PyData London 2014, Django 1.7 Alpha 1 and much more.

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Friday,  January 24th, 2014


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Mahdi and Mike

News and Developments.

Cython 0.20 released (

The latest version of Cython the Python to C compiler is out. Lots of bug fixes and new features in this release.


PyCon 2014 talk schedule is out (

Check out the Python 2014 talk schedule. If you were on the fence about attending this year the great looking speaker lineup should change your mind.


PyCon 2014 Childcare - Register Soon! (

If you are heading to PyCon 2014 in Montreal and you need Childcare during the main conference days it can be had for 50$ per child per day. This is the first time ever that PyCon has had available childcare and space is limited.


Django 1.7 alpha 1 released (

The first alpha for Django 1.7 has been released. Check out the in development release notes for this release to see all the new features coming up in 1.7.


PyData London 2014 (

PyData is coming to London this year, Feb 21-23rd. Call for proposals for speakers so if you are interested in giving a talk check it out.



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newspaper (

Simplified instapaper style extraction of articles from online sources.


django-dynamic-dns (

Useful app! Machines with a dynamic IPs can contact this service and if the machines IP changes the service updates the configured DNS provider with the new IP address.


restcommander (

From the developers at Ebay a fast parallel async HTTP client to be used for monitor and managing many web servers.


faker (

This is a great project. Use Faker to generate many types of fake data for you in multiple languages.


frosted (

A fork of pyflakes, frosted is a simple program that checks Python source files for errors.


piprot (

How rotten are your requirements? Use piprot to inspect your requirements files to determine out of date requirements and other problems.


PyLaTeX (


shellnoob (



Python Jobs.



Full Stack Engineer (Chandler, AZ)

at Hiring Solved.


Software Engineer (Python) (Chicago, IL)

at ParkWhiz.


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Don't use Gunicorn to host your Django sites on Heroku (

The author gives some practical advice to not use Gunicorn on your Heroku apps and suggests you check out waitress instead.


How to create immutable classes in Python (

Classes in Python of course are mutable, check out this post for strategies for creating immutable ones.


Economics Simulation iPython Notebook (

Great use of an iPython notebook here. Peter Norvig has made a really cool simulation of an economic marketplace.


Python and Flask Are Ridiculously Powerful (

Jeff is at it again with another really great blog post about Python and Flask. In this post he talks about creating online payments code with Flask with a great example that comes from writing the site for selling his Python book.


Python 101: Writing a cleanup script (

Its very useful to have little scripts available to clean up your system, move/delete files and such based on certain parameters like file size etc. In this post the author gives a nice example of creating cleanup scripts to perform numerous cleanup tasks.


Cowboy optimization: bisecting a function (



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Jan 31st, 2013


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