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What the h... is DEEP.Com?

Have you ever heard of the ECDL? It is very likely that you have. Or you might even hold such a «European Computer Driving License». But did you also know that this ECDL was developed in an EU-Project?
Actually it was. «Year after year, Leonardo da Vinci - and other LLP (Lifelong Learning Programme) - projects develop a multitude of innovative education and training products featuring tailored solutions for direct use in companies and at education and training institutions. Not all of these products are as well known as the European Computer Driving Licence developed by a Leonardo da Vinci project but most are of the same high quality». (
If you are an EU project manager, you probably are aware that the Commission has spent a lot of money – in figures: € 4,5 billions – on such projects under the LLP and precessors since 2000. If you are not involved in EU-Projects you might wonder where all that money went.
Well, it was invested in hundreds if not thousends of very innovative and creative project ideas – like the ECDL mentioned above. But what happens after the project funding period, which by the way usually is 2 years. How many projects make it to the market – to the real world?

Not enough, as far as the consortium of DEEP.Com and the European Commission, which is funding the project, are concerned. The partners of the KA4 project "DEEP.Com - Dissemination and Exploitation of European projects: Transition to Commercialisation" are determined to enhance the number of commercially successful projects by supporting project managers on their way to the market.
DEEP.Com is going to develop an online service platform called “EU-Xchange” providing project managers and partners as well as potential users of their project results with e-services. An online marketplace allows project managers to find potential licensees for their products and companies, trainers, training institutions a.s.o. can identify potential cash-cow products for their businesses.
EU project managers & partners   Businesses

Strong dissemination for EU projects
• Information on branding and marketing
• Online-support, covering all stages of marketing
• Useful e-learning material
• A pathway to potential buyers and licensees
• An online market place for sellers and licensers

• Vital information about new and innovative products and new developments in several sectors of education and training
• Innovative and practical approaches & products covering the business sectors
• Cost and efficiency opportunities in research & development
• E-learning material for licensees of EU project results
• Online market place for licensers and licensees
• DEEP.Com EU-Xchange – online services for you!


DEEP.Com aims to utilise the results of high quality EU projects the best way possible, allowing developers to make money with it after the project duration and to become well-known in the business world – like the ECDL.
If you want to know more about DEEP.Com check-out our website or send an e-mail to our project co-ordinator under

DEEP.Com Survey
Online Survey image The DEEP.Com Consortium has met by the 9th and 10th November 2011 in Berlin for the 4th international workshop, organized by the German partner, iberika group.
Recapping objectives and coming tasks the Consortium is pleased to launch the DEEP.Com website & EU-Xchange platform that soon will provide you with the services mentioned above.

If you think one (or more) of your projects is an example of good practice by having produced a commercially successful product and you wish to participate and contribute to improve the DEEP.Com EU-Xchange Services and so to run for the selection of the “DEEP.Com project of the month/year” do it by filling the online survey for project managers, available  here 

Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. 
Your comments and observations will be shared with the DEEP.Com partners and used to assist in the development of our project.

DEEP.Com expands! 

» The Fair of Bulgarian education (28-30th April) is a place where educational institutions are presented along with their partners in the educational process: NGOs, firms, public structures and others. The fair gives possibilities for establishing contacts and partnerships with various people and organizations. The Fair was organized in National Palace of Culture in Sofia. Representatives from Know and Can Association attended the event and presented the DEEP.Com project and the opportunities for the project managers it gives.

June logo » The event " Roadshow 2011" (15th June) attracted representatives from small and medium enterprises and was organized in three Bulgarian cities - Plovdiv, Bourgas, Varna. The target groups were: general managers of SMEs, sales and marketing managers, representatives from organizations from all economic sectors in the country. The event was supported by CEED Bulgaria, Ministry of Economy, Energetic and Tourism. Again, representatives from Know and Can Association attended this event in Varna and presented the DEEP.COM project.


» In September 2011 UBW (AT) attended the 18th annual meeting of the association of young entrepreneur (Junge Wirtschaft). The networking event was used to present project to attendees. One result is an agreement to organise an event to present DEEP.Com to Viennese young entrepreneur 2012. 

ECQA logo» On 23rd September 2011 Ingrid Wagenhofer, co-ordinator of DEEP.Com, presented the project to the members of ECQA (European Certification and Qualification Association) at the EUCert Days in Timisoara, Romania. ECQA represents a Europe-wide  organisation which run exams and issues certificates based on a European exam systems and supports a pool of European professions for the industry. Board members of ECQA are very interested in co-operating with DEEP.Com and we will keep you up-dated on this exciting co-operation.

Brussels Telecentre Summit » In October 2011 EPMA (CZ) presented the DEEP.Com project to the Telecentre-Europe's Summit audience in Brussels. This was the fourth annual gathering of European telecentre leaders and its supporters. Under the title “Telecentres: get to work!” the event explored how telecentres improve employment and bring economic growth to their communities. This was a great opportunity to present DEEP.Com project to people that use and create training courses on daily basis. By presenting ideas of the project two core target groups were encountered, LLP project managers as well as potential buyers.

» The project DEEP.Com was presented at the KA4 desk during the Info Day in Brussels on 28 October 2011 with the project flyer developed by the German partner iberika. Already we received some comments and expressions of interest from project managers around Europe, who have the desire to make their projects also a commercial success. We will definitely keep those informed about the new developments of DEEP.Com.

» Dacorum CVS has presented DEEP.Com at recent high profile events in the UK. On 25th October 2011 a presentation was made to the EU Connect Seminar in Hemel Hempstead, where 25 people from public sector and NGO organisations met to learn about the Lifelong Learning Programme current Call for Proposals.


» The Conference New Business Ideas (11-12th November) was a unique opportunity for networking and creation of business contacts with successful Bulgarian businessmen. Managers from various companies presented good practices on the Bulgarian market. Representatives from Know and Can Association attended the event and presented the DEEP.Com project and the opportunities for the project managers it gives.
» On 21st November 2011 a presentation was made in London at a Conference organised by the Government Office for Civil Society and the National Council for Voluntary Organisation. The title of the event was “What Can the EU do for you? Unlocking effective EU resources” and was attended by 130 delegates from Local Government, Colleges and NGO’s. 
During week commencing 21st November 2011 Dacorum CVS has hosted a Transversal Study Visit for seven learning professionals from seven different EU countries. Sharing the ethos and aims of DEEP.Com has been part of the agenda.
Commenting on the activities above, Dacorum CVS Chief Executive Mark Mitchell said “The timing of these activities have been great in terms of starting to raise awareness in the learning community of the opportunities which DEEP.Com will provide to agencies who develop good quality training products.”

January 2012

» On 19th January 2012 The Business Club Austrialia and UBW (AT) will present DEEP.Com at an event called “Day of experiments” at EPU Forum in Vienna. That event will be offered to one-person companies (in German: Ein-Personen-Unternehmen EPU), including trainers and young entrepreneurs. It will be a great opportunity to present DEEP.Com project to people which are seeking for business options and for advanced training courses. The project presentation is encouraged by presentations of testimonials, which had already successfully commercialised a result of an EU project. Thereby potential buyers and licenser, some of the core target groups, will be addressed.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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