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Upcoming Training Opportunities


Mark your calendar : Monday September 15, 2014

Guaranteed to Dramatically Increase Your Results and Salon Revenue

One day seminar to introduce a peel that is deep, effective yet gentle and will accommodate every clients needs and requires NO DOWN TIME.  If your goal is to move your clients skin to the next level without the harshness of some peels, this seminar is not to be missed.  In 3 to 6 treatments, each taking approximately 30 minutes to complete, immediate results are visable in fine lines, hydration, smoothness, pigmentation and firmness.  A professional treatment kit (shown) and Step by Step Protocols are included so you can start treatments at your salon immediately. Class registration will close on August 15, 2014.  For more details about this hands on seminar call (203) 262-6070.

FALL CLASSES ARE FORMING Do you know someone who has always dreamed of becoming an aesthetician but didn't know where to start? Tell them to call I.A.A.S. today and learn how easy it is for them to embark on their dream career. (203) 262-6070


American Association for Retired Persons has released a list of foods having the ability to help skin against sun-related burns, wrinkles and cancer in addition to the use of sunscreen.  

*Tomatoes, contain the UV-protecting compound lycopene.
*Green Tea, delivers epigallocatechin gallate, a substance proven to counteract  inflammation.  
*Black Tea, has compounds with anti-inflammatory proiperties.  
*Sweet Potatoes, high in beta-carotene to help counteract sunburn damage.  
*Pomegranate, is a powerful, antioxidant packed fruit.  
*Dark Leafy Greens, the skin's natural defenses are boosted eating folic and antioxidant rich spinach and kale .

 By taking advantage of this information it will help in any anti-ageing program, not just limited just to older people.  Remember,prevention is always better than trying to cure.
Graduate News

Everyone looks forward to reaching 650 hours and the last time they have to punch out.  So far this summer we have sent the following graduates into the working world: Tammy Mears, Jo Jenssen, Maria DeSouza, Mary Ann Cornelio, Katie Gualducci and Courtney Pascua-Stallings. 

Updates of where you can find them will be in up coming news letters or on the school's face book.
Graduate Good-bye

GOOD BYE, is not always the easiest thing to say when it's time for a graduate to leave, especially when they plan to leave CT. 
In 27 years this was a first. 
Then again, for 650 hours Courtney was one of a kind.  We smiled, it was so Courtney. 
We will up date you once she is settled in Utah. 
Good Luck Courtney Pascua-Stallings!
Graduate Visit
What does super busy graduate Allison Adamiak do on an afternoon off?  Stop at the school to say "HI" and get a facial.  
It is always good for students to be able to get feed back from the graduates.  Beside her Balance Day Spa, her blog BRAINS, BEAUTY & BALANCE take up a lot of her time.  
For those not familiar with her blog click on for informative and interesting articles.
Graduate Update
Now residing in Florida, 2008 graduate Eva Delara surprised us while in Connecticut visiting with family. For all in the Delray Beach area who would like to experience one of Eva's fabulous facials, make an appointment at the Castello Salon & Spa located at 3100 South Federal Hwy at (561) 265-4668. See for yourself what her clients rave about.
In a note from Eva: "Kathy, I have to say that your program and training has made a big difference in my career. I love it when my clients say that I do the best facial they have ever had. I can say that is because I had the best training I could have. Thanks to you and your staff, love you all." 
We are always happy to hear graduates are doing well, taking all they learned at I.A.A.S. and running with it. You make us proud.
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