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"Sounds work with our imagination to create believable worlds, and ways to inhabit them."            — John Barber

Like many things, Re-Imagined Radio is changing in response to the coronavirus pandemic. We've pivoted away from live performances and embraced radio broadcasts. We will return to live performances in the future. But, as we continue radio broadcasts we thought a program guide might be helpful, even interesting for our listeners.

This is our program guide, designed to provide information we hope you will find useful while listening to next Monday's episode of Re-Imagined Radio, "X Minus One Tribute."

Please find information below about our broadcast schedule, this upcoming episode, where to find further information about this and other episodes of Re-Imagined Radio, and how to listen to this and other episodes after their broadcast.

Thank you so much for listening, and for supporting Re-Imagined Radio's exploration of how radio combines sounds, music, and spoken word to create and sustain compelling storytelling. Enjoy our current episode, "X Minus One Tribute" when you stream it via KXRW.FM Monday, June 21, 12 Noon PDT. 

— John Barber,  Re-Imagined Radio Producer and Host


Graphic Design by Holly Slocum Design

Re-Imagined Radio celebrates X Minus One, the anthology program known for high quality radio adaptations of original science fiction stories. Two episodes are featured, "The Veldt" by Ray Bradbury and "The Cave of Night" by James E. Gunn.

"The Veldt" Written by Ray Bradbury
Bradbury's story is set in a future home where the children program their playroom to provide a virtual reality of the African veldt complete with lions. As the children spend more and more time in the playroom, the parents become distressed, thinking the room is taking over their roles as parents. When they try to limit the children's access to the playroom, trouble begins.

"The Cave of Night" Written by James E. Gunn
Gunn's story "The Cave of Night" concerns the pilot of a U.S. experimental rocket ship stranded in space, unable to return to Earth, traveling through the cave of night, waiting to be rescued. Written in a time before human space travel, "The Cave of Night" anticipates the drama of Apollo 13, the tragedy of the Challenger and Columbia shuttle disasters, and even the Moon landing conspiracy theories, all while stressing the importance of commitment and resources as we seek to slip the bonds of gravity and venture into space.




Dimension X (8 April 1950-29 September 1951; 50 total episodes, 50 surviving) was the first science fiction radio drama series with broad adult appeal, featuring works by young science fiction writers like Ray Bradbury, Robert Bloch, Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, and Kurt Vonnegut. From 24 April 1955 - 9 January 1958 X Minus One continued in this vein, reviving its first fifteen episodes from Dimension X. The remaining episodes of X Minus One were new adaptations of science fiction written by the rising stars of the genre whose stories appeared in Galaxy Magazine. Today, X Minus One, an anthology program known for its high quality radio adaptations of original science fiction stories, is on every list of the best radio programs ever.

This Re-Imagined Radio tribute features two episodes from X Minus One, "The Veldt" by Ray Bradbury and "The Cave of Night" by James E. Gunn. Both illustrate the high quality stories X Minus One offered radio listeners, as well as the production values used in transforming these stories into radio dramas. For these reasons the popularity of X Minus One continues today.

Meet the Authors


"The Veldt" Written by Ray Bradbury (1920-2012). First published in The Saturday Evening Post, 23 September 1950 with the title "The World the Children Made." The story's title was changed to "The Veldt" in 1951 when it was collected in Bradbury's anthology The Illustrated Man.


"The Cave of Night" Written by James E. Gunn (1923-2020). First published in Galaxy Science Fiction, February 1955, Gunn's story was adapted by Ernest Kinoy as an episode of X Minus One broadcast February 1, 1956.

Meet the Crew

Behind-the-Scenes Crew

Sound Design by John Barber

Post Production by Marc Rose of Fuse Audio Design

Social Media by Regina Carol Social Media Management and Photography

Graphic Design by Holly Slocum Design

Produced and Hosted by John Barber


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Monday, 19 July

"Hiro & Liling / The Martian Death March"
Re-Imagined Radio presents The Willamette Radio Workshop performing two short radio dramas, Hiro and Liling, by Kristina Armetta, an orginal performance, and The Martian Death March, by Ernest Kinoy, an episode from X Minus One.

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Monday, 16 August

"Nirvana & Gehenna"
Re-Imagined Radio presents "Nirvana & Gehenna," an original interdimensional documentary produced by three-time Emmy winner Marc Rose, of Portland, Oregon.

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Monday, 20 September

Re-Imagined Radio presents "Dracula," the original man in black. Based on the legendary novel by Bram Stoker and performed by Metropolitan Performing Arts, Vancouver, Washington.

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Monday, 18 October

"The War of the Worlds"
Re-Imagined Radio presents "The War of the Worlds" to celebrate the anniversary of this most (in)famous radio broadcast ever, and International Audio Drama Day.

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Monday, 15 November

Something exciting is in the works . . . stay tuned.

Monday, 20 December

"A Christmas Carol"
Re-Imagined Radio presents "A Radio Christmas Carol," our annual community holiday celebration.

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