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Spanish Lessons with Emily D is a team of qualified and personable Spanish teachers based in Nashville, TN. We specialize in teaching conversational Spanish to adults of all levels through individual lessons and small groups in private and corporate settings. Our fun and effective language-immersion methodology paired with our unique curriculum empowers and equips students with the tools and confidence to be able to SPEAK SPANISH!
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¡Todo sobre los perros! Featuring local Nashville dog walking and sitting business: The Dog Shepherdess
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Level 1 Classes:

Monday evenings from 7:45-8:45pm with Gloria
Class begins February 27th and goes for 16 weeks total ending on June 19th meeting at the Panera Bread in Brentwood on Old Hickory Blvd. Class will not meet on 5/29 (3 spots open)

Level 1 Conversation Class on Tuesday evenings 5:30-6:30pm with Caroline
Starts on January 10th and goes for 16 weeks ending on May 2nd meeting at the Panera Bread in 100 Oaks in Nashville. Class will not meet on March 7th. This class is perfect for supplemental speaking practice and support for any student enrolled in a Level 1 class in group or private lessons or if you have been out of level 1 or 2 lessons for a while and are needing a refresher (3 spots open).

Upcoming Level 2 Classes:

Tuesday LUNCH BREAK from 12-1pm with Caroline
Class begins January 10th and goes for 16 weeks total ending May 2nd meeting at the Whole Foods in Green Hills in Nashville. Class will not meet on 3/7. (2 spots open for late starters)

Wednesday evenings from 6:35-7:35pm
Class begins January 4th and ends on April 19th meeting at the Panera Bread at 100 Oaks at 2534 Powell Ave in Nashville. (2 spots open for late starters)

Level 3 Class:

Wednesday evening lesson from 5:45-6:45pm
Class started on October 12th and goes for 16 weeks total ending on February 22nd meeting at Panera Bread in Brentwood on Old Hickory Blvd. Class will not meet on 12/28 (2 open spots for late starters - this group is forming a conversation group for 16 weeks and will continue on to level 4)


INTERMEDIO (Levels 3-4): Conversación y más on Wednesday evenings from 5:45-6:45pm in BRENTWOOD
Class begins March 1st and goes for 16 weeks total ending on June 21st meeting at the Panera Bread in Brentwood on Old Hickory Blvd. Class will not meet on March 20th. This class is perfect for supplemental speaking practice and support for any intermediate student. Classes are fun, dynamic and different each time based upon the needs of the enrolled intermediate students. Many students prefer to stay in this group until they are ready to move up to the Avanzado: Conversación y más group (2 spots open)

CONJÚGATE 12 Week Class (Principiante/Intermedio) Wednesday evenings from 4:30-5:30pm with Pedro
Class begins January 25th and goes for 12 weeks total ending on April 12th meeting at the Whole Foods in Green Hills on Hillsboro Pk. Practice and nail down all of the Spanish verb tenses in a fun and engaging Spanish immersion class (3 spots open).


AVANZADO: Conversación y más (12 weeks):Tuesday evenings from 5:45-7pm 

Tuesday evenings from 5:45-7pm with Pedro

Class begins January 10th and goes for 12 weeks total ending March 28th meeting at the Whole Foods on Hillsboro Pk. in Nashville. This class is perfect for supplemental speaking practice and support for any advanced student. Classes are fun, dynamic, and different each time based upon the needs of the enrolled advanced students. There are no books or required studying for these classes. $20 per 1 hr and 15 min. class (3 spots open). 

CONJÚGATE 12 Week Class (Avanzado) Monday evenings from 7-8pm with Pedro
Class begins January 25th and goes for 12 weeks total ending on April 12th meeting at the Whole Foods in Green Hills on Hillsboro Pk. (3 spots open)

See website for description of Conjúgate class, class structure and the 12 verb tenses it covers.

Private Lesson Availability

Matt B. - 1st
Rakesh S. - 1st
Monica D. - 1st
Melanie C. - 3rd
Wilson L. - 3rd
Teresa A. - 6th
Chris K. - 6th
Jamie J. - 8th
Taryn R. - 11th
Brittany H. - 12th
Kimberly S. - 11th
Jessica S. - 11th
Clarence S. - 21st
Amber T. - 17th
Andrew R. - 17th
Glen A. - 19th
Amaia A. - 19th (Profesora)
Allison B. - 23.
Lisa T. - 23rd

Spanish Tip of the Month

Explore these 9 Podcasts to help learn Spanish and let us know what you think! Do you like them? Are they helpful? If you find any good resources, please let us know so that we can share it with other students!

