Noticias de Noviembre 2015.
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Spanish Lessons with Emily D is a unique company that teaches
conversational Spanish to people of all ages in private lessons and small groups through a creative, language-immersion methodology. We teach on-site lessons to employees in corporate settings, as well as virtual Spanish lessons via Webex to individual students all over the country.
SLWED Website

Upcoming Level 1 Classes:

WEDNESDAY evenings from 5:45-6:45pm 
Starts on November 11th and goes for 16 weeks total ending on March 2nd (Class will not meet on 11/25, 12/23, 12/30). Meeting at Whole Foods on Hillsboro Pk in Nashville. (2 spots open)

MORNING Wednesday lesson from 8:15-9:15am 
Class begins at the end of October and goes for 16 weeks total (not meeting on holiday weeks) at Dose Coffee Shop on Murphy Rd. (3 spots open for late starters)

Wednesday evenings from 4:30-5:30pm in BRENTWOOD
Starts on January 6th and goes for 16 weeks ending on May 4th meeting at Panera Bread in BRENTWOOD at 782 Old Hickory Blvd. Class will not meet on 3/30 or 4/6. (6 spots open)

Wednesday evenings from 5:45-6:45pm in BRENTWOOD
Starts on January 6th and goes for 16 weeks ending on May 4th meeting at Panera Bread in BRENTWOOD at 782 Old Hickory Blvd. Class will not meet on 3/30 or 4/6. (6 spots open)

Friday Lunch Lesson 12-1 in BRENTWOOD from 12-1pm 
Starts on January 8th and goes for 16 weeks ending on May 6th meeting at Panera Bread in BRENTWOOD at 782 Old Hickory Blvd. Class will not meet on 4/8 or 4/15. (6 spots open)


Upcoming Level 2 Classes:

Monday night level 2 in Woodbine
Email for more info. as we put together this class and decide on class time.

Tuesday lunch lesson from 12-1pm  Class to begin October 27th at Whole Foods in Green Hills with Lindsay. No class on 11/24, 12/22 or 12/29 (2 spots open)


Upcoming Level 3 Class:

Wednesday evenings from 5:45-6:45pm 
Starts on Augutst 19th - December 17th (No class on Oct. 8 or Nov. 26th). Meeting at Whole Foods in Green Hills (2 spots open for late starters)


Upcoming Level 4 Class:

Thursday evenings from 6-7pm 
Starts on October 1st and runs 16 weeks til February 11th meeting at the Panera Bread in 100 Oaks in Nashville. No class on 10/8, 11/26, 12/24, or 12/31. (1 spot open for late starter)


Upcoming Level 6 Class in January 2016:

Monday evenings from 5:45-6:45pm 
Looking for more students to make a full class meeting  at the Panera in 100 Oaks. Email us if you are interested in starting in January 2016.



Medical Spanish Class for Intermediate and Advanced Speakers with Pedro G.:

Class begins November 17th and goes for 12 weeks ending on February 16th. Class will not meet on 12/22 or 12/29 (2 spots open). 
*Email for more information!

Danny C. - 1st
Thad J. - 5th
Tony J. - 6th
Monica J. - 11th
Bevin B. - 13th
Mary B. - 13th
Olivia W. - 14th
Carly P. - 14th
Chuck S. - 15th
Shanell H. - 16th
Shannon R. - 17th
Lynn K. - 21st
Amber R. - 21st
Jenny W. - 21st
Christa H. - 22nd
Tony F. - 23rd
Colm K. - 23rd
Mark M. - 24th
Emeka O. - 27th

Spanish Tip of the Month

How many of these words do you know?

10 Spanish Words that have no English Translation


Spanish Phrase of the Month: Travel

If you are a beginner and traveling in another country, you are likely going to be eating at restaurants. It is important to know a few vital phrases and words to get by in a restaurant. Try practicing these phrases in Mexican restaurants in the U.S. too!

quisiera (kee see ayr oh) – â€œI want” or â€œI would like.”

