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Essential oils and Lymphatic Drainage
For Aestheticians & Massage Therapists
Sunday November 17, 2013
Learn to incorporate Essential Oils and Lymphatic Drainage of the face to enhance your facial and body treatments.   A simple but effective add-on that can be customized for each client.  This method will enable you to achieve a new level of results that can be seen and felt immediately .  A kit will be included so that you can start working at your spa without delay.  Call 
(203)262-6070 to register and get further details.

Trish Green Facial
Hello Kathy,
I will be leaving for spain to meet our whole MegaSPA team to celebrate 15 years of MegaSPA this year………remember how it got started……you introduced us to Herve (former V.P. YonKa U.S.A.)…….then France and so on.
Multaler (a.k.a. YonKa Paris) is also organizing an event for us later in September, so I am going to meet with them too, this time with our best YonKa clients in Paris.
Kind Regards,
1997 graduate Irene Goncharova who with her husband Alex Kundin are the sole importers of YonKa for Russia and the Ukraine.  Recently they have started working with Image International who will be the main cosmetic sponser for the Miss Universe Pagent to be held in the Moscow Krocus City Center on November 9.  Looking forward to sharing new photos with everyone as we at I.A.A.S. are very proud of all they have accomplished (after MUCH hard work).
Photo shows: Bruno Le Deun (International Export Mgr. Multaler & Cie), Alex, Stephany Leclerc-Demathey (International Territorial Manager Multaler & Cie), Kathy and Irene at the 10th anniversary Gala in Moscow.

I.A.A.S. Now Accepting
January Enrollments

Do you know someone who has always dreamed of becoming
an aesthetician but didn't know where to start?  Tell them to call
I.A.A.S. today and learn how easy it is for them to embark on their
dream career.
(203) 262-6070




Aestheticians have the ability to perform an accurate assessment of your skin by looking (through a magnifying lamp), touching and asking  questions.  Their job is to educate you in a one on one format, cutting through all the misinformation that is being circulated.  They are there to give you the best possible results.  Working together it not only insures repeat business but a visible long lasting result for your skin.  Ask questions!  A win, win for all.


MYTH:   " I drink lots of water, how can my skin be dehydrated?"

TRUTH:  These is no blood supply to the epidermal layer.  Water that we consume never makes it to the top layer of the skin.  Hydration needs to be physically applied in the form of a moisturizer.  A good day crème will hydrate and also provide protection from environmental aggressors.


** There is no evidence linking eating chocolate or greasy foods to acne breakouts…….but they could aggrivate an existing condition.

** Taking antibiotics for acne type eruptions will only mask the condition while adversely effecting our own immune system.


Happy Halloween!

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