9 Great Spanish Podcasts

Enero 2017

Noticias de Enero

¡Buenas tardes!
Here is what you'll find in this month's newsletter:
  • Spanish Camp with Emily D: Buy 1 Ticket Get 1 50% Off to our 1 Day Spanish Immersion Event on February 25, 2017 
  • 2017 Winter & Spring: New Group Classes & Private Lesson Open Time Slots
  • Feliz Cumpleaños: Enero
  • Instagram Theme: Todo sobre los perros
  • Spanish Tip of the Month: 9 Spanish Podcasts to check out
  • Teacher Spotlight of the Month: Gloria Quinonez, Colombia

Spanish Camp with Emily D


A Day of Spanish Immersion for Adults 

Saturday, February 25, 2017 starting at 9am

for more info. about camp schedule, activities, tickets, FAQ, etc. please visit:

Grab a friend or classmate and click the link below to take advantage of the


We've been dreaming and planning for months and are beyond excited to host our first big event to bring our community of teachers, students and new friends together right here in Nashville for this exciting 1 day event, Spanish Camp with Emily D!! All of the teachers will be there along with some new faces from our local Hispanic community to share a day together of speaking, learning through listening, doing and engaging in an interactive and fun day with a camp vibe and theme.

If you have any questions that are unanswered after you visit, please email us at

We'll be sending out an email later this week with more information, pictures and a little video to help you envision what the day will be like and what you would be investing your time and money in. Trust us. It's going to be worth it.

--Emily D.

PedroSaxo Motivational Speaking Event

You may or may not know that Pedro García one of our long time Spanish teachers is also PedroSaxo, a professional musician that has been on Spain's Got Talent, been a speaker at Nashville's TedX, amongst many other things. He's an impressive and inspiring guy.

Pedro will be doing a really interesting motivational speaking engagement that will be professionally filmed called "The metaphor of the saxophone: redefine the definitions that define you." It is a talk about how to look at things from a different perspective to achieve and know your true self, using the saxophone and my journey as the metaphor for it. 

DATE: February 9th at 7:30 pm (Thursday)

LOCATION: W O Smith Music School, 1125 8th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203

IT'S FREE. You are invited and we hope to see you there. Come and be inspired! 


Here is his latest video that is spreading like wildfire. 

Conversation Group Classes for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels

We still have some open spots in conversational classes! 
Whether you are a private lesson student or taking a Level with us in a group class, now is a great time to join one of our  conversational classes so that you can practice and build confidence speaking and/or get a better handle on the verb tenses in Spanish as you are guided and supported by a native speaking teacher. There is not additional homework in our conversation classes. 

Our group class recommendations for you (see more on our group class webpage or the sidebar of the newsletter):
  1. Conversation Class for Level 1 Students or Graduates looking for a low pressure and fun refresher. Tuesdays 5:30-6:30PM starting January 10th.

"Intermediates" (could be anywhere from level 3-6 and depends on level of comfort when speaking)
  1. INTERMEDIO: Conversación y Más on Wednesdays 5:45-6:45pm with Melanie Gordon starting March 1st. Recommended for Level 3+. This class is a great place for intermediate students to take a break and get some extra speaking practice or for former students that finished levels 3+ looking to jump back in to classes without the weekly homework.
  2. CONJÚGATE 12 Week Class - Verb Tenses in Spanish  (Intermedio) on Wednesdays from 4:30-5:30pm. Class begins January 25th and goes for 12 weeks. 
Conjúgate is the perfect class to drill and finally get those verbs down. Pedro will explain how all the tenses are used and will compare them to the English tenses, in order for the students to have a better understanding of the subject. This lesson is aimed at  intermediate levels and  will be covering all of the verb tenses of the Spanish language in 12 lessons. It could seem daunting at first, but Pedro knows how to introduce the topic in a fun and flexible way for students to enjoy the learning process. If you are up for a fun challenge, this is your class. No more mysteries about verbs. ¡CONJÚGATE!

