Noticias de febrero 2015.
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Spanish Lessons with Emily D is a unique company that teaches
conversational Spanish to people of all ages in private lessons and small groups through a creative, language-immersion methodology. We teach on-site lessons to employees in corporate settings, as well as virtual Spanish lessons via Webex to individual students all over the country.
SLWED Website

Upcoming Level 1 Class:


Monday evenings from 5:45-6:45pm

Class begins March 9th and goes for 14 weeks total ending on June 15th meeting at the Whole Foods on Hillsboro Pike in Nashville. Class will not meet on Memorial Day weekend on May 25th. (2 spots open)


Upcoming Level 2 Class:


Thursday evenings from 5:30-6:30pm

Class begins March 12th and goes for 14 weeks total ending on June 18th meeting at the Panera Bread in 100 Oaks in Nashville. Class will not meet on May 14th. (4 spots open)


Upcoming Level 3 Class:

Thursday evenings from 6:45-7:45pm

Class begins March 12th and goes for 14 weeks total ending on June 18th meeting at the Panera Bread in 100 Oaks in Nashville. Class will not meet on May 14th. (4 spots open)


Upcoming Level 4 Class: 



Upcoming Level 5 Class: 


Monday evenings from 7-8pm

Class begins January 5th and goes for 14 weeks total ending on April 6th meeting at Panera Bread in 100 Oaks in Nashville. (1 spot open)

Upcoming Level 6 Class:


Monday evenings from 5:40pm-6:40pm

Class begins January 5th and goes for 14 weeks total ending on April 6th meeting at Whole Foods (Green Hills) in Nashville. (3 spots open for drop in student)


8 Week “Grupos Dinámicos” con Pedro G.:

Tuesday evenings from 5:45-7pm

Next 8 week session starting on March 10th. The 8 class dates: 3/10, 3/17, 3/24, 3/31, 4/7, 4/14, 4/21, 4/28

Great fit for intermediate and advanced speakers wanting some extra speaking practice! Good fit for students who have completed level 3 or 4 and higher. Email for more information.
Sheila M. - 1st 
Michael W. - 3rd
James T.  - 4th
Sarah H. - 8th 
Hazel T. - 10th 
Tom. M - 11th
Allison S. - 13th
William S. - 15th 
Pedro G. (PROFESOR) - 17th
Liz D. - 18th
Russell M. - 20th
Rebecca G. - 22nd 
Felicity H. -22nd 

Spanish Tip of the Month

Check out and take advantage of the portion of their free resources. They have some great audio practice and games. 

Spanish Phrase of the Month

Where's the bathroom?

¿Dónde están los aseos?
¿Dónde están los sanitarios?
¿Dónde está el baño?
¿Dónde está el cuarto de baño?

Febrero 2015

Noticias de febrero

¡Buenos días a todos!
Here is what you'll find in this month's newsletter:
  • 2015 Spring Group Classes
  • Netflix in Spanish
  • Free Mariachi Concert Event in Nashville
  • Feliz Cumpleaños
  • Teacher Spotlight – Sara Burke


Netflix in Spanish

by Emily Daniel

With all of the time we spend watching TV and movies, why not use that time to “study” and reinforce what you are learning in Spanish lessons while relaxing and enjoying yourself?

