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A Note from the Producer

An overarching theme for Re-Imagined Radio in 2022 is "tribute." This month we pay tribute to Black History Month and Destination Freedom (1948-1950), a radio series that dramatized the democratic traditions and cultural contributions of Black Americans, and, in the process, provided foothold for the later civil and human rights movements.

For this episode, "Destination Freedom Tribute," we sample from original episodes of Destination Freedom to consider W. C. Handy, "The Father of the Blues" and the Basin Street jazz stylings of Louis Armstrong.

"The Father of the Blues" dramatizes the life of W.C. Handy and his efforts to share the blues as a unique but universal music genre originating from Black Americans but of interest to all the world. About the blues, Blues Lemon, a character in the radio drama, says, "blues is your heart . . . a train callin' ya . . . it's talk turned into music . . . it's music that gets down to the rocky bottom. Sometimes it's a sad song . . . you ain't got the blues, the blues got you. To sing the blues you gotta live the blues. You won't get it from no teacher. You get it from people, any people. Turn their talking into music." Fred Pinkard voices the part of Handy. Other voices include Louise Pruitt, Gladis Williams, Oscar Brown, Jr., George Cugey, Kurt Kliper, Charles Madsen, William Nix, Cliff Norton, Tony Parish, Arthur Peterson, and Les Spears. Greg Pascal is the singer. Music by Amos Otison, played by Elwin Owen, Bobby Christian, and Claude Shiner.
Our second sample is taken from "The Trumpet Talks" itself based on the early life of Louis Armstrong and how he introduced a unique trumpet styling to New Orleans jazz. Oscar Brown, Jr. voices the part of Louis Armstrong. Tony Parish is the narrator. Other voices include Janice Kingslow, Fred Pinkard, Dean Almquist, and Sid McCoy. 

Join us, 1:00-2:00 PM, Monday, 21 February for our premier international broadcast and live stream. See "How To Listen," below, for more information

Enjoy listening, and share your thoughts via social media
John Barber
Producer and Host


Destination Freedom NFT

Attentive listeners will hear several changes to Re-Imagined Radio episodes this year. We have an announcer, Jack Armstrong. Do you recognize his voice from television? We have new theme music composed by Marc Rose. We have a new sponsor, The Fusebox Show. And we have a new artifact, an NFT for each episode.

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are an interesting innovation in the digital art world. Who knows where they will lead, but Re-Imagined Radio wants to be there.

 So, Holly Slocum, Marc Rose, and John Barber have created the "Destination Freedom NFT." A single copy was made and it is available online for viewing and purchase. We envision an NFT for every episode of Re-Imagined Radio this year. Collect all twelve of these unique works which include video, text, images, sound, and unlockable content only available to the owner. Click the button below to head there now. 

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Destination Freedom cast members (Top Left) Fred Pinkard, (Top Right) Louise Pruitt, (Bottom Left) Destination Freedom radio studio at NBC, Chicago, (Bottom Right) writer & producer of Destination Freedom Richard Durham.
Photo source courtesy of Vivian G. Harsh Research Collection of Afro-American History and Literature.

Destination Freedom (1948-1950) was a radio series dramatizing the democratic traditions and cultural contributions of Black Americans. The series was written by Richard Dunham (1917-1984), editor of The Chicago Defender newspaper, and a dramatist with the Writers Project, part of the Works Progress Administration started by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Dunham wrote original dramatizations, each supported by historical research, each seeking to tell the little known stories behind Black Americans and their accomplishments.

Working against discriminatory traditions, pervasive distortions, and stereotypes of Blacks in the arts, history, and culture of the United States, Dunham sought to include as much history and candor about the achievements of prominent Black Americans as possible in each Sunday morning half-hour episode of Destination Freedom. Walking a daring line between reform and revolution, Dunham strove to re-educate people about Black American society. His message was empowering, and with his efforts Dunham established the footholds for the later civil and human rights movements. Destination Freedom was twice awarded the Scribes in Excellence Award by the Colorado Association of Black Journalists, and, in 1949, the South Central Association of Chicago recognized Destination Freedom for its contribution to democracy.

Destination Freedom was first broadcast 27 June 1948 by Chicago, Illinois, radio station WMAQ. The broadcast was carried nationwide on the NBC Network. The series, written by Durham and produced by Homer Keck continued for 103 episodes until 13 August 1950. The program focus was changed to Cold War ideas (known as the "Patriotic Format") and the first episode in this new format was broadcast 15 October 1950 and continued until 19 November 1951. Durham wrote none of these episodes and Black American characters were seldom featured. Today, Durham's Destination Freedom is an important radio series for its portrayal of strong and independent Black Americans and for portraying black history in the radio medium. Episodes of Destination Freedom offer compelling narratives, powerful dramatizations, dynamic characters, engaging musical arrangements, all based on historical research and first-rate writing. 

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Script, Produced, and Hosted by John Barber
Sound Design and Post Production by Marc Rose of Fuse Audio Design
Social Media by Regina Carol Social Media Management
Promotional Graphics by Holly Slocum Design

How to Listen

KXRW FM, Vancouver, WA
1:00-2:00 PM PT, third Monday of each month
6:00-7:00 PM PT, Sunday evenings, past episodes broadcast 
Tune radio to 99.9 FM 
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KXRY FM, (aka XRAY), Portland, OR
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Or, use the XRAY App, available through the Apple and Android stores.

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KMWV FM, Salem, OR
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KUIK AM, Portland, OR
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CKXU FM, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

Tune radio to 88.3 FM
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Upcoming Episode

Next month, Re-Imagined Radio presents "Lucille Fletcher Tribute" Monday, 21 March, 1:00 PM, KXRW-FM and KXRY-FM.

Paying tribute to Women's History Month and Lucille Fletcher, one of the greatest writers of radio drama. Re-Imagined Radio presents The Voices and their performance of Fletcher's two superb radio dramas, "The Hitch-Hiker" and "Sorry, Wrong Number."

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