"Advanced" (comfortable communicating in Spanish and using most complicated verb tenses, looking to build upon and improve current advanced level)
  1. AVANZADO: Conversación y Más on Tuesdays from 5:45-7pm starting January 10th. This class is perfect for supplemental speaking practice and support for any advanced student. Classes are fun, dynamic, and different each time based upon the needs of the enrolled advanced students. There are no books or required studying for these classes.
  2. CONJÚGATE 12 Week Class - All Spanish Verb Tenses (12 weeks) with Pedro: (INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED) Monday evenings from 7-8pm Class begins January 30th and goes for 12 weeks ending on March 27th meeting at Whole Foods in Green Hills on Hillsboro Rd. (5 spots open) *See Conjúgate class details above*

If you are unsure which category you fit in between the very subjective "beginner", "intermediate" or "advanced", speak with your teacher or email Emily D. for personal class placement recommendations at!

Gloria Quinonez, Profesora de Español de Colombia

Dato Divertido: Gloria escribe para Altar Magazine en Español. Pueden ver la revista a través de ISSUU como Altar Magazine Tennessee y pueden seguirnos en Facebook/Altar Magazine.
1. ¿Cuánto tiempo has estado enseñando Español con Spanish Lessons with Emily D? (How long have you been teaching Spanish with SLWED?)
  • Empecé enseñando desde julio del 2016 con Spanish Lessons with Emily D.
2. ¿A cuántos estudiantes enseñas actualmente? (How many students do you currently teach?)
  • Actualmente estoy enseñando a dos grupos y a estudiantes privados, en total son quince (15) estudiantes. 
3. ¿Cómo aprendiste el inglés y como lo practicas? (How did you learn English and how do you practice it?)
  • Honestamente siento que cada día estoy aprendiendo inglés. Aunque lo estudié en el college como segunda lengua, todavía sigo aprendiendo. Lo practico de muchas formas, una de ellas es mirando televisión, especialmente las noticias y los programas de concurso, y la otra es conversando con mi hijo. 
4. ¿Quién es tu modelo a seguir y por qué? (Who is your role model and why?)
  • Hay muchas personas a las que realmente admiro, pero mi modelo siempre ha sido mi madre por su  inteligencia, su honestidad y rectitud en todo, por su entrega a la familia, por su poder analítico y por los valores que nos enseño. Ella es hermosa por fuera y por dentro y ha sido siempre mi apoyo.
5. ¿Qué dato es divertido sobre ti que sorprenda a tus estudiantes? (What is a fun fact about you that your students may be surprised to know?)
  • Aunque no lo parezca soy completamente nocturna, es decir, me concentro mejor en la noche. Puedo estudiar, escribir y leer hasta muy tarde en la noche. Inclusive, la revista que dirijo, normalmente la escribo y la reviso en la noche, ya que para mí es el mejor momento.                 
6. ¿Adónde quieres viajar en tus próximas vacaciones? (Where do you want to travel to next?)
  • Me gustaría viajar a Europa, especialmente me encantaría conocer París e Italia.
7. ¿Qué es lo que disfrutas de ser profesora  con Spanish Lessons with Emily D? What do you enjoy about teaching Spanish with SLWED? 
  • Creo que realmente disfruto todo! Me gusta conocer gente y especialmente enseñarles a través del  español una cultura diferente pero fascinante.
8. ¿Qué consejo les darías a los estudiantes que se sienten frustrados sobre el proceso de aprender otro idioma? (What advice or words of encouragement would you give to students that are feeling frustrated about the language-learning process?)
  • Es normal sentirse a veces frustrado en el proceso, hasta puede parecer un proceso largo y  tedioso, pero mi mayor consejo es que mantengan su mirada en la meta y no dejen que nada los detenga. Los mayores logros exigen sacrificio y esfuerzo pero la recompensa siempre se va a ver al final. Así que ánimo, ni un paso atrás.

9. Cuéntanos sobre tus estudiantes.... (Tell us about your students...)
  • Todos mis estudiantes son maravillosos! Son talentosos, inteligentes y especialmente desean aprender buen español.  Estoy muy orgullosa de cada uno de  ellos! Están tratando de aprender español por diferentes razones, y eso es más que suficiente para que yo haga todo lo que este a mi alcance para que ellos logren su objetivo. 
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