August, 2012

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Students learn life lessons in Puente cooking class

Adult literacy program benefits farm workers

Summer interns test-drive future careers

Why I give to Puente: Janet Murphy, volunteer

Students learn recipes and life skills at Puente after-school cooking class  
For Amy Glaze, fine cuisine is more than a pleasure. It’s a teaching tool. This spring, Glaze teamed up with Puente to create Pescadero’s first after-school cooking class. For four weeks, a lucky group of Pescadero Middle School students tried out gourmet recipes under the tutelage of a master chef.  Read more.
Literacy program gives adults a second chance at an education
Growing up in Mexico, school was never an option for Gabriel Echeverria. When he moved to Pescadero, the 66-year-old found work at a local flower nursery where literacy wasn’t an issue.  Read more.

Puente’s summer interns test-drive future careers   
Gabriela Flores doesn’t consider herself a horse person. But she’s spending the summer with them. The 20-year-old is in awe of the horses she cares for at The Square Peg Foundation, a Half Moon Bay-based nonprofit that uses horsemanship to help kids with disabilities become emotionally stable and self-reliant.  Read more.
Why I give to Puente: Janet Murphy, volunteer
Janet Murphy was a Puente volunteer on Day One, when Rev. Wendy Taylor founded an outreach effort to migrant farmworkers in Pescadero as an extension of the ministry at Pescadero Community Church.  Read more.

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