May, 2014

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Health System and Puente Partner to Immunize Farm Workers

Puente and Sonrisas bring dentistry to the fields

‘Why I give to Puente: Ben Hernandez

Current and upcoming events at Puente

Call for volunteers!

Puente and Health System Partner to Immunize Farm Workers
Mindful of how dangerous farm work can be, Puente undertook an unprecedented immunization project in April that touched the lives of hundreds of farm and nursery workers. Puente teamed up with a medical team from San Mateo County Health System to administer a TDAP vaccine... Read more.

Puente and Sonrisas bring dentistry to the fields
A visit to the dentist is one of the best ways to prevent tooth decay, and can forestall other serious health problems down the line. But for many South Coast residents, dental care is not accessible. No dental office exists anywhere near Pescadero, and many low-income residents... Read more.

Why I give to Puente: Ben Hernandez
Ben Hernandez sees a lot of himself in the children of farm workers who live on the South Coast. The 65-year-old rancher is descended from immigrant farm workers himself... Read more

Upcoming Events at Puente:
Silicon Valley Gives: May 6 Day of Giving. Donate to Puente!
On May 6, Puente will be eligible to for an enormous matching grant up to $35,000 thanks to a dollar-for-dollar challenge from Silicon Valley Gives. Donate now to help us reach our goal.

Pescadero Grown! Farmers’ Market opens June 5
Join Puente and all your neighbors at the festive opening day of Puente’s annual Pescadero Grown! Certified Community Farmers’ Market in Pescadero on June 5, from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Live music, kids’ games, and the freshest hyperlocal produce in the region await you. For more details

Call for Volunteers!
Be a Youth Mentor.
We are looking for several people to serve as mentors for high school youth. This position expects volunteers to guide and advise students about career options, the importance of higher education or vocational training, and life skills like getting a driver’s license or managing money. For more infomation  click here.

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