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Post Graduate Aesthetic Education

Professional Exfoliation Treatments
Monday September 16, 2013
I.A.A.S. will hold a one day class to introduce a peel that is deepeffective yet gentle and will accommodate every clients needs and requires no down time.
If your goal is to move your clients skin to the next level without the harshness of some peels, this is a not to be missed class.
In 3 to 6 treatments, each taking approximately 30 minutes to complete, immediate results are visible in fine lines, hydration, smoothness, pigmentation and firmness.
A Professional Treatment Kit and Step by Step Protocols will be provided.
Call (203) 262-6070 for further details and to register.

Bad Brows
 For WOMEN & MEN (Manscape)
Monday September 23,2013 

As we get older brows take on a life of their own, sometimes long, curly, leaning a bit to the wild side or just vanish.  As a professional you need to be able to address the individual  needs of your client.  Tweezing is the only way to resolve issues of this type.  Most salons will wax and cut brows leaving a less than flattering side view of brows sticking straight out.  Not to mention burning or tearing skin that has been sensitized from the over use of products for cell regeneration 
and  let us not forget the "Botox Brows". SET YOURSELF APART from the average salon and learn to be a "BROW TWEEZING DIVA".
Call for more information and to register……..
(203) 262-6070.

* Note we apologize for the incorrect phone number listed in the last newsletter - our correct contact number is (203) 262-6070

Trish Green Facial

Trish Green - a facial after the seminars for a bit of R & R
"I had a great facial, thank you. Estheticians here are well trained, really know their stuff,
great experience and very relaxing, just what I needed."


* Did you know tape strips to remove comedones (blackheads) only remove the tip of the comedone along with hair?  Long term use can create broken capillaries, which are more difficult to deal with than blackheads.
* The palms of the hands and the soles of the feet have no sebaceous (oil) glands.

I.A.A.S. Now Accepting
Fall Enrollments

Do you know someone who has always dreamed of becoming
an aesthetician but didn't know where to start?  Tell them to call
I.A.A.S. today and learn how easy it is for them to embark on their
dream career.

(203) 262-6070


Don't forget your sunblock!

Don't forget to take SUN PROTECTION & SUNGLASSES as you head for the beach or pool!
Teka Fine-Line Brushes

Looking for an excellent source
for all your extra spa needs?

Terry Ettkins, of Teka Fine-Line Brushes, is the go to guy
for exceptional quality accessories.

 You will receive knowledgeable, professional, prompt service and fair prices. (photos shows only a small sample)
Contact: E-mail   

MYTH: I don't use a toner as it will dry out my skin.
TRUTH:  There is, unfortunately a negative association with toner as so many contain alcohol.  Alcohol evaporates very quickly, creating a superficial dehydration as it will pull water from the skin as it evaporates.  There are toners formulated without alcohol that will help to hydrate and balance the skin.  A beneficial part of any skin care program and should not be ignored.


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