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Post Graduate Aesthetic Education

Professional Exfoliation Treatments
Monday September 16, 2013 (Class Filled)
Monday September 23, 2013 (Date added due to the response)

I.A.A.S. will hold a one day class to introduce a peel that is deepeffective yet gentle and will accommodate every clients needs and requires no down time.
If your goal is to move your clients skin to the next level without the harshness of some peels, this is a not to be missed class.
In 3 to 6 treatments, each taking approximately 30 minutes to complete, immediate results are visible in fine lines, hydration, smoothness, pigmentation and firmness.
A Professional Treatment Kit and Step by Step Protocols will be provided.
Call (203) 262-6070 for further details and to register.

Bad Brows
 For WOMEN & MEN (Manscape)
Monday September 23,2013 

SET YOURSELF APART from the average salon that will cut and wax brows.  Learn to professionally resolve unruly brows by tweezing eliminating burning and tearing skin, no more mistakes taking off half the brow or sending your client away with brows sticking straight out after you have cut them. Join our "BROW TWEEZING DIVA" CLASS.  Call (203) 262-6070 to register or get more information.

* Note we apologize for the incorrect phone number listed in the last newsletter - our correct contact number is (203) 262-6070

Essential oils and Lymphatic Drainage
For Aestheticians & Massage Therapists
Monday October 7, 2012
Learn to incorporate Essential Oils and Lymphatic Drainage of the face to enhance your facial and body treatments.   A simple but effective add-on that can be customized for each client.  This method will enable you to achieve a new level of results that can be seen and felt immediately .  A kit will be included so that you can start working at your spa without delay.  Call 
(203)262-6070 to register and get further details.

Trish Green Facial

Jackie Zbuska came to I.A.A.S. already proficient in doing special effects make -up for movies. 
Now she can also take care of the real skin behind the make-up.  Beside her film work that keeps her busy she is working at Face Rx where they
feature facials using a Hydrafacial machine.

Shown in this photo is an example of her work from a short

film shot in Maine called "WINNERS".

I.A.A.S. Now Accepting
Fall Enrollments

Do you know someone who has always dreamed of becoming
an aesthetician but didn't know where to start?  Tell them to call
I.A.A.S. today and learn how easy it is for them to embark on their
dream career.
(203) 262-6070



Don't forget your sunblock!

EVE TAYLOR's specially blended essential oils for use topically or in a diffuser. Both formulations will bring a safe, non drug, non addictive, calming, relaxing effect  to those who use them.  Shown are Relaxing and Sleep Well Diffuser blends and #10 Relaxing Body Oil.  Call (203)262-6070 for more information.
Teka Fine-Line Brushes

Julie told Kathy and Lorie she was going to the Jimmy James Salon and Gallery on South Broad St. in Meriden for color and a haircut…

 ….Seems she was there to connect with "THE MOTHER SHIP".


 Myth-  At my age I should only use  "anti-aging" products.

Truth-  In this day and age those two little words on a label will usually signify exfoliation of some kind.  Anti- aging is a very broad and general term that affects a range of issues. There is the breakdown of collagen & elastin, slower cell renewal, less oil production, increased levels of dehydration and the loss of that "healthy glow".  Anti-aging products should address these issues vs only addressing the outermost layer of the epidermis by means of non stop exfoliation.


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