June, 2012

In this issue:

Ag survey reveals farmers’ hopes and fears

Puente scholarships awarded to record number of graduating youth

Knitzvah and Peninsula MCC: Why we give to Puente

Access to land and housing top concerns for South Coast food producers  
Driving down the San Mateo County coast in springtime, motorists are likely to admire the verdant row crops and fields of grazing cattle that dot the roadside vistas near Pescadero. Few people know the South Coast’s sad little secret: finding land to farm and live on is so expensive that the lifestyle itself is in peril. Read more.

Record number of graduate receive Puente Youth Bridge Scholarships
Pescadero’s High School graduation is the biggest community event of the year. It feels like a rock concert at the gym. But sitting in the bleachers back in 2009, something started to bother Carol Young-Holt. It was the fact that, as certain students were singled out and applauded for academic achievements, three-quarters of the graduating class sat there without hearing their names. Read more.

Why we give to Puente: Two groups speak out   
So many of the needs of participants in Puente programs are deeply practical: Blankets. Sweaters. School supplies. Toiletries. Two Puente donor groups, Knitzvah and the Metropolitan Community Church of San Mateo, understand this better than anyone and have brought their communities into the act of giving to Puente – sometimes in surprising ways. Read more.

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