A table for two, three, four – Una mesa para dos tres, cuatro (oona may sah pah rah dohss, trays, kwah troh)

The check please – La cuenta por favor (lah cwayn tah por fah vor)

A menu – 
Un menú (oon may noo)

Water – Agua (ah gwah)

Red wine, white whine – Vino tinto (vee noh teen toh), vino blanco (vee noh blahn coh)

Beer – Cerveza (sayr vay sah)

Coffee – Un café (oon cah fay)



Noviembre 2015

noticias de noviembre

¡Buenos días a todos! 
Here is what you'll find in this month's newsletter:
  • 2015 Fall and Winter Group Classes & Private Lesson Open Time Slots
  • Do You Have an Natural Aptitude for Learning Language? --Article by Emily Daniel
  • PedroSaxo Music Concert
  • Fundraising for Lindsay's Argentina Mission Trip
  • Feliz Cumpleaños, noviembre
  • Teacher Spotlight of the Month: Rafael Ojeda

Do You Have an Aptitude for
Learning Language?

by: Emily Daniel
The title of this article is sort of a trick question because my belief is that if a person wants to learn another language it does not matter if they have a natural aptitude.
Our Spanish teachers hear the phrase “I’m not good with languages” often and while it is true that different people have various aptitudes for learning language, not having raw talent should never be a reason to should stop you from learning or committing to a new language.
Who cares if you’re not naturally the most gifted student? You can still make progress and get all of the benefits of learning a new language: new friends, cultural insights and experiences, opportunities for work, education and travel, a sense of personal accomplishment and challenge your mind. You’ll get to where you want to be if you keep moving forward, slow and steady.
Hard work trumps talent. It does not matter how much natural ability a person has if they are not putting in the hard work. As you may well know by this point in our Spanish program… Learning Spanish requires persistent effort. It does not matter if you’re the most talented student or the least. Either way, you have to put in a lot of time and work to get results and meet your goals.
I can clearly remember an example of a student that I had who considered himself a person that “does not do well with languages” excel above those in his group class. This happened simply because he was dedicated and consistent in studying every week much more than his classmates that had the natural ability. During the final assessment at the end of the level, his classmates were proud of him but also very surprised because it put into perspective how hard work and the completion of weekly goals through homework really does go a long way. Hard work trumps talent.
It is dangerous to compare yourself to anyone other than yourself. This is as true in language learning as it is in other areas of life. One of the things that stuck out to me about that particular student is that he never once complained or compared himself to his classmates. He struggled with pronunciation, spoke and processed slowly, but he always came up with the right answers. He had a positive attitude and was patient. He could have easily gotten frustrated and ashamed and blamed his weaknesses on the lack of his natural language learning ability, but he did not. He taught his classmates and I a valuable lesson.
Persistence, hard work and utter determination will pay off even if a person does not have a natural aptitude for learning language.
What do you believe?

PedroSaxo Concert

Bragging moment! Did you know that our very own Spanish teacher Pedro García is a really talented saxophone player that puts his own spin on the saxophone while making sounds playing and beatboxing all at the same time?! If you don't believe us, here he is his on "Spain's Got Talent" and giving a very inspirational TedTalkX about "Redefining the Definitions that Define You"

Mark your calendars for an amazing night where PedroSaxo teams up with another beatboxing saxophone player at 3rd & Lindsley on November 11th at 6:30p.m. 

Fundraising for Lindsay's Mission Trip to Argentina
(Selling Handmade Jewelry and Personalized Notebooks)


¡Hola amigos! I have the opportunity of going back to Argentina this November, on a mission/survey trip!  I am selling handmade vintage key & watch gear jewelry, along with personalized journals (with quotes in either English or Spanish!). Please email me at  if you are interested in making any purchases. 100% of the proceeds go directly to Argentina missions. You can also make an online donation if you wish at Thank you so much for your support! ¡MUCHAS GRACIAS!

-- Lindsay Richardson

Private Lesson (or small group) Open Time Slots 

If you are interested in booking one of these open time slots for a small group or private lessons with Caroline or Melanie, please shoot us an email at to get set up and to get more information.


