January, 2013

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Got health insurance? The story of Vic Hill

Could it be? Tax refunds, for free

Leonie Walker, Super “Diaper Donor”

Call for volunteers!

What does Puente need this month

January at Puente   
Puente raised just under $22,000 via its first-ever seasonal Rally campaign last month to buy $50 holiday gift cards for local parents, as well as school supplies, stocking-stuffers for South Coast children, and essential winter items for farm and nursery workers.

The extraordinary generosity of Puente donors also highlights the deprivation that many families face on the South Coast, especially in the farming off-season. This month, we present three stories about how Puente’s programs and cherished volunteers are helping locals face a period of serious economic insecurity and so ideas for what you could do to help. 
Need health insurance? The story of Vic Hill   
Vic Hill spent 63 years without health care. Two years ago, he signed up for health insurance through Puente. It was just in the nick of time. A San Mateo County doctor gave him a physical, ran some tests, and found stage II colon cancer. Read more.
Could it be? Tax refunds, for free
It won’t be long until the joy of the holidays gives way to the sting of tax season. But a special, pro-bono tax preparation service offered by Puente helps the medicine go down – and even leave a pleasant aftertaste. Read more.

Léonie Walker, Super Diaper Donor
Of all the monthly gifts Puente could ask for, none are less glamorous than diapers. But for Léonie Walker, that may be part of the appeal. Puente’s resident “Diaper Donor” has single-handedly purchased diapers for Puente’s South Coast families for four years straight. Read more.

Call for Volunteers!
Puente needs a few volunteers to prepare taxes for your South Coast neighbors. The job entails 3 hours of work per week during tax time, and a 15-hour self-guided training to get qualified. Read more.

What does Puente need this month?
Glad you asked! Puente needs winter items to help farm and nursery workers and their families endure an unusually cold winter. These include new sleeping bags, wool socks, and hoodies. Read more.

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