and to wait patiently on him while he does his thing
If you have more recommendations, please email them to Doug.

Note from Jimmy Rivera
    I wasn't on the scene when it first happened. I arrived as Mike Short was getting put into the ambulance. Someone had already called 911. But
no one was very sure what to do about collecting information. When I got to the scene where Mike got hurt the only thing people had was an address.
      Would it be beneficial to have a short form we carry on our phones? I don't know what info would need to be on it. But we have to have something that would get us enough information to pass along to the police and probably more importantly insurance companies. 
Response from Tom Evans
1) According to Tennessee State Law the dog owner is liable for injuries caused by a dog that was not restrained as required by county-wide Leash Laws.  But you must have adequate evidence, such as pictures of the dog(s).  The injured person and/or his/her insurance company will have to file legal action.
2) You must file an accident report with either police (if within the city) and/or the sheriff (if outside the city).  If possible call the sheriff (they are responsible for animal control) and have them come to the scene.  Get precise details as to where the accident occurred and what transpired.
3) Get signed eyewitness reports with contact information.  This is a job for others at the scene.
      The above is the procedure that Dave Shumaker followed when Bud broke his hip when a dog ran in front of his bike on Shell Road.  Bud chose not to pursue legal action.  However, sometimes this may be necessary to get the dog owner's attention. 
     The sheriff's office later contacted the dog's owner and told them that they were legally liable for medical costs.

FYI: I have State Laws regarding dogs on the FOGBEE blog/website.  See this link
     Several months ago Woody started an online discussion about the sub-groups on a ride.  He wanted to define some guidelines to help new people.  That led to discussion as to what every member should expect.  Below is how we finished our thoughts about the direction of the club.
. . Your leadership would be a huge help.  The strength of an organization is usually measured by the depth of "it's bench."  
. . When the FOGBEES were first formed, everyone took turns leading some activity.  We really had a great time with a diversity of things to do.  I worry that too much of that feeling of "shared responsibility" has been lost and too much is now falling onto Mike Knake.  He will burn-out. We all do.
. . For our first three years Doug Depew organized all the weekday and weekend rides for the FOGBEEs.  But almost every member supported him by taking a turn at organizing and leading one special ride. Membership is not free.  Time for the others to let Mike and David Miley know they want to pitch-in and help.
. . More members need to volunteer to "take charge".  Each group, Rabbits, Hounds, and Turtles needs one or two recognized leaders who show up reliably and help plan routes.  These three groups, which should work well, but "I have heard" isn't. The big problem is the Turtle group.
     It is really the most critical sub-group, because it is the entry point for new riders and must be a "no drop" group.  It is the most difficult to lead because it usually has the widest diversity of skills and capabilities and needs the best coaches.


PS: Woody has been organizing a Sunday Ride, helping Mike with Thursday Ride, and has taken over the Annual Red Boiling Springs Ride from Bruce.
      I try to get around to updating our membership list (now at 156 members) and the telephone list posted on line at least a couple of times a year. My last update was a couple of weeks ago on November 1'st.  The membership is private only to FOGBEES.  The ID and password remains unchanged.  The telephone list is public and formatted to be read on smart phone. Everyone on the private membership spreadsheet is listed on the public email. Check it out by clicking here.
     I will again do a cleanup of the list removing inactive members.  I track who opens our Newsletter and use that action as an indication of interest.  Please help! Make sure that everyone you know, who wants to remain on our membership list, opens this Newsletter with IMAGES TURN-ON, That sends an acknowledgement back to MailChimp.
In 2016 the FOGBEES will be
TEN Years Old!


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