Mondays: 9:40-10:40am meeting at Provence Bread in Hillsboro Village

Wednesdays: 3:30-4:30pm meeting at the Whole Foods on Hillsboro Pk in Green Hills (Nashville)


Mondays: Flexible for scheduling between the hours of 3-5pm meeting in Brentwood/Cool Springs/Antioch area

Wednesdays: Flexible for scheduling between the hours of 3-5pm meeting in Brentwood/Cool
Springs/Antioch area

Fridays: 1-2pm (or 1-2:30pm for a 90 min. session) meeting in the Brentwood/Cool Springs area

November Teacher Spotlight


Rafael Ojeda 

1. ¿Cómo te llamas y de dónde eres? Me llamo Rafael y mi país de origen es Cuba.
2. ¿Cuánto tiempo has estado enseñando con SLWED? 
Vivo en Los Estados Unidos desde el año 1980 y en Nashville desde hace casi tres años.

3.    Â¿Cuántos estudiantes tienes actualmente? Estoy como maestro de Español, con SLWED, desde mayo del 2014 y en este momento tengo 18 estudiantes en grupos y en clases privadas.

4.    Â¿Cómo aprendiste inglés y cómo sigues aprendiéndolo? Empecé a estudiar inglés en mi país, desde la Escuela Primaria..antes del año 1959. Después al llegar a Miami, continué estudiando inglés por las noches. Hoy, tengo muchos amigos que hablan solamente inglés y continúo aprendiendo cada día.

5.    Â¿Quién es tu modelo a seguir y por qué?  Siempre he tenido como mi ejemplo de vida (role model) a mi padre... No pasa un día sin que recuerde todo el amor y el ejemplo que nos dio para trabajar y vivir cada día. Creo que lo más importante que aprendí de él, fue el AMOR que siempre supo DAR a los demás... Creo que dar AMOR, nos acerca a la perfección que seguimos en Cristo..

6.    Dinos un dato divertido sobre ti. Siempre mis estudiantes se sorprenden cuando les digo un poco de mi historia, de mis años de joven en mi país y les cuento que siempre tuve la pasión por ser Pastor de mi Iglesia entonces, Presbiteriana. Así, comencé en ese rumbo, antes del año 1959...

7.    Â¿Adónde quieres viajar? Hoy, claro que me gustaría viajar de nuevo a mi país, Cuba, pero también quisiera viajar a países de Centro América en Misiones Cristianas.

8.    Â¿Qué es lo que disfrutas al enseñar Español con SLWED?  Creo que lo más importante hoy, para mi, es disfrutar el poder enseñar Español a mis estudiantes a través de SLWED... Esta es y ha sido una experiencia maravillosa y creo que va con mi pasión por tener amigos y sentir que ellos disfrutan de mi compañía y enseñanza..
Gracias a SLWED he podido encontrar un nuevo sentido a mi vida a mis años...

9.    Â¿Qué consejos o palabras de ánimo les darías a los estudiantes que se sienten frustrados sobre el proceso de aprendizaje de idiomas? Siempre trato de recordar a mis estudiantes que “la llave del éxito al estudiar” es dedicación e interés.. Dedicar un tiempo diario al estudio, es fundamental para lograr la meta de aprender un idioma... Creo que lo mismo sucede con toda nueva tarea o meta que tratamos de alcanzar... Al comienzo es un poco difícil, pero vamos viendo los resultados día a día.

10.    Cuéntanos sobre tus estudiantes. De mis estudiantes, creo que puedo decir lo mismo que el resto de los maestros de SLWED... Tengo variedad de personalidades y he aprendido a conocer el estilo de estudio de cada uno de ellos... En verdad, es una gran experiencia como maestro, el poder conocerles ..
Para mi, lo más importante y que siempre trato de expresarles, es que mi objetivo no es solamente crear una relación de maestro/estudiante, sino una relación más allá maestro/amigo...
No puedo decir más, que pertenecer a SLWED y sentirme parte de este maravilloso equipo de maestros, es para mí un honor y un placer que tengo día a día...Gracias siempre por tenerme como parte del mismo...

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