 I recently stumbled upon a movie called Abre los Ojos (called Open your Eyes if you search on Netflix) starring Penelope Cruz and directed by Alejando Amenábar. I was completely captivated by the characters, plot and was very confused about some things that were happening in the movie (I watched it two times). Even when I watch TV and movies in English I am one of those people that doesn’t want to miss anything that is said and I admit that I have a hard time hearing probably from the days of listening to my headphones much too loud. So, I watch everything with the English subtitles! Before watching the movie Abre Los Ojos I promised myself that I would not turn on the Spanish subtitles and use that hour and a half to “practice” listening. I didn’t realize that the movie was going to be absolutely incredible and there were many times that I didn’t hear or understand everything and I wanted so badly to turn on the captions. If anyone has seen the movie Vanilla Sky, this movie is basically the original Vanilla Sky but in Spanish. I had never seen Vanilla Sky so I didn’t know that Penelope Cruz was cast alongside Tom Cruise and played the role again in English nor did I know anything about the plot. I won’t give anything away but there is a man wearing a mask for a good part of the movie and let me just tell you that I had to be totally disciplined to not turn on the subtitles to see what he was saying because I couldn’t see his mouth under that mask to read his lips and had a hard time hearing! I rewound it a couple times to listen to some intense scenes a second or third time, but overall watching the movie without subtitles and understanding 97% was good enough for me and it was very fun.  
For beginners and intermediate students I would recommend beginning by turning on only the subtitles
in Spanish. You will learn new vocabulary, phrases and see how sentences and questions are formed and you’ll notice a lot of things that you have been learning in lessons. When you become more proficient in Spanish, give the Spanish audio AND subtitles a try. Don’t expect to understand everything. Try to get the gist and don’t get frustrated by not understanding everything perfectly. The listening muscle is one to strengthen and it takes time as you expand your vocabulary and skills.
For higher intermediate and advanced students once you decide that you want and need more of challenge than only Spanish subtitles, move to the Spanish audio AND subtitles.
Once you want more of a challenge at this point, move to Spanish audio only. Don’t expect to understand everything. Try to get the gist and don’t get frustrated by not understanding everything perfectly. The listening muscle is one to strengthen and it takes time as you expand your vocabulary and skills. You should be enjoying the show so if you ever become frustrated turn the subtitles back on until you are ready to give yourself a break. The improvements may be so subtle that you do not even realize that you are improving in your comprehension but if you are listening to Spanish on a regular basis, there is no way that you can’t be!
After feeling comfortable listening to Spanish audio only or if you want to experiment along the way, begin exploring some movies and TV shows that were filmed in Spanish with or without the subtitles. You will be exposed to various accents, idioms and you will finally be able to read the speaker’s lips! 
For students of any level or students that have children I would really take advantage of all the TV shows and movies for kids! Allow your kids to watch an extra half hour or hour of TV in Spanish (and watch with them!). If you are a parent that limits TV time or uses special privileges to incentivize, they will be so excited to get some extra time watching TV. It’s a great way to “sneak” that Spanish learning in and disguise it as a treat. Kid TV shows are a fabulous way to learn language for children and adults that are learning second languages!
The same principal can apply for playing on Apps. Allow them that “privilege” of 30 minutes playing on a Spanish game or app.
How do I change the settings on my Netflix to get the subtitles and/or audio in Spanish?
After watching Abre Los Ojos movie I began to wonder what other amazing movies in Spanish are out there and I thought there just HAS to be a way to turn Netflix on in Spanish. With a little bit of research here is what I came up with to share with all of you. Not every show and movie has the Spanish option, but you can google a list of TV shows and movies that offer the Spanish audio/subtitles on Netflix to get you started.
If you find any good movies or TV shows that you enjoy, please email me at and I’ll compile a list to share in a future newsletter!   
A few links to lists of movies in Spanish streaming on Netflix to get you started

¡Concierto de Mariachi Gratis!
Concierto de Mariachi presentado por Belmont University School of Music y apoyado por Music Makes Us de Metro Schools. El concierto presenta a músicos de La Academía de Bellas Artes de Texas. 
Belmont University, Massey Performing Arts Center Viernes, 6 de marzo, a las 6:30 p.m. (Friday March 6th at 6:30pm) Â¡Gratis! 

February Teacher



Sara Burke, origninally from Austin, TX

1)  How long have you been teaching with SLWED?
I began teaching with SLWED in January 2014- so it’s been just a little over one year. ¡ Hace un año ya!

2) How did you learn Spanish and what do you do to keep it up?

I began learning Spanish in kindergarten and continued with classes in high school and college. I didn’t really understand much about the language until I studied abroad in Costa Rica in college. I lived with a
Mamá Tica - my host mom, who was an incredible resource. She was so patient as I stumbled through all of the verb conjugations until I finally got to the right one! I still take weekly lessons with Pedro and a few of the other teachers to keep up with the language. I also love to listen to music in Spanish and watch Destinos. I’ve watched the episodes so many times but I still love them!

3) What are 3 of the most common Spanish errors that you have heard along the way as your students learn Spanish?

Three of the most common Spanish errors that I hear are: 
  1. Forgetting to include the ‘a’ when speaking with ir + a + infinitivo. Voy viajar instead of Voy a viajar.
  2. Saying “me llamo es _____” when introducing yourself. This one is easy to get mixed up. I think it’s helpful to practice each phrase separately in context, for example: “Me llamo Sara Â¡mucho gusto!” OR “Mi nombre es Sara y mi apellido es Burke”.
  3. Confusing the conjugations of the verb gustar—as in saying â€œme gusto” instead of saying “me gusta” or “me gustan” when describing things/ actions that you like.
4) Who is your role model and why?

There are many people in my life that I admire but ultimately, my Mom is my role model. She is thoughtful, hardworking, devoted to her family and friends, generous of heart and unafraid to pursue her dreams. She’s a beautiful person inside and out and has always been a source of inspiration and support for me.
P.S.- She’s been working 
on a lovely little food blog with some yummy recipes at . Also on Instagram @shoalcreekcook if you want to check it out!
5) What is a fun fact about you that your students may be surprised to know?

A fun fact that you may not know about me is that I can do a headstand! I’ve been practicing handstands too but I haven’t quite got the technique down yet. :) 
6) Where do you want to travel to next?

I would love to visit Spain. I’ve never been, but I dream of sunny days in Cádiz and Barcelona and practicing español with the locals over tapas and vino.
7) What are some reasons that your students are learning Spanish? Tell us about your students...

Students that I’ve worked with want to learn Spanish for so many different reasons: Upcoming travel to Spanish-speaking countries, to communicate with friends or family members or just for fun are some of the most common. My students are incredible people. They have a wide range of talents and are interested in learning and challenging themselves. I feel like I learn as much from them in terms of character and perspective as they do from me in terms of the Spanish language!
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