"What one man can invent, another can discover." 
                                            — Sherlock Holmes


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The Immortal Sherlock Holmes

Thursday, 23 April at Kiggins Theatre

Doors at 6:00, Preshow at 6:30, Performance at 7:00 PM

Join the cast party and fashion show after the performance, upstairs in the Marquee Lounge


The Detective's Detective

Our performance of The Immortal Sherlock Holmes has an impressive pedigree. It is adapted from Sherlock Holmes, directed by and starring Orson Welles and broadcast 25 September 1938 as episode #12 by The Mercury Theatre on the Air. Welles adapted his radio drama from a four-act play, Sherlock Holmes, by William Hooker Gillette (1853-1937), an American actor and playwright, remembered for portraying Sherlock Holmes on stage and in a 1916 silent film based on his own stage play about the famous detective.

Gillette introduced the curved pipe, the phrase "Elementary, my dear fellow" (later changed to "Elementary, my dear Watson"), a splendid dressing gown, and the Scottish deerstalker cap into his portrayals of Holmes. All have become part of how we know Holmes today.

Gillette wrote his drama with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930), a Scottish writer and the creator of Holmes. Doyle's four novels and fifty-six short stories about this most famous fictional detective are considered milestones in the literary genre of crime fiction. In their collaboration, Gillette and Doyle combined elements from Doyle's stories "A Study in Scarlet" (1887), "The Sign of Four" (1890), "A Scandal in Bohemia" (1891), "The Boscombe Valley Mystery" (1891), "The Adventure of the Final Problem" (1893), and "The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter" (1893). Gillette's play premiered on Broadway, in New York, in 1899.

We take a bit of liberty with the character Alice Faulkner. It would spoil the surprise to tell you here, but we will say that Holmes, never noted for strong emotions, and especially love, meets Miss Faulkner, and they have a moment.

What Should I Wear?

Radio is about listening to sounds. But we of Re-Imagined Radio believe we sound better when we dress appropriately. We'll be wearing our 1940s attire, to match the time of our performance. Feel free to dress up and join us.

Cast Party and Fashion Show

Join us for the cast party and fashion show in the Marquee Lounge, upstairs, after the performance. Show off your best 1940s fashion. Enter the impromptu fashion show. Valuable prizes and good times. Have fun. Meet the cast and crew. Take selfies.


Re-Imagined Radio now has its own website. Point your web browser to Visit often. Learn more about upcoming performances. Enjoy recordings of past performances. Be up-to-date and in the know.


The Immortal Sherlock Holmes

The detective's detective

Thursday, 23 April

Sherlock Holmes, the most famous of all fictional detectives, uses his amazing powers of deduction to solve mysteries, murders, and other crimes. This Re-Imagined Radio performance gives an appropriate tip of the deerstalker hat to the man who never lived, but whose enduring legend will never die.



The original Man in Black

Thursday, 24 September

The radio script for <cite>Dracula</cite> has lain dormant more than eighty years . . . buried in a box of dirt. . . waiting. Re-Imagined Radio revived the script through arcane galvanic sciences and careful administrations of elixirs and tonics and will present it with the intent of sending a skittering up your spine, a preview of Halloween!


The War of the Worlds

Martians invade Vancouver

Thursday, 29 October

Re-Imagined Radio celebrates World Audio Drama Day and the 82nd anniversary of the original broadcast of this most (in)famous radio broadcast of all time. Re-Imagined Radio will use believable dialogue and realistic sound effects to create, in your imagination, the idea that the events they are hearing are actually happening.


The Cooper Vortex

The man. The mystery. The legend endures.

Wednesday, 25 November

Re-Imagined Radio has twice celebrated the enduring legend of D.B. Cooper who, on this night, jumped from a hijacked passenger airplane into the dark and stormy night over Southwest Washington. Neither Cooper, nor the ransom money, has ever been found. His hijacking of a Northwest Orient jet airplane remains the only unsolved case of U.S. air piracy. To some, he is a hero. To others, a criminal. Join us as we go once more into the vortex and mark a point in time where we can say, "Right here. This is where everything changed."


A Christmas Carol

A classic tale of redemption with a lesson: It's never too late.

Thursday, 17 December

Re-Imagined Radio offers its annual performance of this classic as a community tradition, the start of holiday festivities, a reminder that humanity outweighs riches.

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