March, 2012

In this issue:

CITIZENSHIP: Who gets in, who doesn't

TSUNAMI: One year on, is the South Coast any safer?

TEENS IN TROUBLE: Local youth cope with drinking and drug use

Citizenship For Some, Catch-22 For Others  
Rosario Marin lived and worked in Pescadero for 26 years under a green card. She met her husband and raised two children here. Becoming a U.S. citizen wasn’t an afterthought, but it could have felt that way. Instead, it was momentous. Read more.

Japan Tsunami Anniversary: Is Pescadero Ready For the “Big One”?  
March marks the one-year anniversary of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that killed tens of thousands of Japanese – and put California emergency officials on high alert. Since that time, Puente has been busy making sure that South Coast residents are prepared for “the big one” when it hits – whether flood or earthquake. Read more.

Teen Drinking and Drug Use   
Valentin Lopez is 16. Some of his friends drink or use drugs, but he doesn’t. He’s seen what happens to people when they get hooked. One close family member has been using for years, and it troubles Lopez a lot.  “He drinks, he smokes, he uses drugs,” said Lopez. “My dad says, ‘You see what this is taking your family to.’” Read more.

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