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Institute of Aesthetic Arts & Sciences (IAAS)


June classes are starting soon!

Do you know someone who has always dreamed of becoming an aesthetician
but didn't know where to start? Tell them to call I.A.A.S.
today and learn how easy it is for them to embark on their dream career.
More information available call (203) 262-6070

Seminar Participant
Melissa Wasik, an I.A.A.S. graduate and owner of Aroma Spa Beauty and Wellness, is receiving a deep peel as part of a seminar on Professional Exfoliation Treatments.  Melissa is soon to celebrate 14 years in business, offering YonKa facials, eyelash extentions, and waxing and is located at 134 Old Ridgefield Road, Wilton, CT.  To schedule an appointment call (203) 761-1066. with image dscn 0621 and or 0623


  The healthier you are and the least amount of toxins within your body, the easier the transition will be.  If you constantly feel warm it is your body trying to break down things it doesn't recognize.  If it can't be identified it gets stored, of which 60% is stored in the liver.  To remove the "garbage" you need to do a liver cleanse.  Contact a Certified Nutrition Consultant, who will help navigate you through the process to achieve the best results for your individual needs.

Graduate Update

Kathy and 1997 graduate Irene Goncharova  meet for lunch to catch up on what is happening at Mega Spa in Moscow. Irene and her husband, Alex Kundin, continue to expand their operations in Russia. Their advance training facility provides the most up to date training available and is always well attended. Every year they remain among the top YonKa Paris international importers. Once again, it shows that hard work pays off. We are thrilled with their success.

Don't forget to use Sun Protection!

I.A.A.S. News

Thumbs up from Lorie, Kathy & Julie: After filling out what seemed to be a ream of paper and surviving an on site inspection, we were issued our certificate to operate for another 5 years by the Office of Higher Education

TO ALL THE I.A.A.S. GRADS who found applying lipstick difficult:

Look closely - It is a person

This parrot is in fact a female model who posed for 'world body painting champion' Johannes Stötter.
The Italian artist spent weeks planning the transformation, taking four hours to paint his subject with ink.The model's arm forms the parrot's head and beak, and her legs form the wing and tail feathers.


The Institute of Aesthetic Arts & Sciences (IAAS), founded in 1987, is a leader in Aesthetics instruction. The Institute provides students with a quality education incorporating both theory and practical application in the field of aesthetics.
For students looking to study while working full-time, an evening/weekend course of study is available.


Annette Huntington, owner of Studio Esthetique in Woodbury, CT and graduate of I.A.A.S. sent the following:
Kathy, you and your team are the best!!!  I am so happy that you, Lori and Julie 
are pro-active with the latest awareness in education for all Estheticians.
I appreciate all that is done at the Institute and will always be a part of
future knowledge.  Thank you for your vision for every Esthetician in advancement,
for our future knowledge.........
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